Here’s a tip for the battle heart. You don’t have to complete the battle, just make sure your pokemon is fed and is on the map with you and then start a battle with team rocket and leave. You can do this repeatedly to get all 3 hearts.

How to BEST BUDDY a Pokemon FAST in POKEMON GO – Detailed Explanation

Just found out recently too that you have to put your buddy in the slot when raiding/battling to get the heart! I also just found out from you that the stops with halos are ones you haven’t visited before. So cool! I’ve always wanted to know that. Thanks again!

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Idk if it was recently changed but you can now get the battle hearts by battling the team leaders and leaving immediately. You don’t have to win or lose slowly. My team will consist of 3 buddies I’m working on.
Hey! Little important info that can help you excite your buddies (way) quicker: you can get emotion points by battling in different ways. Battling a team leader, a team rocket grunt, a team rocket leader, pvp, gym battles and raid battles all give you a different emotion point. Each of them still have a cooldown of 30 minutes, but you can your buddy excited in one hour if you time your stuff right
I really just want there to be like multiple best buddy things. Like not just 4 stages, maybe like one that boosts hp instead of cp, or stamina, or makes it that when you get candies you get them more often (or mega energy).
Heres a tip: to get a battle heart just battle a leader and just leave it will count as a heart

Also to avoid waiting an hour to feed ur buddy just swap ur buddy (re sets gauge) and swap back to ur buddy and feed

Doing this 10 times means 2 times per hour, it’s going to take 5 hours. Then with double points it’s going to take 2 1/2 hours
so much good info that still holds up! I had no idea that you could get a pokemon excited without a poffin, or that training with the leaders counts as a battle, but I’ve now got the hearts to prove it! Thanks man
Is there a cool-down for the mood level of your Pokémon? Like I doubt your buddy will keep all its points until one day it’s randomly excited. Like every hour will you lose one mood point or something? And how long does it stay excited?
You dont actually have to wait 1 hr to get another heart when feeding treats. Unless I’m miscounting the time….For my Haunter I wait until his gauge is 1/3 or 2/3s full and when I give him a Nanab or two he goes back to full and gives a heart. However when I try this with my Sneasel she just eats my berry and her gauge wont go up! So for her I do have to wait for it to empty! Weird!
My main reason to get them to best buddy level is for XL candy. The CP boost really isn’t much but it’s something I guess. That grind for almost 300 XL candies sucks!
Is there a cool-down for the mood level of your Pokémon? Like I doubt your buddy will keep all its points until one day it’s randomly excited. Like every hour will you lose one mood point or something? And how long does it stay excited?

Also this was a very very good video, the best I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even know what porcina did or that I could get my buddy excited. Thanks a million!

Discovered another Method to get the 3 Hearts fast for battling. When you got a Rocket Ballo, just use your buddy in first place, start the fight and leave immediately and you get a heart. Then repeat.
Your way is a lot faster. My main buddy is a Deino but I have 19 background buddies that I only play and photo, so only get 2 instead of 6 hearts per day. Your way would be quicker and feel like I was getting somewhere. If you’re interested, I follow your method of BBing future or current Megas, Hundos or Shinies I just like to show off
1. Does this impact in PVP?
2. Does it make sense to do this for great league, since there will be a CP cap?
3. Does your buddy have to be walking with you to get the CP bonus, or can a whole team of 6 simultaneously have the CP buff?
If you get your buddy inti excited state, do you get all the hearts you previously earned doubled or only those you get after you got him into excited state ?
Thanks for answers
swapping buddies and swapping back will void the wait time. For someone who barely used poffins because they’re expensive, I just have 4 buddies that I start at the same time and swap between them about 12 times in order to complete the 3 hearts for “give your buddy a treat” the quickest. And obviously I complete all of the other hearts with my buddies before swapping that many times so I don’t have to keep swapping anymore
I doubt anyone would see this but you don’t need to wait an hour to give your buddy berries again just switch it out with another Pokémon and then switch back to the you’re buddying
I’m definitely gonna try to Best Buddy my Hundo Machoke, after I get 400 Magikarp Candy for my Shiny Magikarp. Also I accidentally got my Shiny Magikarp excited, so this won’t take too long.
I walked with my buddy 24 km in 1 day by adventure sinc
So I got 12 of 2 km for which I got 36 excited points but still didn’t got his mood excited.
Doesn’t a Pokemon’s mood begin to decay after 15 minutes? I can’t find where I read that, but I’ve been rotating between play, take a snapshot, and feed (or battle if pokemon is already on the map) every 14 minutes to avoid losing mood and taking longer to get that Pokemon excited.
I got one main buddy and two in the background. I feed my main buddy right before work so I can walk the km while at work. And after work, I’ll go to a local gym of another team, battle 3 Pokemon with my main, then swap into my other buddies, feed them and have them battle too.
This way I get about 11 hearts with my main buddy and still get 8 hearts with the ones in the background, while only spending an extra 15 min to the game
My buddy has been a Noibat because im trying to gather enough candies to evolve it into a Noivern and I never see any noibats around to catch. Even if Noivern isn’t good in PVP, I’m kind of attached now.
there is another method to get extra hearts and that is walk with your buddy 12km while its on the map and then u can get extra hearts without poffin – it works for me
Another great way to get a lot of best buddies is do the max of 20 buddies a day & just get the 3 fast hearts for snap, berry, & play for each. 3 hearts a day for 100 days times 20 buddies is 60 best buddies every 300 days. If you really want that platinum medal, you could grind it out for just under 3 years
Does it matter if you first max out a Pokémon and then best buddy him? Bcs I’ve got a 100% mewtwo and I don’t know if it makes difference to first max out and then make best buddy or the other way around….
I have a Diggersby who’s CP is around 800. It’s max CP is around 1350. If I get tier 4 buddy with it, do you think it’s going to get over 1500 CP? Or less? Thanks!
I have a question, if my buddy is excited for how long will he stay like that without resetting his happiness? And if i switch to another buddy and then back to him will he lose the excitement? Ty to anybody answering
Wait I have a question say for example I get my main buddy to exited mood without a poffin and I get the 24 hearts for him. Can I switch onto another Pokémon and get him to exited mood and then do it to another Pokémon and then keep repeating this process for about 4 Pokémon’s so then I would have 4 exited level Pokémon’s with 24 total hearts, would that be faster to be able to get best buddy’s with them ? Ps I’m sorry if this sounds so confusing and also 24 hearts is the max that one Pokémon can get?
Battling is easy actually.
Keep your buddy in front.
Start the training with any trainer.
Then exit the battle.
Also if you have android then get the “defit” app, which pretty much auto walks for you. When your buddy is excited the walking distance is decreased for getting candies, turn the defit on and watch the candies rack up 😅😅
I try to best buddy Tyranitar, shiny rhydon (wanna be ryperior), staraptor (mentaly conected with it), togetic, charmander, dragonair, ponyta, onix shinx, foongus (for the memes), feebas and magicarp.
I don’t want to waste time best buddying anything that isn’t 100% cause you get it’s full potential if it’s 100% plus best buddy. Anything below 100% isn’t going to reach that species’ full potential. And since I’m going to be investing a lot of stardust to get it to level 40 then I might as well do it with a perfect iv instead of a 98% or 96%
Am I the only one who still has a pikachu as a buddy? Like, everyone has a best buddy perfect IV shiny shadow legendary or something and I’m just here, level 34, with a pikachu named “Buttons” as a buddy.
“Background” Buddy confuses me… It sounds like you can get hearts for battling with mon who are your buddy but not active, like, if I put 3 buddies on a team to battle the trainer 3 times, I would get hearts on all 3 of those buddy mon at the same time? But tested and that does not work, only get the hearts for the active buddy. 🙁
So it’s totally worthless unless you get to best buddy for the CP bonus? How disappointing. There should be finding candies faster by 20% or something along the way. I don’t think I’m going to bother.
My rhypherior betrayed me… He didnt even catch assist single time, nor he find new location and nor he did cp boost… I m too angry on his behaviour… So i swapped him and made mew my new buddy

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