TOP TIPS FOR RURAL PLAYERS IN POKEMON GO! (how to build a community)

I live in a small town and when I first started there was only 1 gym and nothing else but I got some friends playing and there are now 4 gyms and like 6 pokestops, pokemon spawns are also frequent now.

TOP TIPS FOR RURAL PLAYERS IN POKEMON GO! (how to build a community) – Detailed Explanation

The remote raid discords have been a boon to me as a rural player. I was always frustrated that I couldnt do legendary and mega raids but now its so easy to do them with a remote raid discord. Would 100% reccomend

How many players do you need for a legendary raid? My friend and I play duos, we just took down a 3* raid for the first time, it was really tough and made us think we’re super far away from doing the big stuff

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As soon as one of my friend hit Lv40 he started to nominate pokestops it started with only few pokestops and a gym one year later our community has grown bigger and our area is covered with pokestops and gym
I used to be in a VERY remote area, but over time, the community has grown and now there’s 5 pokestops on my street! None are accessible from my house, but a quick walk, and I get 20 pokeballs
I live in an area where there are no pokestops or gyms near me or in walking distance. Your video was really helpful and now I will really be looking to level up to 38 so I can nominate pokestops in my area
I’m very close to level 38 and I cannot wait to be able to nominate pokestops and build my community!

Update: I got to level thirty eight a while ago and there is now a new pokestop in my area!

In my area, we had 1 pokestop 3 years ago.. We have gone out and successfully nominated over a dozen stops and gyms by looking around to find things of interest.
currently at level 28 , i live in a place where there’s 0 Pokestops and Gyms it’s just me and a friend of mine who’s playing the game, making online friends helped me stay in the game with all those gifts which I appreciate, Tryna hit level 38 asap to start nominating pokestops hopefully our city will be full with raids and gyms after i hit 38
Yes I am remote player. The closest pokestop to me at the Time is like 3km away and there are only 3 players active. All on the same team. There is gym like 5km away But iam on it for 150 days now
My setup is interesting. My community is a group of 25 players, we are all 2016-18 players, and level 45+, but we are in a rural area, that has been built up over the years.
I live in a semi rural area out of town in Norway. Originally there were no gyms or pokestops visible from my house, but a few years ago some moms in my neighbourhood who apparently play a lot of pokemon go petitioned for more gyms and pokestops in the area. Now I have 3 pokestops and a gym all accessible from my livingroom! So I guess that’s another tip;
If you don’t live near any gyms or pokestops, petition different locations in your area for pokestops and gyms. Can’t hurt to try
Very helpful tips! There no stops or gyms near me. Every chance I get to leave my house, I try to take it. The nearest Pokestop to me is a 3min car ride(about 20min walking) at the entrance of a country club, plus there are six gyms within that area. I haven’t been able to meet local players yet. My brother was going had the game but doesn’t play (not his thing I guess)
I stopped playing pokemon go way back 2018 since no pokestop around my area and only ratata and other common pokemon are spawning but I started again due to covid and Im level 39 now .. and im so happy because my pokestop nomination was accepted
Thank you for the heads up about gaining coins in the gym….I’m going to stop knocking people out the minute I see them! Sorry, neighbors! Lol Great video. Btw, I live in a small town with a few gyms and pokestops. I can only use 5-6 that have wifi nearby. Hope they keep the distance at 80 or else I lose 3!
I live in a rural area but I’m lucky because the two towns next to me are a 10 minute drive in either direction and they both have a great Pokémon community, or did because there are a ton of stops and gyms
I live in the most southern and very small town in Finland. In 2016, there were two stops and gyms in centrum, but I live near coast, two kilometres away from centrum. In 2021, we have maybe four stops and gyms in centrum but still nothing near the coast. I tried to nominate new stops, but every one of those got rejected. Nothing’s really changed…
As soon as i reach level 38 there are a few memorials near where I live that I’m going to nominate to hopefully build the community around me
I was living in remote area for the long time and it really sucks. I finally move out and now I have acces to 2 gyms casually from my apartment. PoGo is so easy to play now. 50 coins a day streak for the whole month.
remember it’s super easy to nominate Churches and other communal hubs, seems like a no brainer, but sometimes people forget that small churches in an otherwise insignificant area are generally viewed as public space which is easier to pass for a stop even if it is right smack in the middle of nowhere or a suburb
The only pokestop that I have near my house Is the one that I nominated before which was a temple.. The other stop is at 2km distance.. Me and friends really felt happy and start jumped when we saw the email and the pokestop there xD
Where I live (British Virgin Islands) on my Island there is only 4 pokestops and we only have access to 2 😩. No GYMS. Sigh. If we want to have access to a gym we have to go over to the Main island (Via ferry we have to pay for). I tried so hard to level up to 38 to nominate pokestops. I already did the wafer exam from watching your video (TY btw) and passed so I’m hoping to get more pokestops quick sigh
I recently moved into a brand new neighborhood(like houses are still being built new) and it doesn’t show on my Pokemon Go map. I only get that one daily spawn and 1 Rocket balloon if I don’t leave my house. Does anyone know how long it would take for the map to update or how to go about getting it updated?
I just moved to a hoa with a clubhouse and I live across the street from the clubhouse, so there is a stop accessible from my room. But I still miss my old situation with Pokémon because there were parks with tons of gyms nearby, but in my new neighborhood the clubhouse is the only place with a gym and stops. It’s sad.
I just started playing last week and I guess I’m the only one playing it in our town 🤣 i saw a pokestop almost 3 km away from our house. I’ve been catching Pokémon around our house and when i go to the river 😂 i really don’t know what pokemons to keep and to transfer.
I live in a city and there are about 7 gyms and 13 pokestops near me. On holidays I go to a little town which not a lot of people play there but a lot of high levels do so there are 5 them and 15 pokestops there.
I live in Australia and I am in a street with one pokestop I can’t travel either because the device I’m using for Pokémon go is an iPad and it is wifi only meaning I can move around but it will loose connection. There is not much in the street but hopefully I can nominate more poke stops ☺️ (that only pokestop is too far away anyways so the only time I can actually spin pokestop is when I go to work)
I have 3 pokestops nearby (and 1 gym next to a pokestop), in theory all in a 500 meter radius but they’re in a triangle and you’d have to keep walking back and the opossite side again so by the time I get back home from 3 nearby pokestops (and the gym) I walked like 2km and 220 meters lol
I live up in the woods and have to drive to any pokestops or gyms. But its a community area up here so I am hoping to get some stops put in nearby when my family and I reach 38. 10 levels away for me lol
I’m in a super remote location with one gym but I’m on team valour and there in only 3 tream valour in my village and about 20 team instinct so I very rarely get pokecoins because there is only 1 gym
i live very close (but not in spinning range) to a church that has a gym and pokestop in it and I go frequently to a park 2 minutes away that has a ton of gyms and stops. I got a lot of my friends into Pokemon Go so since the day I started playing I had friends and we always send gifts to eachother
Yeah they should make it where you don’t have to be so close to the pokestop , because I could hit a few running errands except it requires I actually pull up into the parking lot of those places rather than just passing by , I can’t be pulling into the entrance of a.busy subdivision everyday , or a gated community everyday….
The Nearest Gym In My Area Is 10KM, There Was A Nearest Pokestop Here But I Cannot Interact With Because Its A Resort And You Need A Fee Of Just To Enter That Area. 🙃
my area has around 5 pokestops, one gym right next to my house and turns out my neighbours play pokemon go so every 8 hours we knock each other out, we also trade frequently and i think one of us got a lucky rayquaza
What’s annoying is when someone lives right on a gym and won’t let you take it and they get infinite spins so unfair because I have to walk 40min to get to it just to not be able to take it.
I love in quite a small town we started with 1gym and 3 poke stops but now me and my brother got our friends playing it so there is 4 gyms and 7 pokestops, 11 pokestops including the ones from the gyms.
Remote here on the outskirts of San Antonio, TX. My wife and i take a daily walk to hit up 2 pokestops in particular, 3 if we go to the playground with our kids. We are also fortunate enough to have a nearby gas station that is a pokestop, so we get some good spins in when we gas up. New to the game, but we got the whole family in on it. 🙂 Thanks for all the great tips!
I live in town that has 3 pokestops but no gyms. But I don’t live very close them to. Being only lvl 30 means I have lots to do, to be able to nominate a new stop. If only I could choose my house. But know that’s a big no. And a private cemetery won’t count either. Just means going into my bigger town. But easier said than done. But was glad to find this video. Time to add more friends!
I live right next to a poke stop so I never miss my streak and have a gym that’s like a 1-2 minute walk and since barely any of my friends play I made a alt to take out my main when I need the coins well keeping my alt in so it can also get coins
Do u have any tip on how to get more pokemon in a area. I live in the middle of nowhere and we only get 1 pokemon to spon a day. I am working on getting to level 38 to try and put some stops close to my house but don’t know if that will bring more pokemon our way.
Population 1500. Have a few gyms in the area, and see Pokémon being swapped out. Can see their trainer names, but don’t know how to add them as a friend. None of my Facebook contacts play. Any ideas for meeting these other trainers?
i have an good little town with 7 pokestops and 2 gyms nearby (around 5 minutes of exploring) the only problem is. theres no free wifi so i have to ask my mom to buy me 1 hour of data just to walk around the town. only on sundays
From time to time I visit my sibling in his apartment and there’s a gym, and that’s all. If you come to one teeny tiny corner in there, you’ll have a chance to spin a pokestop. In my own house, there’s absolutely NOTHING. I’m already level 31 expected to have a bunch of legendaries but I have a ho-oh. And I can’t leave my house that much because of COVID. I do have a comfortable amount of friends but chances of me getting pokeballs isn’t that high.

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