It would be an awesome addition if they released a fruit like berries where instead of catching it easier or getting more candies you get more stardust 🤯

How to get A LOT of STARDUST in POKEMON GO (TOP TIPS!) – Detailed Explanation

Another tip to avoid wasting star piece time, is make sure there’s a gym nearby owned by your team, and make sure that the gym contains pokemon that have low motivation. Feeding berries is a remarkably quick injection of stardust, and if you’ve run out of Pokemon to catch and the clock is ticking on that star piece, it’s worth chucking berries out that you don’t want. I believe you can feed 10 berries per hour per Pokemon, which is a decent amount of stardust by itself. I don’t know about anyone else, but I regularly end up with 50+ nanab berries just eating up inventory space, so this is a good way to use them. This also comes with the added benefit of occasionally providing candies, if I read the wikis correct and they’re not out of date. But, honestly, I couldn’t tell you if that’s correct or not because I have to have fed hundreds of berries a this point, and I’ve never seen a candy from feeding berries at gyms.

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Wouldn’t you know it, the day after I wrote that comment, I managed to get 2 candies while feeding berries at a gym. Rare kinds, as well. I think it was a Slackoth candy and a Scyther candy. So, apparently you can find candies this way. Just don’t depend on it if you need a lot of candy, haha.
It’s all about your playstyle, and which Pokemon you’re trying to catch. I regularly use nanb berries on pokemon that “evade” by floating to the left, right, or upward because it’s nearly impossible to hit them. But, these encounters don’t happen a lot and I hit excellent throws without a nanb berry most of the time. So I tend to have a disproportionate number of them in my bag.
I like the Monday strategy, where you time everything to go off on Monday and use a starpiece, especially if you get to 100 km on adventure sync. In about 10 minutes you can get 3k (7 day catch), +2k (7 day research), +16k (Adv sync 100k), +2k (100 berries to gym), +stacked research (1-10k), +gift opening, +egg hatching (up to 76K). So up to 110K stardust, increased 50% to up to 175K, with 20 minutes left on the starpiece to catch pokemon/battle. This got me to 8 million even though I power up to level 40 a bunch.
One tip related to the powering up side is I only power up my pokemon when I have a field research to do so, so that I am at least using it to work towards something. It also saves you from just throwing away 100k stardust in one go on powering up your new cool pokemon
was at 956 stardust a couple of hours ago. Now at 42k, and have powered up Togekiss from lvl 28 to lvl 30. Top tip – play pvp and use a premium battle pass and star piece. At the end of the battle round even if you only win 3 of 5, you’ll still earn over 20k stardust
I’m at 12.068.440 stardust at the moment. I haven’t powered up a pokemon in quite a long time although I have some very good 100% (mewtwo, shundo garchomp, …). I’m waiting to need these pokemon to power them up, and I also already have pretty solid teams. Since I don’t use that stardust and play quite a lot, it just accumulates
Every time I see a Rank 1 Pokémon for PvP I max it to the CP requirement and unlock second charge move. Same thing to Hundos. I’m a free-to-play player so I catch everything and do PvP. Currently working on my hundo mega collection. I am powering up a hundo Blastoise, Absol, and Aggron. I think I will start saving once I don’t have anything worth powering up lol
For powering up, it helps if you don’t have that much candy so that you can’t power it up immediately.

I like to set a pokemon I want to power up as my buddy and as I gain more candies walking it, it allows to slowly power up over time therefore the drop in stardust isn’t nearly as shocking.

I have a confession. I purified not just one, but two shadow mewtwos. I was new to the game and I had no idea shadows were better. It is my deepest, darkest regret and secret. Needed to get this off my chest.
I don’t have a lot of stardust, but I’m usually sitting around 250k. Whenever I get down to like 230k, I just stop using stardust and wait until I have about 320k. Then I just spend more stardust on what I want, that’s basically my method of doing things.
3,310,740 and always climbing. Like you and Trainer Club said just don’t spend it. I usually hold off for a boosted 90 something IV to use on it. And even than I don’t normally do it . Also this is were I sit after powered up 2 90 Iv shadow metagross and gave 1 a second charge move! 🤣😂🤣
You can get up near 1800 per gym berry but I have only gotten up to 1500 per berry. Easy work. Just switch the Pokemon you are feeding berries to before the stardust counter disappears and the stardust will keep increasing every berry for every pokemon that’s in that gym. You have to move fast but it’s easy.
Do you incubate the 2km or lesser eggs with the regular incubator while you wait to collect that many 10km eggs? Seems like you would want to still use the 2km while you wait.
How can I differentiate the different incubators once I’ve used a few? They all look alike, yet they all apparently have different breeding times, which I only get to see when I use them.
You get 100 – 300 stardust from gifts too. So add people online and send each other gifts. 100 stardust is equivalent to catching one non weather boosted, basic pokemon which is equivalent to one poke ball. Open up all 30 gifts everyday and you just got around 3,000 to possibly even 9,000 stardust. Thats almost 10k stardust from just opening gifts. But the more likely stardust you can get us somewhere around the 3,000-4,000
It’s so hard managing stardust because I need to power up pokemon for 5 star raids! Then pvp! The meta is always changing (nidoqueen now) that makes you need to change team around……

I’m always picking and choosing lol 🤣

im always broke but tbh I think i do a good job managing my pokemon. I have so many high ranking pvp pokemon like registeel 10/15/14 I just got it to level 44.5 I believe it was
I keep 100k to 400k, been paying for a couple years but as a raider I like to MAX out 100% best raid pokemon such as Kyogre, Shadow Mew Two, 4* Dragonite, etc. To be honest you never need more than 100k for trades. Unless a special event is going on. Also I just max out pokemon that I need for present raids or next event raids. Do not worry or max out something you wont need for months. This ensures using stardust to most valuable Raid worthy at time. In another year I expect my Extreme Damage teams will be fully maxed and at that time I can go stardust rich.
Currently at 350K thanks to my addiction to powering up shadow Pokémon. But I on the bright side I now have 19 shadows powered up to level 40+ and I have more strong Pokémon than ANY of my friends.
He forgot to mention, learn to throw curves… you get a good chunk of dust with every curve that hits, not to mention the increased probabillity of a capture. THe best advice I ever got was, just do it. Tell yourself you’re never throwing a straight ball ever again. And do it. Within an hour, you’ll be throwing curves to admire!
A great technique for getting extra stardust that I use is on my seven day schedule I will throw on a star piece. I use the star piece to catch my first Pokémon and I my research task for the seven day schedule. Within that half an hour I can get approximately 20,000 stardust. WayneTrain65
I was spending SD as i was leveling up to 35lvl so i can have bunch of high lvl pokemon of different typing for gyms, grunts, raids etc… now i’m lvl 42 and i spend SD only when i get “power up pokemon” field research
I need to ask this as I don’t know if it’s a me problem or a game problem. But hatching eggs, for some reason when I go to work by bike, it only records maybe 1/5th of the distance I actually make, do I absolutely have to walk to make every step count.. or is there a stupid problem with my phone? Because I can’t hatch 9-12 km eggs if the distance from home to work and back don’t count. Like it’s an easy 5-6 km to get to work, then at work I also walk around quite alot but that also doesn’t seem to register much since it’s on a single location.

This might sound stupid but I basically need an how-to-hatch-eggs guide lol.

i stopped playing since 2 years ago but cause of the pandemia, started again and in 6 months i’ve made almost 2 million also when i left i was level 33, now i’m almost 41.
Im at 28 millions but it’s mostly because I’m cheap. E.g. I have never made a 40k stardust cost trade. I only trade legendaries/shinies if both I and the guy I am trading with have already entered them into the pokedex earlier.
I’m trying to trade my pokemon for green-yellow ivisaur, she have 70 000 star dust and it says she don’t have enough, what is the issue? Can someone tell me pls?
Guys I will tell you how to get star dust quickly just gather a bunch of razz berry and nanab berry and find a gym of your clan I’m team mystic so there are a lot of blue gyms and just find an allys pokemon and keep on feeding it berry and for each berry u get 100 star dust in this way you could make more than 10000 stardust every half an hour
You can only feed 100 berries every 10 min leaving you with 2000 stardust every 20 min. So in a hour you could get 6000 stardust but your better off catching 60 Pokémon in that hour
If you want to earn around 400k stardust a day, you just go for pokestops and get the eggs, then incubate them, turn the adventure sync on, and put your phone in the swing device. After 1 hour, take the phone from the device, open the pokemon go app, and immediately go to Items and hit the Starpiece. Then it goes back to the normal map screen, and all the eggs will come out within the starpiece. Which gives you between 20.000 to 40.000 stardust. Ofcourse, you can also get the eggs from friends if you wanna skip a pokestop round. Do this for 12 – 16 hours long, and you can max-out your desired pokemon. Extra tip: set the desired pokemon as buddy and give it some puffin, so during the swing period you will receive (XL) candies, which might be useful if you have 400k stardust by the end of the day while eating ur burger 🙂

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