Played this game in the beginning, dropped it, just picked it back up 5 years later and even though it’s exciting to see all the new pokemon they’ve added and all the cool new features… this pvp stuff is ridiculously overwhelming. I’ve been throwing out bad iv’s pokemon and now you tell me they’re actually not bad FML lmao

NEVER WORRY about POKEMON STORAGE again! (STORAGE Management in POKEMON GO) – Detailed Explanation

I NEVER do this. I dominate PVP with 3* pokemon by being familiar with the type chart and choosing adequate “spice” picks. Also, shinies and costumes for storage ALWAYS. Nothing is more frustrating than getting beat by your own mirror team in costume/shiny form.

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I really appreciate this video, because I’ve only recently started to get into GBL and my bag is constantly full for fear of tossing mons that are good for the various leagues. At least now I can start weeding them out properly!

By far, the most bag space hogs for me is Eevee and Pikachu. For Pikachu, I keep at least one male and female of every event one, plus shinies, hi IV and PVP. Eevee because I want high IV AND high PVP versions of all the Eevolutions, plus all of them as shiny & flower crown.

I’m a shiny hunter, so I have a lot of those, but I have been forcing myself to narrow down my multiples from community days, etc. to make space. I also keep a few from foreign countries I traveled to or invited to for raids. My “trophy” Pokemon are my collection of Nundos.

it all depends on how you play the game, and of course max out your bag space from the shop, like if you play for pvp in battle league then you don’t need pokemon that are not viable for them leagues. But if you like collecting pokemon and you have max bag space from the shop then I dunno what to say lol, I have the same problem with space, throw out duplicates or ones you will never use , you will always have them in your pokedex but don’t need them in your bag if your not going to use them .
for example I have 3 lucky magnemites 1 of them is a hundo and the other 2 are 98% so I’ll probably never use the 98% so they will get thrown out , even though they lucky they have no use when I have a better one so why keep them.
So how do I know EXACTLY which ones to keep iv wise? So I know I don’t need 76 eevee 🤣🤣 I feel like I get rid of them then bam! Full again. Poke Genie good enough or another suggested app? Stupid CD days make things special ha My thing is there is pogo home to save but only if you have a Nintendo switch, correct? I WILL snag my nephew’s. I’m so serious. He probably doesn’t know he has it lol He loves me so he will say yes 😇 BTW I play on a Samsung GalaxyZ Flip3 5G
poke genie is fine for GL and UL if you have it to check pokemon at max level 50 in the settings. , but for UL classic I’d use battle stadium , as you need level 40 and lower for UL classic , but normal UL you can use up to level 50. For example my settings on poke genie was set to checking all my pokemon for UL to max level 50, for example I have a squrtle at 0 12 15 perfect ivs for UL at level 50, if I wanted to use that same pokemon in the UL classic he would be no good as it wants a 15 15 15 for perfect ivs. I haven’t noticed this yet on others but I would imagine it’s the same ,
keeps ofcourse perfect iv pokemon , hundos , 98 and 99 % if you don’t have better but a 96% will also do you good, but don’t always rush to power up a 96 or 97 % for example as you might get a better one later.
I can not thank you enough for helping me! Not only did you reply one sentence; but a paragraph that is 100% useful. I am going to try to check mine and I shall return when I’m done lol I’m so excited that I can weed some out😁 You are amazing!!!
Had no idea Great League and Ultra League pokemon should have low attack. Turns out one I had been using that I thought wasn’t great turned out to be near-perfect.
I actually haven’t had this issue. I do live in a rural area but I have been playing since it came out. I have paid to expand the bag like maybe 1 time. I always just keep the highest rated pokemon and maybe some shinys if I like them. Maybe if I just like the pokemon in general I’ll keep a couple of them. But ig eventually I will run out of space so now I know what to do. So thank you!
On another note, can you explain the meaning and purpose of XS and XL for pokemon size? I heard somewhere that XL gives more hp and cp but XS gives more attack speed…is that true? Is this another layer to keep an eye out for in (raids, PVP) content? I couldnt find much info on it other than rumors… :/
Something I will note, I probably have a few hundred trash pokemon that have 1000+ CP that I’m holding on to specifically for gym defense for coins. Can definitely cull a bunch of those, but some of them are on the rare side that I wouldn’t mind still using just to mix things up. I do this because as trash I don’t need to revive and heal them. When they’re knocked out, they’re immediately recycled.

Speaking of gym defense, in my experience, it seems pokemon around the 1500 CP mark decay the slowest while also being a “credible threat” (as credible as they can be in a gym). As I have the space, kinda going for the best great league rank I can get for most pokemon just to use as gym defenders. Working theory at the moment, will possibly impliment the idea soon just to free up those pokemon slots.

IF YOU DONT CARE ABOUT PVP USE THIS SEARCH: age0-30&!3*&!4*&!shiny&!shadow&!purified&!legendary&!mythical

You can filter out costumes as well or change the age (basically age = days, so this is past 30 days) save this in your search and it is very handy for getting rid of any pokemon that isint high IVs obviously keep rares for trade so dont use select all.

I’ve got a question sir !
I have a 3 stars Wailmer 87% IV (12/12/15) with a potential Wailord PVP IV of 98,9% rank 45 in Ultra League, which seems to me some pretty good stats. But I understood that a high IV couldn’t be a high PVP IV (because of the attack stat ??) Can someone clarify this point to me please ?
I use poke genie for quite sometime now and some analysis have changed. For example, a previous good Great league pokemon is now scoring lower. Did something change on the game/app?!? Do you know why?
thats a huge commitment with the app and the time it takes to proper select all pokemon.
im not a big casher so i only have like 500 slots, yet i want to play pvp and raids.
what i do is creating a habbit to – when possible – immidiently appraise every pokemon u catch, simply look at the stats, a very high one u keep and regardless of the pokemon u keep the ones with high def and stamina / low attack.
if the pokemon spawn faster than u can catch-appraise-delete then by all means just go for the catches and then review the recently caught later on.
i dont have that luxury with how limited i am with the available slots but that works for me in most cases.
just searching some pokes u have alot of is a good way to sort out alot too
In depth explanation! But I am a returning player and basically “new” to all this info struggling with space. I have pokemon from when I started the game (2019), should I keep them or replace them with recent catch? Any help would be greatly appreciate it
Why would someone not want attack on a Pokémon that is used to attack other Pokémon? Won’t the Pokémon just do less damage if you have less attack making it harder to eliminate the opponent
hey so i have a question/problem my pokemon storage doesnt show up only shows the eggs and doesnt show tags either… does anyone know how to fix this cause i dont see anything online
Appaently they removed the connection and ability to overlay between the apps. (2023). I cant get genie to work at all. Says not authorized nor can it find the app.
meltan takes my pokemon storage by far i now send the majority of them to my nintendo lets go pikachu but now i have 2 parks full of little low iv meltans
I’m f*king confused because i have only 3,4 Pokemon & also I’m not collecting same Pokemon as many i can only 6 same Pokemon with higher ivs , but i still don’t have space 😓 by the way i am using my pokecoins only Pokemon & items storage even i get everyday 50 coins 😓
can you add me in friends? if not yeah but if yes i will send gifts and invite to raids i am pleasing becouse i dont have any players in my region and random friends invite me to lugia raids and then exit so my remote raid pass gets destroyed. pls i need legies too

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