How to MAX OUT DAILY in POKEMON GO (Growing an Account Fast!)

I occasionally have two or three friends on same days to friendship levels. I drop a lucky egg before I interact with those friends to get double xp.

How to MAX OUT DAILY in POKEMON GO (Growing an Account Fast!) – Detailed Explanation

To catch 4800 pokemon you’d need to catch one every 18 seconds for 24 hours straight. Insane haha. I haven’t even caught that many in my lifetime lmao

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I don’t really do Pvp anymore, I realized how broken the gift system really is. Consider this: You can send 100 gifts per day and open 20. That’s 120 increases per day on average and it only takes 90 increases per person to get to best friends.
A friendship increase to good friends is 3,000xp, great friends is 10,000, ultra is 50,000 and best is 100,000. Assuming you don’t use lucky eggs every best friend you have is worth 163,000xp. If you max out on your gifts everyday, you can get a little more than 1 best friend per day on average. It takes a year to get 400 beat friends because of this so it really takes some dedication, but with events that increase the amount of gifts you can send per day and increase the number of increases you can have it makes it easier. Just for reference, without any lucky eggs you will get 65,200,000 xp with 400 best friends.

As a side note, I know some people don’t like to send gifts when you want to increase on a lucky egg. I have a second comment on this and I’ll reply to this comment to help with that if it applies to you

People like to increase on events that they’ll already have lucky eggs down for. That’s something to understand first before I explain my method. As someone who isn’t hardcore but is meticulous with my strategy I try to find the most efficient ways to get xp and stardust without breaking the bank or losing out on potential rewards. I don’t play all day everyday, just enough to do gifts and enjoy events here and there. I have a full time job and many hobbies. I’m a normal person who found a way to increase the effectiveness of the friend system.
Here goes nothing. First, you need active friends to interact with. I would start with more than 100 since you can interact with 120 per day through gifts. To see which friends I still need to send a gift to, I sort them by friend level from the lowest level to the highest. Them in the searchbar I type a search thread in. This thread is “giftable” and it only shows the people that can receive a gift from you. You need to order by friend level and not use the “can receive a gift” option for the next part. It’ll make it easier on you.
Next, you can send gifts to anyone in your friends list that shows up immediately. If you’re 2 days away from an ultra or best increase don’t take action. I’ll explain in a minute. For now I’ll go over how to increase the effectiveness of your gifting even further if you have more friends than you know what to do with.
For those that have 400 friends who play everyday that don’t want to waste a gift by sending one to someone that already opened your gift today, simply type “giftable & interactable” so that it brings up all of your friends who can receive a gift and interact with you today. If your friends are al mostly active this will insure they don’t double open on any day and that your resources are being distributed most efficiently.
Back to the Ultra and Best friend increases. Anytime you have a friend that is getting close with you to ultra or best friends you have the opportunity to increase with all of them in one shot for a large amount of xp. (The most xp I ever pulled in a day was 6.5 million because of this strategy, so pay close attention.) Try your best to line up your friends where they’re all at “2 days to increase.” Then, pick an event that has an xp bonus on it that people will likely use lucky eggs for. There are 2 types of friends on your friends list at this point in your journey: Those at 2 days away that have sent you a gift and those who haven’t. For those that haven’t, go ahead and send a gift on the day before the event. For those who have, open their gift and send one back. If you’re 3 days out from the event but 2 days to increase you can try to send them a gift and see if they’ll open it so you can open their gift to increase if it works out. Otherwise send them a gift the day before.
Whatever the case may be, make sure that once you’ve sent all your gifts on the day before the event that you close Pokemon Go. Make sure to SIGN OUT of your account before closing the game. Pokemon Go is really bad sometimes about not registering friendship increases when they happen and will sometimes give you the increase days after it occurred, even when you’ve interacted with the same person since the increase. By SIGNING OUT it should refresh the game when you sign back in and give you the xp during your lucky egg.

Wait to open your game until the event is starting. To allow for lag, 2 minutes before the event starts you may finally open your app and sign in to your account. AS SOON AS you are in your account drop a lucky egg. Your friendship increases will almost immediately start going through and you’ll have enough time to catch them before they do. Depending on how many friends you’re increasing with you can gain millions of xp within a 30 minute lucky egg. Again, my highest was over 6 million.

Hope this helps you whether you’re hardcore or just having trouble with people not sending you gifts to increase. Share the wealth. You can’t get the full xp on all of them but you’d be surprised on how many you can by sending them a gift.

I’m from India and in 2022 new Gyms and Poke stops are appearing in my country. Originally there were 9 Gyms in my city but in Jan 2022, there are 14 Gyms in my city.

I don’t have patience to collect huge amount of stardust by playing 25 PvP per day.

But, at nights between 8 pm to 10 pm, I visit those particular Gyms from where my Pokémon have returned upload those Pokémon again after powering them up. I prefer to earn 50 Poke coins per day to increase my item bag storage and pokemon bag storage.

I also open 20 gifts per day to earn Evolution Stones.

4,800 catch limit per day, 14,000 a week max? That’s interesting, has anyone ever hit that limit? In the last spotlight hour I caught about 180, there’s no way! How many can dax catch in 1 hour that’s what I want to know lol

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