Imagine if Niantic went a step FUTHER and gave us a mission for free pokècoins

My first pokemon was a Pikachu and I put it on a abandonned gym, at the lv 12. He came to me 3 days after. I was so proud of him : living on a gym without friend nor food but being able to survive 3 days long. I am a terrible trainer.


I feel like they should give us the option to retrieve our Pokemon from the gym without waiting for it to get knocked out because sometimes you might need it for a raid for example, but maybe it won’t give any Pokecoins so people can’t abuse it.

I use gyms to collect hearts for my buddies. A full healthy gym isn’t an issue; it’s more hearts without having to move to another gym. Generally I use the useless (unpurposed) pokemon that I have caught to beat down gyms. Then transfer the fainted pokemon to the professor. And I typically beat down one pokemon at a time. This allows me to optimize the low CP attackers to a specific defender.

On the topic of hearts, I like to farm hearts with team rocket grunts. The best I have done is about thirty hearts before the grunt vanished.

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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In my experience doing this strategy in the city is hard because the people living near the gym are ruthless whenever they’re in the mood to place their pokemon. I need to place two Pokémon for a day just to get 50
My longest gym run was about a year and a half! My cousin, who was making a documentary in Antarctica was kind enough to log into my account on her phone and place a CP100 pikachu in one of the gyms. It eventually got knocked out after the gym was removed, as no one visited it since like 2020
The thing I like to do, since I work almost everyday for a closing shift, is after work I would look for just one gym to take over. Since not a lot of people are playing late at night, it’s almost guarantee I would hit those 8 hours everyday. Sometimes it would just stay for a few hours but most of the time it last the right amount for the daily 50.
Great tips, thanks! The longest I held a gym was like 170 days, I was out camping n we found a few pokestops n gyms at a old historical site. It was great, but I didn’t think of how long my Pokemon may be stuck there- so one of my best fighters was in that gym! Lol 😆😁
Maybe he mentioned this and I didn’t hear it, but when I have the time I try to put Pokemon in 20 gyms since that is the max you can have. Usually it will take several days before they all get knocked out. As far as my longest streak I don’t remember exactly, but it was somewhere around 21 to 35 days. It was gym on a trail rest stop. I was actually able to get it to gold on the 1st attempt because of it’s location.
I use the Gold Gym strategy. I only feed berries to gyms I have not reached Gold level yet. All other gyms I’m in I do not feed berries and let be taken down. I pretty much always get my daily coins.
Is there a way to check for the longest single defended gym? i know you can check the gym badge’s full list for total time defended at a gym. but im not so sure about single time defended or even which pokemon defended it..
Longest time I got was 41 days. It was a Nidoking that I left in a popular tourist attraction in the middle of a canyon. It was relatively rural so there wasn’t great cell service so not many people playing pokemon go there. I also dropped it in the gym on the last day that it was open. It got taken out after 41 days, maybe by some snow-mobilers.
One of the best strategies for farming pokecoins is just put a low cp Pokémon (10cp) and wait 8h and 20m cuz 10m = 1PC so 8h 20m is 50 which is the max then after the 8h and 20m you can sign out of ur account and create or login to an alt and make sure it is a different team than yours so you can battle it, so battle it till it’s dead fully and switch back on to ur main and 50PC will be there, if you repeat this process for a week you will get 350PC so yeah that’s it and also it works best at gyms were nobody goes there.
I usually put my 4115 Hundo Slaking that I CAUGHT IN THE WILD in Gyms because nobody likes fighting slaking. They can’t attack with a fast attack, but they have the most cp of any pokemon in the game
So is it best if you’re trying to get the Berry Master medal to feed 9 regular berries and then a golden berry? Or does a golden berry also count for 10 berries towards the medal?
I do the same, the google rewards is a nice thing to just get some extra options to put coins in your account for free. At the moment I am in one gym 28 days, I golden berry it constantly so hopefully my mon stays in for a long time to come.
Once in 2018 i put a pokemon in a gym located in a very small town (population wasn’t almost 20 and all of the was elderly people) in the interior of rural Spain. The pokemon remained there for like 8 months.
Well in England there aren’t many mystic gyms where people won’t even let you leave your Pokemon for 5 mins however there aren’t that many gyms either so you could take advantage of the area (Ps I’m saying this due to the fact I live in a certain area in England where Pokemon is mid popular so many free gyms you can knock out)
My longest time defending a gym was 23 days, but that was just over taken by my Musharraf, holding for 26 days 22 hours, so far. New record!
There was a dude that held a really remote gym for 1338 days….
So there’s this gym that i can easily reach from home, but there’s a lot of competition around it. I like to knock off everyone at 12:01 AM to start the day fresh for everyone and put me on the golden hours. Usually i get between 35-50 coins when i wake up so i don’t have to stress about those coins throughout the rest of the day and let the competition battle it out amongst themselves. Occasionally i get challenged for the midnight spot by groups who make a full nightly rotation for gyms around the block but they usually quit after 2 golden berry’s and go for the other ones instead. The longest time i’ve defended that gym in one sitting, despite living right under it for 4 years now is about 19 hours.
If my Pokémon is in a gym and no one is attacking and I need my daily coins I go onto an alt which is on a different team (it literally takes like 10 minutes to set up an account and get to level 5) and then I use it to know my own Pokémon out. It’s a little cheap but it works great
My longest gym time is 32 days, and still going. Kinda tempted to get another account or ask someone to knock him out bc I miss my only Gyarados 😭😭 I didn’t think he’d survive this long. I even stopped feeding him bc I didn’t wanna use up berries if no one is fighting the gym
The longest duration I’ve defended a gym for is 17 days, 17 hrs and 8 mins.
It was the only gym in the city, that too near the railway station.
Just a couple more days, and I would’ve received the gold badge for that gym.
i once had a pokemon in a gym for over 26 days, it was on a small, not very populated island 😀 and i didnt get any coins from it. because i had other pokemons knocked out the same day
I kind of hate the way that gyms work because there are certain gyms that nobody goes and knocks any of us out of and I’ve been in the gyms sometimes months at a time before I get knocked out. But then you have people that won’t even let you stay in for that long and then they go and get you right out of there so then you don’t earn anything. It’s so annoying. Wish I could get together with all these people that play Pokemon in my town and strategize with them so we could all do this in a certain way where we would all benefit from coins everyday
I’m confused, I’m having storage issues, their starting to get alleviated but I really try to get my 50 per day and I have nowhere near or feel like I’m in a spot to save for anything other then upgrades to storage, which storage option should I alleviate first, Pokemon or item storage?
Everyone could play their own way and has the right to do so but in my opinion everyone using blissy’s and slackings make it a little boring to Gym. I find it more exciting if you put something unique in the gym and makes it more interesting when you battle unique pokemon
I have a pokemon in a gym and its been a week and its been chilling at 538 health and i see pokemon come and go but mine doesnt seem to die lol so im pretty sure its bugged and I might be good to have it in there forever
let’s say, if i have a pokemon for over 8 hours in one gym, then add a random low cp pokemon into another gym. do i get 50 poke coins if the latter (low cp pokemon) gets knocked out?

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