The bare minimum you should be doing every day imo:
1. Complete a field research task. (Weekly bonus)
2. Catch a pokemon. (Weekly bonus)
3. Spin a stop. (Weekly bonus)
4. Open 30 gifts. (To maximize friend interactions, I only open gifts from friends who haven’t opened my gift and who I haven’t interacted with yet)
5. Send gifts to all friends who you haven’t sent a gift to and interacted with. (This means find a nice spot with many stops and gyms to spin)
6. Go battle league. Complete all 5 sets til you can’t battle anymore. The stardust is worth it every day.

TOP 5 TIPS for NEW TRAINERS in POKEMON GO – Detailed Explanation

I played the day it came out in 2016. Played it a lot. Reached level 35 and around 2018 I stopped playing because the friends I had stopped playing it. Then I picked it back up 3 weeks ago and got two friends back in on it. Trying to catch up with all the tips and stuff to get to level 40

Is it necessary to start all the friendships on the same day? Is there a max number of friends and can they be worldwide friends also to join raids? If so, I will leave my trainer code here in the comments so we can add each other and get the xp boost with the lucky egg at the same time. Feel free to leave yors as well if you think it is a good idea 🙂

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Started Pokemon GO around 2018. Have mostly been doing it casually with occasional periods of dedicated play.
That first one that basically describes me but in the opposite way you should see how many Pokémon I don’t catch because I can’t be bothered to and because I already have the evolution of it
I joined pokemon go today and caught 12 Dratini’s and three Dragonair’s. It confused the shit out of me cause I couldn’t tell if that was normal 😂
Same here I started on the 5th last month and got dratinis and bagons. Got 2 shiny bagons now I have charizard garchomp dragonite Salamanca this game is simple now 🤣🤣
First time a community day happened and I didn’t know, I was so confused as to why all of the same Pokemon were appearing so I deleted my game since I thought it was a bug.
How is it that when I am at a local raid, no other player (that should be around the raid) is joining my group? I am always raiding alone and it is super hard to obtain remote raid passes by not investing real money into the game. If any1 can explain I would be very thankful to you.
I didn’t get the machanic of coordinating the egg. Do you get the XP when you receive the gift or when you open it?
I would love to play this game, but in my village its un playable cause there’s no pokestops, gyms or anything, not even pokemon. And its very hard to grind to lvl.37. to make one.
What should I do?
I started playing in 2017 but have just started again here 6 months ago and I have been trying to catch a ditto for the last 4 months and just can not find one and I have done the special research where to get a ditto
Started playing 2016 but only played during the summer cuz I played on my dads phone but I sometimes played in the winter. Last year I got it on my phone but on the same account
I started Pokemon go this week but in my area there is only ONE POKESTOP ONLY ONE. SO I cannot go into a gym to get coin. I AM SCREWED
Please help bro I am always running out of potions and revives because don’t have that much storage and only few pokecoins .I am a begginer just started 1 week ago
I have two Draco and I would like to know wich should I evolve cause they one of them is a two stars but the second is a three stars but the attack of the first one is those more damage then the first. Please help me
I did start when it started here… I stopped for a while, and I lost my account. No idea how I use to login.. :-(. So I started again like week ago…
Soo… I live somewhere that don’t have a single gym or stop, not even Pokémon spawn where I live.. Guess its nothing I can do.?
I started playing when 2017 or 2018 but i quit in 2019 And im just back almost 1 week ago…
How do you have so mutch like pibe balls and barrys and stuff cus Evert day i have like no berrys or poke balls so i cant catch Pokemon
Lol I feel late I just started only because c19
An playing for a few months now
Like last year like a 20-22 so and I’m 22 and 2 that’s why I put window Pokemon go that’s why she’s playing it was 2022

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