Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Many Surprises Await in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero!

Having all starters obtainable is great. Those are the Pokémon that I guarantee every single one is someone’s favorite. I got so happy seeing my baby Popplio here.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet | Many Surprises Await in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero! – Detailed Explanation

My thoughts exactly. Although I suppose technically it’s already guaranteed that every Pokemon, no matter how useless or goofy, is someone’s favorite.

But starters are always one of three options at the start of an adventure and therefore likely have more sentimental value for a vast amount of players than most Pokemon.

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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Smeargle being back means that Grafaiai now has a rival when it comes to marking territory. Also, it is cool that we can have all previous starters in one game.
No offense, but I sincerely hope Game Freak always disregards PvP when thinking about what Pokemon to bring back. I don’t care how it affects you, if I want a favorite Pokemon in my team in a game I will be pissed absolutely PISSED if they decided not to implement it because “some players don’t like their mechanics”.
I love the fact we can get the starters in the wild. Remember the days when we had to trade to get them? This feels like progress
… Okay, despite my complicated feelings about Scarlet/Violet, this may be winning me back. All previous gens’ starters are available in one game again is something I wanted back in Sw/Sh, and the Blueberry Academy uniform looks SO much better than the default uniforms (because they look like normal casual-ish clothes), so this may be enough to come back to S/V, and finish it and give it a second chance. But I still will say: I hope that the next gen of Pokemon games learn from this game, and avoid what made this game as flawed as it is.
Having access to all the starters again is very emotionally significant, especially for those who want to give their first starter Pokémon a sandwich.
Still wanted to treat Infernape to some curry. Game Freak can go back and add the rest of the Pokémon to sword and shield. That will give them plenty of time to make a new game, and breathe new life into SWSH (take a look at the movepools, SwSh and SV play vastly different, akin to how Gen 1 and Gen 2 played)
Calling it that Psychic Noise is going to be a game changing move. Also it probably confirms that we won’t be getting a ‘Sound’ type any time soon. I never liked that concept anyway.
I notice that they specifically showed a venusaur, primarina, and blaziken in this trailer and while it definitely was just to show off one of each type being terastalyzed that would make a solid group of legends starters lolNo matter how many times i see this my love for the snivy line cant be measured at all. I love snakes and snivy won my heart back in 5th gen. Thank you Pokémon and Gamefreak youve made amends with me with this. I can finally bring back my smugleaf made me emotional ngl. Seeing my boy snivy all smug still made me smile and laugh. ❤
No matter how many times i see this my love for the snivy line cant be measured at all. I love snakes and snivy won my heart back in 5th gen. Thank you Pokémon and Gamefreak youve made amends with me with this. I can finally bring back my smugleaf made me emotional ngl. Seeing my boy snivy all smug still made me smile and laugh. ❤
I’m really happy all starters are coming back. Hopefully, that’s going to be the norm. Sucks it’ll only happen in the final part of the DLC but as long as all of them are avaliable, it’s enough for me. May that continue past this gen.
Great, now I can have a team/picnic full of both Totodile and Fuecocos, as if one good friend-shaped, empty-headed crocodile wasn’t enough now we got two, double the fun!
I know this is one of the big parts that has people excited for when we get part 2, but there are two other elements that have me intrigued:

1. The conclusion to the official hidden treasure storyline, and Carmiean and Kieran both attends the school will visit, is important so I’m thinking that another Showdown with him is all but inevitable at this point.

2. Inviting trainers from back home to the academy: I always thought that this would be a really fun idea it’d be cool if you could see whoever you invited interact with the other characters at Blueberry Academy we’d get some seriously cool interactions.

Upper hand is gonna help a lot with kingambit. Especially if it’s a fighting move and it’s distributed well. Psychic noise is going to finally help me with annoying pokemon like toxapex and clodsire. Also would be worth using even if it’s in a physical attacker
Now we can all say “THIS” area is potentially where all the wild starters until gen 9 are caught and given to new trainers. I always felt like this was how they got all the starters, cause until recently you couldn’t ever catch a starter in the wild. As if they just hid away from sight (Obviously gamefreak wanted your starter to feel unique and therefore you’d be more likely to bond with it).

But THIS…all my starters in one place. If I was a professor from any of the regions before Paldea? This would be the spot to catch the three starters of my region and bring ’em back.

Recently as in X/Y? They weren’t easy to get perhaps, but possible. These are methods that are not tied to events. X/Y being the only one that’s tied to an online function but not limited time:

* X/Y: 1st and 6th in Friend Safari (a bit harder and need friends but possible)
* Sun/Moon: 2nd and 5th through Island Scan
Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon: 1st and 6th through Island Scan
* BDSP: 1st-4th in Underground
* Legends Arceus: Game starters in Dimensional Rifts

Well no, the actual reason they’re not available in the wild is to incentivize players to trade. The “lore” reason is because they’re rare but in games like LetsGo Pikachu the original trio have places you can catch them after some combo bonuses. Bulbasaur in Viridian forest, Squirtle in Seafoam Islands, Charmander in Rock Tunnel
I get we’re you’re coming from but that just seems like norm these days… so if you enjoy games, just gotta suck it up. We know it’s bs, but there are too many people that will continue to patronize blindly without fully thinking about these ridiculous prices for “dlc”.
the fact that smearlge is in the game is going to be interesting because of the fact that it can pretty much learn every move much easier thanks to the easy move relearning feature
I’m so excited to catch Litten, Squirtle, and Cyndaquil in apriballs!
I’m still hoping there’s a raid with the Paladean starters so I can get Sprigatito in a Friend Ball ♡
Honestly I want more moves like Psychic Noise. Moves like Heal Block are kinda cool but their effect alone just is never worth it, but the effect and the damage together could potentially be amazing
I’m so glad they’re making every starter accessible in one game again. Also, these new moves are going to be really useful in competitive! Psychic Noise and Upper Hand especially.
Upper Hand seems quite interesting, it seems like a weird combo of sucker punch and psychic terrain? I imagine that if your opponent DOESN’T use a priority move, that upper hand would fail, just like how sucker punch does if the opponent doesn’t use a damaging move? Seems situational, but the fact that it GUARANTEED FLINCHES, makes the move quite interesting.
My prediction is that Terapagos’s Terastal form will either allow Terapagos to change it’s Tera Type to always be the same as whatever move it’s using or be functionally identical to the Legend Plate.

Which would also be why said Legend Plate hasn’t returned.

I have a feeling they will put a spin on the Blueberry academy by making league battles function similiar to battle facilities with their own unique styles. I will say it now, if this is the case, if all or about 900 were in this game, man this may top the experience of all previous titles and I love this new direction.

If I were Pokemon, I would make a game like SV but make it so periodically new regions and stuff would be DLC. I have a theory that all the mightest mark Pokemon originate from here and that this place is brimming with terastral energy.

So happy my boy Infernape is coming back! Infernape is my favorite Pokémon of all time! And you can bet I’ll be catching ALL the starters! Also those new moves and new Paradox Pokémon look great! Long neck Raikou has really grown on me! And a new Tera Type?! I can’t wait to find out what it is and what it does! I’m just super psyched for the DLC in general! I know all the stuff in this video is gonna be in part 2, but I’m also really excited for part 1! September 13th can’t get here fast enough 😅
Anyways I feel like someone is being forgotten in Pokémon Horizons it kinda got me worried when I looked back into the previous episodes like in episode 1 and 5 Liko had a friend when first moving into getting the first Pokémon. Her friend in episode one received a Oshawott and originally going to be Liko’s roommate until she got snatched by the Charizard landing onto the Airship. Another last time we seen one of Liko’s friends that had a Oshawott was Episode 5 she did a FaceTime call with her to check in to see how she was doing and if she was going to watch Dot’s Stream with her Oshuwott? Then Liko hopped into watching the stream ending the call with a friend that had a Oshawott and that was the end of last seeing her original Roommate. It was when Liko decided to watch the ship while the others were out. I hope Liko’s friend and that friend’s Oshawott returns some episode later because it’s been so many episodes ago since we last saw Liko call in on one of her friends which was episode 5 I think. She met when Liko was getting the Nyahoja.
I feel like Raging Bolt looks wayyyyyyyy better in game. The art on its own makes it look pretty goofy, but seeing it in game here, and how huge it is and everything, idk, it feels like that context makes it way cooler and just kinda makes it work. He might not be so bad after all lol
I’m happy to see all the starters again knowing that they’ve been given the same treatment as the rest of the pokemon ever since Legends Arceus. This is going to be so great! THIS is why I’ve been happy about dexit knowing that mons were being cut in order to give Creatures time to really work on each pokemon.

For anyone who’s wondering what I’m talking about, look how how Bulbasaur actually turns its eye to look at something.

These pokemon all have proper eyeposing and facial posing, something they never had before, because they all used 2D textures. It was NOT easy for Creatures Inc to do this for every single pokemon in the timespan they have, considering we have over 1000 pokemon now.

What’s wild is that I watched this trailer twice now and only realized that he significance of the starters being added to the wild and how crushing the Pokédex cut has been to the series. I see that they are adding beloved Pokémon back in and my only thought was “about time” instead of anything else. Also just tossing them into the wild (behind the dlc pay wall) and not behind something like island scan feels weird.
One thing i miss with all this past and future forms is that we didnt get Relicanth past form, which would look exactly like the regular one. Would have been a nice nod to its inspiration.
As exceedingly happy as I am to have all the starters available, I’m even happier that Smeargle coming back! When the Happy Hour Move First came out I had Smeargle use Sketch to Learn both Happy Hour and Payday, then had him hold an Amulet Coin! Once I maxed his Level I was able to use him as a Money Farm that got me $2,000 with every attack!
Raging bolt getting a priority move (I think) is pretty good, I assume it’s gonna be slow though. Also hariyama getting the flinch move that has higher priority than bullet punch is pretty insane.
I’m glad to see all my favorite starters make a return in this game. And I hope they keep this trend going in future games as well, along with bringing other pokemon from other past titles, because honestly I’m not a fan of these new gen pokemon. Like some are fine while the rest look crazy.
hmm, i think the most interesting part of this trailer is starting off specifying that this is all for part two. since it’s a battle academy, it makes sense that the new moves are probably discovered/obtained here, and the giant… i feel like there’s a word other than terrarium, but that’s all my mind can think of rn and google isn’t helping me out. either way, it feels like the perfect place for all the starters to exist. My one question is why the next mon of the legendary paradox trios are specifically part of part 2 and not part 1. does that mean we’ll get the paradox terrakion and paradox entei in part one out of nowhere? it seems unlikely, or they would be showing those off if they’re going to show up sooner. it’s certainly interesting. and hey, the typings mean that we’re probably getting rock/psychic and fire/dragon for the other two since the others are keeping their main typing and sharing the secondary one.
doesn’t make much sense for Wake and Leaves to be available already anyway, unless they broke out of the crater containment ahead of time or something
and it makes less sense for the Entei and Terrakion paradoxes to be in a japan-inspired subregion that is presumably far away from pokeSpain
All I can think of is Psychic Noise stopping Drain Punch, Bitter Blade and the likes of it to be used in raids. That might be something kind of hard to work around, seeing healing is such an important part of tera raids.
I don’t know why, but I like how Iron Crown in it’s idle stands deathly still, it feels like a full on steam powered machine-! I would like some movement though, just like it’s body moving up and down on it’s legs, like the body slowly shifts up, then it shifts down as steam is released from it’s horn or something, I don’t know-! Would be cool to incorporate movement to the idle, while still seeming like a totally rigid machine
While Sceptile can no longer go mega omega Ruby was my second game with with ultra sun incineroar I’m glad i can have my boys and create my starter team Incineroar Sceptile Cinderace Inferape Emboar(ok I’m playing white but still) and now Sklerdirge (ok I may have a fire type addiction but for gen 2 and 6 I would be using probably Totodile or Typhosion and gen 6 greninja) (I may probably be a pyromaniac) but nothing else I personally think this crown at the end could be the third paldean legandary (although terapogos and koradion could also fit the crown)
Having STAB or the Tera boost on all moves when you terastallize is pretty crazy, I wonder how most players will deal with this tera type, and what if competitive players had this power or how this tera type would work in raids?

I think that only the legendary pokemon from this dlc will get that tera type, I hope that you can’t make a sandwich to change a pokemon’s tera type to this new tera type.

That new psychic type move has the potential to be insanely nutty in the vgc. Does it work on items? Will it still consume the item, such as a sitrus berry, and render it useless? Considering its super effective against Amoongus already if it keeps it from eating its sitrus for recovery or even wasting it could be a huge game changer. Especially since its STAB on one of the new legends.
Finally Seeing the rest of the black and white starters made me almost cry. I’ve been playing Pokémon since silver as a child and black and white was always my fav gen and emboar was always my favorite Pokémon of all time. Now I can finally make a team with both my two favorites of all time , which is emboar and empoleon. I’m about to sweep these expansions😂
I am really happy that all the starters are in the game! I wonder if all legendaries (and ultra beasts) will be added to the game too (just like the Sword and Shield DLC)? I’m thinking this because we have the paradox forms of the Legendary Beasts and the Swords of Justice, but the normal Legendary Beasts and Swords of Justice are not in the game yet.
I am already hyped for Iron Crown even more because it already stands out from Metagross and Jirachi with Tachyon Cutter as its signature Steel-Type move.
However, I am more excited for the new Tera-Type because that is going to be exclusive to the Indigo Disk Pokemon.
I am Honestly Disappointed Game Freak did not add Pikachu in the mix of starters in the DLC! Since the Anime, Ash and Pikachu were the G.O.A.T. (I meant the greatest of all time). I would like to see a starter trio of Grass, Fire and Water Type Pikachus for the next Generation of Pokemon Gaming. Another Trio that needs to be honored as a starter Trio is Leafeon (Grass Starter), Flareon (Fire Starter) and Vaporeon (Water Starter).
I wonder how many ultra balls I’m gonna have to burn through to catch the starters? Cause starter pokemon have really low catch rates. There were so many pokemon I ran into in scarlet that had low catch rates. Made me despise the fact that just because a pokemon is rare it needs a low catch rate. Something like a wild garchomp or a legendary that’s justified but would you expect something like a quillfish to have a low catch rate?
Seeing the starters included almost made me cry because i have a friend who really loves mudkp and getting to pick up Torchic again or Piplup for the first time is going to be so much fun. The new moves are really cool. I can’t wait to catch Raging Bolt. There’s so much to love about this DLC. Every new ad tells us more and more and builds more hpye. It’s like a brand new game months later.
This may sound stupid, but I’ve basically had a storyline with Primarina for two years, and it feels like it’s finally coming to a close.
Two years ago, I started my second ever Nuzlocke(kinda my first since I cheated in my first one) and due to putting them in a spinner, I got Popplio as my starter. It was at the time my least favorite of them, but I did hear it was the best for a Nuzlocke so I reluctantly took it and named it Macintyre(after Adam and Evan Macintyre from Dead Rising). I ended up growing to love Macintyre and the team, making a story in my head of them being a family with Primarina as the dad. While I liked Pokémon, this clown seal made me want to get good at the game and is a big reason I still play today while trying to get better. Unfortunately Macintyre was killed by the ground Z Move with he barely didn’t kill Hapu’s Mudstale, which made me so upset at the time I went to bed early.
I used to joke Primarina was the only starter I truly loved, though that has been false due to Hisuian Typlosion and Skeledirge. I named my Baxcalibur after him and joked my character was so sad over the death of their starter they placed his mind in the Pseudo as a temporary solution. I then pulled Eilo and Popplio in Masters, and added to the story that with the help of Eilo, we got Macintyre’s body back but we weren’t done yet as we were confined to a non canon game. The storyline I made for myself wouldn’t end until I could truly be reunited with him in a main game(since I really didn’t want to play Gen 7 again. So many cutscenes)
Seeing all the starters return, seemingly in easy access, it seems my wish came true and the storyline is coming to a close for my favorite starter of all time
exactly! That’s why I’m so happy all the starters are here and seemingly easy to access. We all had a starter we adore for one reason or another(obviously Popplio, but Bayleaf was one of the first Pokémon I ever saw, so I’m pretty attached to that line as well. My brothers have extreme connections to Feraligatr and Swampert respectively, and a lot of people favorite Pokémon is a starter) whether it be that it was the first one we had, helped us in our low moments, or we simply found them cool/cute or had a fun time with the one we used. Having them limited to one set of games or Home was a bummer because they were special.
So having all of them return like this(not only giving everyone a chance to use their favorite again but even multiple of their favorites) is really sweet and truly feels like special celebration or reward

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