I was getting 7000XP on excellent throws on the Fletching event yesterday. Paired that with lucky eggs and incense… got like a Million XP


Trying to get to lvl 38 to nominate a pokestop/gym. I’m at lvl 35 rn and 207,000 xp away from 36. This is so helpful! Thank-you so much!

I find the larger Legendaries, Sudowoodo, Snover, and any larger Pokémon (Gabite and Charizard are great examples, but I’ve practiced on them) easy for excellent throws. Anyone who’s after excellents, those are some ideas.

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I’m back on the game after a 3 year break. Wow has it changed! So much more complicated now 😅
I usually only use lucky eggs for friendship bonuses (3 & 4 hearts) which gets me a few million XP at once on CD day. I find the other ways too expensive or time-consuming
For evolving, trade machop, gastly, abra and these get free evolve to final forms (also since you can evolve twice you save a bit of time by not having to select a new pokemon), shelmet and karrablast are also free to evolve if traded.
tag what you intend to evolve
use a bunch of phones and I was doing 5m xp on the spotlight hour (tagging helps with not tapping the same thing more than once).
I like doing evolving sessions. I store up pokemon that have low evolution candy requirements and amass around 100 and make sure I have enough candy to evolve them in mass (11 per because you get 1 candy per evolution). I favor them so they are easier to access. Once I am ready Ill drop a lucky egg, go to my pokemon, click on the first favored one (the screen will stay on favored once put it that way), remove the favored/star, evole the pokemon, ill close out pokemon go, restart pokemon go and repeat the process for the whole lucky egg. The reason I close out pokemon go is that you dont have to wait for the animation to complete, once you hit evolve and close out they are evloved and you get the XP. I have been able to get like 150xp in half an hour i think (at least 100k). Other things to consider: dont evolve to get the next pokemon evolotion right away, when you get a new pokemon you get 1000xp, so not only can you get 1000xp for evolving you can also get 1000xp for a new pokemon. Ill also at the egg drop do my 7 day bouns for catching and stop spins as well as any xp related research rewards.
Some pokemon I get can easy get excellent throws on are most of the starters (I always struggle w Chespin), pikachu.

Plus Weedle/Caterpie, Bunnelby, Finneon and lots of similar sized pokemon.
You want the circle for Weedle to be about it’s size of nose.

They all have about the same circle size and all super close to the screen with Bunnelby being a little farther away.

Hit excellent throws on these pokemon: Snover, Any large legendary, for some reason I always hit “Excellent” throws on Meltan, and Ghastly. Those are my go-to pokemon to hit excellents. Hope this was helpful!
Once I downloaded raid go party I farmed about 4-5 genesects witch was easy and 3 mega abomosnow raids witch was easy as well cause of magmar and charzard com day and I just turned 31 and after the raids I’m 350000 exp in now with about 50 rare candies and hyper potions with charge tms.

Edit: I only recommend this on spotlight hour for exp on raids

This is amazing! Definitely gonna try some of em! Tho 1 Question: Can you maybe make a Video on how to grind xp? Like, the best way to make XP that you can do everyday? Because you can’t do all of these everyday
On my method i literally exploited lucky eggs that really helped along with this tips. im lvl 40 since the bidoof event and is the best extra free xp from all this tips stated in your video thank you! Hope i can update soon !!
I use a one hand thumb catch.
Holding the phone the same way is very important. Iv gotten very good at exellent tbrows. My biggest problem is timing the catch target.
When you add public people to raid that makes you friends, so you add 5 people thats 3K for each one, thats 15k for every raid you make with new 5 friends that you can become best friends later
I’ve been playing for almost 2 months now and I’m already lvl 35. I’ve found hosting raids on pokegenie it’s huge way to get xp. 5×3000 xp for best friends plus 5k or 10k depending on the raid if you add a lucky egg that’s 100k xp and I can usually fit in 3 raids before the lucky egg runs out, downside is it’s expensive lol
i usually delete the new friends about ten minutes after the raid. does that mean I am losing the 3000? and does it mean next raid that I accept the friendship from we get 3000 agian?
I feel think this is a good metheod that is really easy and you don’t need anything but a few gifts. basically just friend a bunch of people and open their gifts. you get 3k per person which is kinda op bc for I while I though it was 1k. u can unfriend ppl once you get the 3k xp and Ive gotten like 1mil xp (in total) through hitting good friends with people
i have become insanely good at hitting excellent throws on machop. idk why, maybe it really is easy for everyone but i swear i have a 80%+ excellent throw rate on machop
Friendship is without a doubt the best if you farm it correctly and don’t mind deleting them and adding everyday. Easily can get 1-2 million a week.
Due to the hassel of coordinate with ultra friends and best friends, I will be adding friends and deleting them after great friends and adding more and repeating this. I’m not sure if this is quicker
Friends list… how many friends can we have? when should I delete a friend (to make room for new ones)? Should I keep lucky international friends (will Niantic expand to global trades?)
Im new in pogo since jan 21 im now lvl 30 . I been using the quick catch method on the spot hr and i only have 3 friends . I need more friends !!
I’m pretty consistent with excellent throws, especially when I smoke lol (go to the park at night for the pokestops, drop a lure/egg, and light up) I started playing again 2 weeks ago at level 21, I am level 32 and am pretty close to 33 now. That’s with a lot of raiding on lucky eggs, catching excellents on lucky eggs, etc. really need to nominate a couple things as stops
I could have already been best friends with all my friend if they at least check the game everyday bcuz i do i think I only miss 10-30 days but thats not a lot bcuz i still play non stop i check 50-100 times a day
I met a player that went from a new account to level 40 in just about 2 to 3 months. However, all of their pokemon were weak af and they were practically useless in raids because they had the power of a level 25 account. Wouldn’t recommend rushing to higher levels if your pokemon aren’t gonna be strong. Just saying.
Just getting back into Pokémon go again after a couple years but Is this discord still available to join. Been stuck level 31 forever I gave up trying to reach lvl 50
Bruh if you make an excellent throw on your seven day streak on a new pokemon during a 4x multiplyer event with a lucky egg you could get alot of xp
So when i get that interaction XP for playing with a friend. Can i delete that friend and add them again and get that interaction XP again?
I tried to evolve a bunch of yet to bee seen pokemon on a lucky egg saved up dozens of them but it gliched and now I don’t get exp from new discovered pokemon rip
There’s one physics teacher I met. In my school, he’s the ONLY teacher to be playing Pokémon GO. He told me he leveled up to level 29 in just one day. He didn’t tell me how though…
Here is the best way (for me) to het exp: you host a raid on discord or a app* You het 5 friends by hosting Do the raid and you Will hit good friends with 5 og them you het 3000 for EACH friends you hit good friends whit and you also gain exp* for completeing the raid so you can get 15000 exp for friendship and more from the raid! (Pluss all the raid rewards!)
if anyone uses a spoofing app. There is a feature that gives 100% excellent throw. So if you enable it and put on a lucky egg; you get a least 2000 XP per pokemon. And if you fast catch a pokemon (6 sec per pokemon) 600 per hour you get 1.2 mil Xp per hour.
You missed another important thing. When you host a raid you may add 10 new friends and invite all the 10 to join that same raid to maximize the XP to be 80,000 per raid and 400,000 per hour with 2 lucky eggs.

So how to? A lot of people don’t know this but when you host a raid you invite the first 5 friends to join, once they joined or at least one of them has joined the raid and the time counter hits below 80 seconds (79 seconds for example) you leave the raid for 4 seconds or more and rejoin the raid again. Now the counter is below 75 seconds, your first 5 friends are already invited and you are able to invite 5 more new friends to join the raid remotely … Vwalaa 🙂

Remember to not leave the raid before at least one of your friends join it, leav it when the counter below 80, join when the counter above 75, invite quickly to make time for your friends to join and you’ll have 10 new friends, 3000 xp for each doubled with a lucky egg and that’s it. Try it yourself and let me know.

How do I get more candy for Pokemon’s I’ve only seen once and never again there are so many I want to evolve and power up to use I can’t get enough rainbow candy to do my favourite Pokémon
anyone know why my account says 20000000/7000000 i’m on level 41 and to go to lvl 42 i need one of my challenges, so idk why it’s saying that maybe i just got a shit ton of xp
I had to reestart because u couldnt get my account password with a chazard and dragonite at lvl 20 so i hope this will help me get back to lvl 28 and to even lvl 30
Hello Guys, I live in a rural place yet still i wanna play the game.. im now level 14 but we have no pokistop and its defficilt to lecel up.. is there any way you could help me? Need it badly
Bro I wish there was a gym close close to me there’s one close but I’m a kid and I have to walk over there and my parents will say no there’s a pool next to me and I wanna make it a gym when I’m level 38 I’m level 36. 😫😫
Hej i have problem i realy need remote raud passes but i live in villige with 1 gym and no one play pokemon go here i get remote raid pass every 7 days for reserch but this is not enought pleas help
Anyone who do not take this game too seriously and is just collecting Pokémon cuz they’re cute and know nothing abt the battles?
We should be frnds
add lots of friends give presents everyday open presents everyday, then once you get to bestie dump them. get new ones.

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