[UK] Exciting, action-packed battles await! 💥 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

Ceruledge a fire type with a clear advantage against scyther
Uses a 4x resisted solar blade

I wish you could rematch gym leaders more than once. And just rematch the E4 at all. That was such a disappointment to me, that there was no way to interact with the gym leaders or Elite 4 after their battles.

[UK] Exciting, action-packed battles await! 💥 | Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet – Detailed Explanation

I hope for the DLC or next mainline game we can decide to do double battles or single battles when fighting a gym leader. Was really upset when the only gym leader I could use Dondozo Tatsugiri on was ryme. I wanted the Gym Leaders to truly be scared of me and my sushi squad.

The designs and the animations are great, but the framerate problems are really breaking the immersion when wandering around Paldea. I hope these technical problems are fixed.

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Each new pokemon game is supposed to be better than the previous one, then why the heck did the attack animation quality degraded so much compared to Sword and Shield. I am always excited to see how new improved attack animations will look like but they got worse instead of improving
My guess is that they did it to make it “easier” (on them) to have battles anywhere. SwSh didn’t have great animations, but the unique attacks were at least well animated because they’d grab hold of the camera and be able to do fun stuff with it. But here, they’re too afraid to move the camera or Pokemon in any meaningful way because of ground collision, so we lose the one good moment of animation we had.
That’s what new games are about. To improve with overcoming previous issues and drawbacks but still they ignore them
Remember that this game, at launch, barely had functional PC storage. It’s actually insane how unfinished Scarlet/Violet are, and it’s disgusting that the game was released in the state it was.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it is entirely to the fault of TPC and GF’s executives, not the developers. They probably are capable of better animation, but with how little time they get for each game, they get barely enough to do the bare minimum.

Presumably they’re constantly on crunch time, rushing to make the next deadline simply because TPC refuses to make more studios to help take the load on. So the animations will continue to decrease in quality, as will the games, until TPC either fixes their production schedule, or the games turn completely unplayable.

Yeah you are right. It’s a trend now that every new generation should be 3 years apart. Now comparing to the old games when there wasn’t too much advancement in tech or graphic or development of games, 3 years was a good amount of time but in this age 3 years to make such huge scale open world game is a huge gamble and we can see it that TPC and GF lost the gamble by how glitchy the game is and how unfinished game’s graphics look. They should increase the time allotted per game from Gen 10 or it is also going to be an abomination. It really ticks me off thinking how much of a great game SV could have been.
Just got my physical copy of Pokémon Scarlet yesterday, I’m really enjoying it so far. I was at a large videogames event on release day and got to play it for over an hour on version 1.0 and it was a bit scary, the framerate was abysmal. The most recent version 1.2 is much, much better, the game is incredibly more stable and entertaining. I’m getting excited for Poké Home update to connect to PLA and Sword. The hype is real! Hope you are also having a blast
just watch out for the save deleting bug cropping up. nobodys sure of the cause yet and there doesnt seem to be a way to get the saves back ourselves yet either.
Yeah, it seems to be related to Pokémon Go and the postcards, not sure. Let’s hope they fix the issue soon. Thanks for the advice
I thinks it’s too late for them to save this game from running the way it does without completely rebuilding it, guess we’ll just have to hope they learn for the next game.
I mean the DLC could be separate from the rest of the map in a way where it won’t make it lag because of the whole map being loaded in (copium)
Maybe that red place is some volcano like structure that is like a safari zone or where a Gym Battle is held in the DLC, and we finally get a 2 typed gym with the obvious types being either Fire/Rock or Fire/Ground
Plz at least consider this Pokémon Company I’v- no like almost a quarter of the Pokémon Community wants this to happen, maybe it’s not their Highest expectation because the new Paradox forms would come with it but it’s still something that you can think about, especially because if it was a Fire/Ground type gym then Camarupt would be useful outside of Water type users because the Fire typing can fend off the Grass weakness of the Ground typing making the most reasonable and intended route to beat him/her would to be using Water Types (granted that means always super effective hits but you can buff the Pokémon so it’s not that easy even tho you have super effective hits, and then If you have to beat them again, Oh ko them for all Paldea cares (I say this because I got through the post game after a few dialogues and 8 short battles then the Ace tournament))
Loving quite a few of the new Mons!

Now, if you’d be so kind as to pull a Fire Emblem or Legend of Zelda and talk to Omega Force and Koei Tecmo, we could have a Warriors game with all of these 1,000+ mons—

Yanked away by a cane to Poison Jabbing Croagunks

Would love the option to multi battle with another friend! Seems like i have to get lucky with simultaneous matchmaking. Its quite fustratiing having someone to play with but you cant battle together against other trainers. Kind of a let down….
Could you explain what you find so broken and limiting about the meta? I find the meta is pretty diverse right now, even recently new strategies revolving around weird mons like Misdreavus, Grumpig and Stonejourner can do well in high master ball ranks. If anything it’s definitely more diverse than the Venusaur-Torkoal-Charizard and Zacian era in sword shield.
My final team ended up with skeledirge, ceruledge, kingambit, baxcalibur, garchomp, and dragapult. I swore I would try to fill it with all new Pokémon but I couldn’t resist garchomp and dragapult 😔.
Amazing battles…. but yet none of they gym leaders, elite four, champion or people in the ace tournament have held items or are ev trainned. Would be amazing if you gave us that challenge in the story.
The optimization of the game is not that exciting though, the FPS drops down deeper than my pokemon’s HP back to those days when I had to fight elite four without healing, etc. A very great game, with just a few flaws. I’ve never missed any pokemon games since 2000, but this specific version makes me feel quite uncomfortable.
The Pokémon battles were interesting in Pokémon Scarlett and Violet. Looking forward to the the The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero dlc for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.
Recently acquired the other two starters AND fully evolved them. Love having Meowscarada, Skeledirge, and Quaquaval on my team, especially using their signature moves!

Also evolved and caught more new Pokémon to flesh out my Pokédex. Dudunsparce, Maushold, Annihilape, Grimmsnarl, Arboliva, and Coalossal, to name a few. I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’m having fun here! 😁

And I have the other Miraidon.

This would be better if the Pokémon don’t constantly clip into the ground, or they’re so large they obscure the screen, or they’ll be at an angle where you’ll start seeing the blue bits lol
Change the online battle stage so we can choose from different looks. And please fix the gym leader theme online so it doesn’t loop to the final part with the vocals until someone has their last mon.
What did just happen just now it is 222 in the morning and I am like whoa. I am still awake. This is awesome beyond my awesomeness I can ever compare to me and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.😊😊😊
How is this supposed to happen with weak npcs everywhere? I thought this commercial was about adding scattered all over Paldea strong npcs as free dlc to keep the game fresh.
I hope they fix this issue soon where we can’t play the games anymore after connecting to pokemon go… i really hope I didn’t lose all my save data because of their mistakes :/ if only they would allow for the games to make a back up on the switch.. at least than i would have been more sure my save data was still somewhere
Anybody else finding it literally impossible to beat Walking Wake/Iron Leaves while playing with random people online? Like I swear we never even get close before the game freezes and unfreezes ten seconds later with a huge chunk of our time gone for no reason.


Cool trailer, but could you see if there’s an update to the corrupt save bug? im not playing my save until I hear it’s safe as I don’t want to lose all my shiny hunts and progress. We still don’t know what’s causing it.
Would be more fun if the battlefield for pvp battles would be a Stadium like in sword and shield…and not a stupid schoolyard with a handful random people
I guess we’re just not going to mention how a lot of the move animations became worse than they were in previous games, likely/often likely in order to speed them up.
I wouldn’t say Paldea’s a bad region, though it’s definitely one of my least favourite when compared to all the other regions. I acknowledge that this may be a very unpopular opinion, but although open-world adventures in the Pokémon world offer freedom and exploitability, I wouldn’t mind going back to adventures in more linear regions, with more battles, interiors, well-decorated and well-themed gyms, puzzles, mazes, etc.
I guess we’re ignoring how buggy the battles are?
Pokémon sink into the ground. The camera angles are horrible. Half the time large Pokémon literally block the whole screen lol hp bars take a couple of second to actually register damage and when they do it just sinks to it. Patches have been ok but there’s a lot of polish this game needs.

And it’s a clear step down battle presentation wise to sword and shield.

I’ve been ignoring this game , just started it a few days ago and the performance is criminal. The fact it isn’t fixed from release is mind blowing considering the money Pokémon makes. This isn’t an indy company ?
PLEASE PLEASE BRING MEGA BACK! And make Gigantamax into a mega form – don’t need to do the crazy graphics and we can say the whole needing a spot to do it was before it was discovered that you can use a special megastone to do it, so we can use it like mega, zmoves, tera and 1 per battle. For the first time in a long time I truly enjoy a gym battle when I did a rom hack. It was more difficult, and I was concerned I was going to lose at one point, despite have most of my pokemon 3 to 4 levels higher.

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