I hate the fact that the bag is 200 for 50 items. If wouldn’t be bad if you could earn more than 50 coins a day.

I think its important for players to know that there’s more benefit to use the berries, whether on gyms/buddy, rather than throwing them away. You’ll receive more stardust doing the gyms and hearts for your buddy! I personally keep my golden razz’s for my buddy and use my normal razz’s for gyms to get rid of them! And its worth it to add to the stardust collection!

NEVER WORRY about ITEM BAG SPACE again! (ITEM BAG Management in POKEMON GO) – Detailed Explanation

So hard to manage bag space at the beginning of the game. I started fresh last month going from 1600 down to the default 300 (Currently at 450 now.) But it always fills up way too quickly and everything seems so useful, it’s hard to decide sometimes.

About the gifts, they don’t take any space of your item bag, even if you would have 100 gifts it doesn’t take any space (i counted every item in my bag and counted 449 while it said i has 450 items so possibly it takes up 1 space just because it is in your bag)

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Don’t throw away Nanab Berries. Use them to feed Pokémon In the gym to get stardust. And use them to feed your buddies. Also they can be very useful during timed research and tasks.
I’d recommend feeding the nanab berries into gyms if you ave a pokemon in gyms…. u get stardust for each berry you feed to your pokemon or the other ones in it
Fantastic bunch of tips 🙂 I learned a few things.

1 point I’d like to add regarding berries. If you have excessive amounts of berries, regardless of what type it is, spend a few minutes feeding them to pokemon at gyms associated with your team. Not only will this give you up to 1800 stardust (10 berries fed to 6 pokemon, worth 30 each berry), it’ll clear your bags up nicely and give you a nice little bit of experience. I often find myself with too many berries and this is my solution to the berry overload. Another note though you can only feed berries to … I wanna say 10 unique pokemon per 30 minutes so it wont always work x)

Don’t throw away berrys! Feed them to your team arena. Try to get one with as many defending pokes at possible and keep the streak up for some juicy stardust
I always find that either potions+revives or Pokeballs take up the most space for me. I tend to use the smaller potions if I can, but otherwise, I just trash them.
My question is what is the max amount of bag space you can have? As for items taking up space, for me it is pokeballs and berries. I have over 400 golden razz and i use them so i usually just throw away my regular razzberries
I like how every guide is like keep PokeBalls I always delete the regular balls and keep all my greats and ultras, I gain PokeBalls faster than I use them
Another tip is I would only keep 3-5 in dragon scales because they only evolve 1 Pokémon and they aren’t great unless ur trying for pvp because kingdra is ok, and porygon2 and porygon-z have some usage but unless you are a hardcore pvper I would keep 3-5 of those 2 in particular because metal coats evolve 2 things and kings rock evolve 2 aswell. And sinnoh and unova I keep.
Honestly your bag space depends on what type of player you are. Since I’m more of a gym owner (I have over 229 days and 9 hours in my gym) I use plenty of potions for healing and I don’t always collect pokemon except for candy.
Feeding berries at gyms also gets you progress towards your Berry Master medal, which requires 15,000 berries to Platinum, and feeding 6 Pokemon 10 berries each gets you 3,000XP
Upgrading space bag is worth it trust me, you won’t have to cut down as much as you had to then run out quickly. 4 days of going out and placing a Pokémon in the gym for the max coins isn’t bad and it’s worth it.
Instead of deleteing bana berry, just feel them into pokemon in a gym (the gym has to be in what team u picked like yellow red or blue) and it will give u stardust
I keep a dozen of each of the evolution stones, I keep a lot of pokeballs too. I always give rare candy to my legendaries. Thanks for the tips!
Just got this recommended to me and i want to quickly say that silver pinaps do not combine golden razzberries and pinapberries into one. The golden razzberry has a catch multiplier of 2.3 while the silver pinap has a catch multiplier of 1.8 and a candy multiplier of 2.3 (i think) while normal pinapberries have less. So if you want to catch something pretty important always use golden razzberries!
The immediate first tip is gonna help me, I’m gonna save my coins for more bag space cause I don’t have enough and I’m always full on it, it’s hard to do so as a mostly free to play player
sinnoh stones are pretty easy to get actually, not from pokestops however.
you can get them by beating a leader (i think the easiest one is spark) in ultra league or master league
nanab berries are actually useful to me. sometimes you want to make a nice or great throw but you if the pokemon doesn’t get caught it’s even better because of missions.

I keep my poke balls below 10. great ball is at 200. and ultra ball is at 150+ the higher the better.

I threw away some golden razz but some reason I have 4 poffins

onely one of my friends still play pokemon, so I keep under 3 gifts

I avoid using great and ultra balls, so I always have those sitting in my bag, currently at 1450 bag space and 500 is ultra balls and 450 is great balls 200 is pokeballs… I live in a rural area with nearly no stops and gyms, once i hit level 38 I’m gonna reccomend stops
Revives and potions take up so much of my space. I do raids usually 2-3 a day but I still get don’t ever go below 100-150 if each
I have my item bag all maxed out at 5100 and still run out a lot I normally like to keep around 2,000 to 2,800 red balls and normal 500-800 great and I’m normally low on ultra balls at around 200-400 ultra
Just checked and confirmed, gift baskets do NOT count towards bag space. Checked when they first came out, too, just wanted to make sure as it’s been a while.
I use only nanab berries on legendary raid bosses. I’d rather have the raid boss stay still so I can hit an excellent throw almost every time, instead of using a golden razz and have the boss move and waste a throw or swat my ball away. Besides, the circle on legendary raid bosses doesn’t change color at all after feeding it a golden razz, which tells me it doesn’t do anything anyway. I usually keep around 75 nanab berries on hand in case I decide to do multiple raids in a day. Anything more than that I put into gyms.
Wait for it to “attcack” and right before the circle opens back up, throw the ball so that it “lands” in the circle RIGHT as it opens back up. Takes longer as most of it is waiting but less chance of it moving when you through and you can use pinaps of razz/golden instead
I use nanab berries for my buddy pokemon when I feed them and when quests say to use them, so I generally keep about 20 or 30 in my bag because sometimes (like right now) I will get a quest that says to catch a certain amount of Pokemon while they were under visible effect of a nanab Berry (not exactly how they put it but I’ve observed how it it calculated lol) I am a free to play player as well so I cannot pay for items unless I get lucky with a gym with no raid (pretty hard though) and because my 3 strongest Pokemon are mega charizard (3 star), female pyroar (3 star) and tauros (1 star but BEATS MY CHARIZARD WHEN IT ISN’T IN MEGA CHARIZARD Y FORM) I only ever do 1 star raids or the occasional 2 star if it’s weak to fire
I never delete incenses…but I also seldom use them, so I have 52 and that’s after actively trying to get it down from 60+. TBH I’m not a huge fan of incenses. Every time I use one I get annoyed because of the quick catch error and the incense pokemon not going away, so I always end up wasting a bunch of balls and worse, time, during an event like a Spotlight Hour or Com Day when I’m in a rush. And it’s a hassle/slow to manually look in my pokemon inventory to see if I caught the incense mon that’s still on the map. It often doesn’t feel like using an incense is worth the extra hassle and frustration.
I do all these things already at the moment I am at 3800 item space and always full. Even when feeding the gyms you can’t feed constantly you need to wait in between. I have like 49 sinnoh stones and unove and all others but just don’t want to throw them away. Think I am a real item hoarder, have like 67 incences and the fact that they dropped the spawn rate on those I probably will have them in my storage for a while. The tm’s (not elite) I constantlt throw away at the moment think I already am at 167 each again. But I do a lot of raids and pvp battles so they keep coming in. Oh well Niantic just needs to up the limit of the item bag I guess 😉🙈
Another thing: sinnoh and Unova stones you can get one daily by battling against the trainers (bottom of battle screen: Blanche, Candela, and Spark) I think only the first time you battle them per day?
With defit active I get like 30 common PokeBalls a day, and don’t have a go-tcha. I constantly have to toss PokeBalls and just use great Balls so I also don’t waste my berries on a Pokemon that will break out and waste that berry.
First thing I discard is Great balls. If I really want something, I use an Ultra ball. Poké balls is for the GO+ or quick catches. Altough, I sometimes get over 1000 pokéballs so then I discard 500. On my Free to play account, I struggle more with the space.

I NEVER discard pinap berries.

Feed razz and nanab to gyms

I don’t know why item space would ever be more important than Pokemon space, Pokeballs are expendable and not hard to get, I won’t mind discarding a dozen of them to make space, however, Pokemon takes much more effort to get and sometimes you can’t find Pokemon to discard.
I pretty much do all the stuff you say, but still find myself running out of bag space all the time. (And yes, bag is fully upgraded). Thing is that I generally need all my items sooner or later, so I struggle to throw things out. That is, I feel like you have three common group of items, potions, berries, and balls. Then there’s “paid items” (lucky eggs etc), and “rare items” (evolution stones, tm’s). I obv don’t throw out “paid items” and generally don’t have a lot of these. I do try to trim my rare items to keep a low amount around. But the three common ones, I feel like I cannot throw any of them out.

Thing is that I generally don’t get to go and play a lot. My area doesn’t have much to offer in terms of PoGo either. So generally I have to rely on daily gifts from friends to come by some items. Usually the only times I play (and then tryhard) are things like cdays, GoFest etc. Then when you play for so many hours, if you don’t have hundreds of all sorts of balls saved up, you’ll run out during the event. So throwing out balls is generally a no-go

Then for berries, I’m trying to get that achievement of 15.000 gym feeds, which is a timegated activity, and again, due to only being able to play actively during Cdays and such, it’s a matter of hoarding berries, then feeding as many Pokémon as I can during cdays, or hoping the Pokémon I put in gyms at that time stay in the gym for a few days. Plenty of times like that I found myself running out of berries to feed, while a few weeks before I had to throw out a few hundred berries to make room in the bag.

Last there’s potions. I do tend to keep the hyper and max potions as much as possible, but you don’t re-obtain these easily. So when there’s some event where you find yourself fighting constantly (e.g. Rocket event, some good Pokémon in a raid, …) I always find myself running low on hyper and max potions, at which point you are grateful that you kept the other potions so you can heal your Pokémon at all.

Ultimately I hope we just get a whole lot more bag space available. Once I’m at this amount of hoarding where I can safely do an event for a full two-ish days without running out of items, and having sufficient to go around for next month’s event, I’ll be all set.

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