Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Get Mew and Mewtwo!

I think those 2 still deserve a game focused on their history. 1st fan Gen here and seeing those 2 always makes me smile.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet | Get Mew and Mewtwo! – Detailed Explanation

This is a neat way to do a gift Pokémon distribution. Randomizing the Mew is an interesting idea, and I love the concept of training up your Mew to prepare it for the big fight.

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Not really any training involved though, do enough tera raids and you can get any pokemon up to lvl100 with exp candys, kinda ruins the game for me i missed having to grind my pokemon up levels, now you can have a full lvl100 team very easily
They should do something like this every 2 weeks or monthly
They have so much legendaries they can do it with.
Like mew and mew 2
The 3 legendary birds for gen 1

Gen 2
Lugia ho oh
And so on

I’m taking a guess on the moves used. Mewtwo used Ancient Power. Mew used Swift. Mewtwo blocked with Stone Edge/Psychic, used teleport and attacked with Psystrike and began charging Stored Power.
Just got my Mew. Serious Nature. And it’s a Ground Tera-Type. Good thing I can always change it with enough shards.

Just the fact that I HAVE a Mew makes me happy!

It is so smart to bring the old timers back with nostalgia while also hitting the new gen with some fresh epicness and a sweet distribution. Go Pokémon!
I just wish that one day we will have a proper way to obtain Mew other than gifts
If we’re talking about Mythicals that are catchable outside of event? There’s more than that. Count Celebi (VC Crystal), Manaphy, Phione, Shaymin, Darkrai (PLA), Arceus (PLA and BDSP). Theres 3 more as well, but they’re just gifts so not catchable.
True. So maybe one day Gamefreak will let us catch a Mew in the game normally. And maybe it will be under a truck. XD
I hope they rerelease the shiny form too. It’s obscene that it was only available on a very old Japanese Emerald event.
Same goes for all other shiny locked mythicals.
You can never have enough Mews And Mewtwo’s 😂
I got over 10+ legit

They should give all these mighty Pokémon a new form or a stat increase to make them better than the regular ones

They said something special gonna happen if you bring mew to the raid, so my theories that maybe it will be a paradox mewtwo (past/future, depending on your version) and maybe you will be able to fight alongside with Mewtwo (that may be stupid but that’s also possible), second it may be a battle with more lore into it (like cutscenes, or maybe something like Koraidon/miraidon’s fight, or Zacian and zamazenta VS Eternatus or something like that) and another theory, it may just be automatically shiny/100% will be shiny
Oh my gosh, Mew Mewtwo and Meowscarada all in one place. When the legends were fighting I was talking to the TV “wait, no, stop fighting, I love both of you, you’re both such good cats!” like when the neighbours’ cats fight.
So mew comes also able to relearn a move that allows it to change its type? Why not just give it protean. It would make the most sense for it honestly as it is a shapeshifter, able to learn any move it wants, and the ancestor of all pokemon. I got mine on a new play through with a dragon terra type.
Mew with the bug tera type will be the wave…

Assuming this mewtwo doesn’t have a physical move. I think Mew @ light Clay with Light screen, Life dew, Pollen Puff, (Filler) should do just fine. Come Sept. I’m going to wanna see all y’all with a bug tera type mew.

I see the thinking there, a more offensive variation. It would benefit from the support mews out there that run a set similar.

As long as you have healing support and your team mates aren’t dog water, The mewtwo should go down easy.

Your rotation I see can be something like this:

Taunt -Light screen (if it isn’t put up by anyone else otherwise skip this part in your rotation) – Acid spray x 4 (to account for either the effect reset, tera orb charge stealing or both..) – Terastalize/Pollen puff.

Your focus from looking at this set is just straight DPS. Let your support team mates keep you healed up and use your cheers to buff you offenses/defenses depending on the situation.

Ive tried 13 times (with Violet as raid host) now and neither of my Mews can get past orange health, even as Tera Bug, with 2x def cheers and 4x Struggle Bugs.

I get one shotted every time. It’s not fun anymore.

Ill try with Scarlet as raid host, of It’s the same and I fail to catch Mewtwo then the raid and thus the game was no fun and I’ll get my DLC money back from both copies, as why play a game that punishes players who dont have a online pass and has a raid that takes the fun out of the games for me?

Very nice of Game Freak to have updated Mewtwo’s model in the Gen 9 games. Too bad they couldn’t do the same for its stats and abilities to keep up with all the ridiculous power creep of today’s legendaries. Mewtwo is horribly weak compared to things like Zacian, Calyrex and Miraidon. Its Mega Evolutions suck too.
I tried yesterday and was told the server was busy and to try again later. Now it’s saying I’ve used the code and can’t do it again. No Mew has appeared for me. What do I do?
About Mewtwo, there’ll be a 7* raid from the 1st of september till the 17th, so in order to catch him you’ll need to beat the game. Because 7* raids are unlocked at the end
This raid a waste of time, you absolutely need to min-max this raid, 20+ lobbies and I get kicked out for not using mew, i get kicked out for using the “supposed” support pokemon given to us in the previous raids before this. (Would have been Kool to have my first ever mewtwo)
In the future beyond the next generation must have Mewtwo and Mew variants such as Ancient Mew (the prehistoric Mew), Mewone (the little Mewtwo) to be evolve into Mewtwo, Cyborg Mewtwo, Metal Mewtwo and Mewthree the next Mewtwo.
Will there be new regional Pokémon forms coming in future Pokémon story like golduck as steel psychic golden duck Pokémon holding shape disc like golden coins throw disc in air like Xena warrior princess and susmictoad as steel fighting type golden coin toad holding big disc like coin in its mouth as weapon
They dropped the ball, this DLC could’ve saved the game but it’s still clearly rushed and STILL looks just as glitchy and unimpressive as the base game. Why can’t they hire more developers? Why can’t they pump more money, time and resources into this game? They have all time, money and resources available in order to accomplish that. WHY AREN’T THEY DOING IT!? WHY AREN’T WE MORE ANGRY AT THEM!? I CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE THAT FEELS THIS WAY! ☠️
When using the code I got a server error, the Mew is not in my boxes and when I try to use the code again, It says I’ve already used it. HELP!
I didn’t get mew after using the code search all my box and look for psychic type on filter no mew.
mew not register on pokemon name filter too
can’t use code again since it already been used😥
Did mew two event start early and finish already. My pokemon news says I should be able to find it. Yet all my glistening dens are 5 and 6 star. No 7 star mew two. So confused that I get news yet no den with mew two.
Never had this problem before
Movie all leandery pokemon in one movies ,Get pokemon from all generationsThis is great but they victory road and let random battle have all the pokemon in the game there use starters other pokemon, let all people you battle in have some of best. Best pokemon. Let opponents use some of the best pokemon like bigger pokemon and as will starters from all the games, Darker stage. Opponents have blasttosie chairzard.
So really what is so special about these 2? Is it because they’re the first big legendaries? I’m saying this as someone who was a kid when Red and Blue came out, but I have no strong connection to gen 1. And I’m getting tired of Gen 1 always being treated like it’s the only gen worth getting excited for.

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