1/64 is a 1.5% chance not 15% chance, I wish it was a 15% chance to get a hundo when lucky trading though!


Absolute best video I have seen about this topic. Great job on explaining all, good editing and wrapping it all under 10 mins.

Is it worth waiting for an event with an increased lucky Pokémon chance? Or should you just transfer the Pokémon and keep the rarer ones that are best with high IVs like Beldum or gible?

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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straight to the point with time stamps and helpful visuals. that’s sub worthy for me. also, kinda late, but my best lucky trade was actually a dragonite since it’s cp cap is so high. 3650cp with ~14iv. great gym defender. i’ve also received a 4* machamp, but he’s just my anti-blissy attacker. i’ve got him just under 2,500cp, but would it be worth it to upgrade him or keep him for ultra league??
I think my best trade was during a December community day, I traded with my brother and we swapped Beldum. The trade got me a lucky 100% Beldum and I instantly evolved for the Metagross to get Meteor Mash. Another trade I did was swap a shiny Chansey for a shiny Moltres in a lucky trade. The shiny Moltres became a lucky shundo
My best trade was fairly recent, I was lucky friends with my sister in law. I traded her a Larvitar for a shiny Feebas, and I got the Shundo! I caught another shiny Feebas, so I’m saving it for her for a lucky trade. Maybe she will get one too!
My first trade with my sister , she traded me a 2 star Wartortle in exchange for a 2 star Eevee. It ended up being a hundo lucky. And Blastoise is my favourite Pokémon of all time so I evolved it and now I have a Hundo lucky Blastoise !
The breakdown of the information was great. One question, if you have several pkm from 2016, less than 10 lucky pkm and trade several times, will each trade be a lucky one until one or both reach 10 lucky pkm?
Got my first shlundo (and shundo for that matter) doing a lucky trade with a friend. Now sitting on a 100% shiny Giratina (Origin) 😀
My fave lucky 4*s are Magikarp (now Gyarados) and Darumaka (now Darmanitan). I have 23 hundos from trading, 13 of them are lucky. That’s out of 18,915 trades but I usually trade 100 at a time when I trade with my sister
My best trade with a friend was back in July after Go Fest 2020 ended. We traded a bunch of Gible we caught during the day and one of the trades ended up with both of us getting a lucky hundo Gible.
One thing you missed is that you get 2 candies and 1 candy XL for the Pokemon you traded. Think you might get more candies if the Pokemon become traded were caught at long distances from each other too
Best Pokémon I’ve got through Lucky Trades will have to be both my Shlundo Mewtwo & Groudon. The pure excitement when I got these was insane 😁. I also got 3 hundo gibles when re rolling after CD this year which I was so happy about
Almost 5200 trades, and only two were lucky hundos. Neither were lucky friends. Trading is fun, just not lucky, for me. It doesn’t stop me from trying. You can’t imagine how many of my 2016 Pokémon I traded in order to get 50 lucky trades to reach level 48. I was doing 100 trades a day and it still took me over a week. Sadly, the majority of my lucky friends are out of state and unreachable. Wish Niantic would change the distance. Why have friendship if you don’t have access to trading?
Only question that came up was how do CP values matter? I hate powering up pkmn so I’m thinking I should only save higher CP with bad IV values for trade but what is my cutoff going to be? I assume there is a minimum CP needed to be able to get the highest CP post-trade.
The only bad thing about trading with a best friend is that for great league and ultra league you wont be able to get that many good pvp ivs bc the minimum attack will be 5, obviously better for master league pokemon and special trade ivs but there is still a trade off
My best trade wasn’t me but two of my friends so basically they had done an articuno raid with me and other people and after they friended each other and did a trade mind you this was their first interaction with trading two articuno and it went lucky isn’t that crazy 🤯
You were pretty Lucky with that 12/4k… I’m at 15/7.8k but 7 of them were on non lucky pokemon and only 1 was on an actual lucky trade (an accident, I already had the lucky and mislooked, but the hundo was a neat suprise) my favorit trade is probably that random medicham(the baby not the adult, pretty sure I messed it up) that turned 100% in the middle of a 100 trade with my friend in 2018. Realize it a few hour later and kept it only because it was a hundo. He’s been leading most of my great league pvp ever since
My best trade was a randomly lucky 98% machamp but I’m going to lucky trade shiny mewtwo on this Sunday so I’ll come back and edit my comment and let y’all know if it’s good (or a shundo 🤭)
Xl tip: if you are trading to max xls you want to transfer your high cp Pokémon since they have higher odds of giving xls. then trade all the lower Pokémon with someone that caught theirs 100km away (guaranteed xls + xtra candy for conversion). During the season of heritage all trades are guaranteed xl and you get an extra reg candy so you won’t miss out on too much of the grind by trading local. ✌️
I know I’m a bit late to this but can anyone tell me what level/ what CP a Pokemon traded to me will be roughly around? I’m currently level 37. Is the level and CP of the pokemon traded to me based on my level or is it based on how powered up the pokemon was before being traded to me
Best was my first trade ever. Croagunks turned lucky and mine wasn’t a hundo but, it’s a good 96 or so. I still use him and he kills it pretty hard maxed out. He needs a mega though. My lucky Absol trade was pretty badass though too. I may do a noibat soon. I have to find a friend with something worth it or some mirror action. Lol
My first ever trade was between my friend and I and he gave me a Charizard and I think I gave him a rhyperior or something like that. That first ever trade was actually a lucky and both of us were happy
Two things to point out. Trading is NOT fun if you are at the end of the day and have yours and your wife’s account to trade. It will easily take an hour to trade. Would be REALLY nice to be able to trade more than one at a TIME!! Secondly, at 7:30 you mention if you have 500 Magicarps to trade, only trade the high CP ones. Do not forget that some players still need the ‘Fisher’ medal which means to catch or trade XL Magikarps. A 10 CP Magicarp will still count to the Medal!
My best lucky trades:
– Received a lucky hundo Zangoose which I now use in Ultra league
– Lucky friend traded me shiny metagross for my shiny rayquaza (I had 2)
– During Kanto Tour my lucky friend and I swapped Shiny Mewtwo’s with one another 🙂
Such a good information… I started this game 2016 and played for 1 year.. decided to stop playing cause get bored.. but recently I downloaded it again cause of curious as my friends told me so many changed and yeah I’m interested again and watch more your video to cover me…now I’m at level 36
Hey I got a tip that u missed that most people don’t know about.. I’ve mentioned this in videos but basically there’s a way to help your odds for special trades that involves all these factors.

So what I do is simply trade 20-30pokemon without hitting a lucky, then trading an older Pokémon when u do the special trade. Go for a long dry streak, then special trade using Pokémon with boosted odds for maximum results. Doing this won’t have crazy results but it’s the best u can do

My 2 best trades were with a friend that doesn’t play now. It was a lucky Mewtwo and a lucky origin Giratina (they were both guaranteed). But now after a 2 year break I’m playing again and I’m trying to catch up with all those new pokemons and help my low lv friend get some legendaries too
I random traded gibles from GoFest last year. One went lucky hundo, got SUPER excited only to have my little account go back to back to back 100, 100, 98 IVs… not lucky 😂
Me and my girlfriend caught the same Lapris and then traded them like 15 minutes later and she got a lucky 100%er. Pretty awesome considering they were both zero stars
I’ve got two. When I first started my friend gave me a dragonite that randomly become lucky and he’s one of my top Pokémon now. Another friend gave me a shiny Virizion and it became lucky without even being lucky friends.
I got a Syther hundo from trading with my lil bro. I gave him a shiny feebas. I felt like I was the luckier one, cuz to me IV triumps over shiny. Yes it would be nice to have a shundo, but unfortunately haven’t been lucky enough for that.
I’ve traded 9,700 pokemon and only 16 have been 4*
Timburr is probably my favorite of these.
I only have 1 Shundo in my collection, which is Clamperl.
I have caught 55,000 mons

So i would estimate a shundo to be a 1 in 55,000 when taken into consideration the pokemon that can’t be shiny.

I have a shiny mewtwo 75 iv on my 2nd account. Now i want to get a guaranteed lucky trade so i can trade on my main account hopefully with perfect iv
I have only two pokémon from July 2016; Gengar and Gyarados.

Coincidentally, if they do become guaranteed Lucky, they’ll be great candidates for Mega Evolution.

Have done 1700 trades till now and exactly 0 100% pokemon out of this. However, I had some trades, where the other person got a hundo. But I am always unlucky.
i started playing for the first time on 1/13/2023 and was doing some trades for pidgey candy and got a shundo pidgeot as the 8th trade I’ve ever done
I got a lucky Articuno from my brother, not knowing of any of these ways to boost the odds or anything like that- I was hyped, but I had no idea the odds were so small lol! Very pog. Sad about having transferred probably all of my 2016 pokemon tho, rip
One time I got a Hundo lucky from my friend and I evolved to delphox and its legit insane in great league because it’s cp is 1,500 perfectly
Also, quick question about having Pokemon from 2016. Is it a “free lucky” until I get 10 lucky Pokemon? Is it one “free lucky” per friend I trade with up to 10?
Usually my wife and i trade while shes been getting the better end and been finding 100 iv from all over i still yet to see . shes even got a 100 iv shadow pokemon recently !! Im totally not jelly grrrr 😠
Me and my friend were bored and i asked him if we could trade shiny charizards. Mine was pretty low cp so he was hesitant on doing a trade but we did it anyway. After doing the trade which was a non-lucky trade btw i realised that it was lucky but when i looked at the IVs i freaked out, my first Shlundo at only lvl 35
I’ve got 5 true 100s, first was a Galatians zigzagoon from the battle league awhile ago, then a purified misdreavus before I knew it was more valuable shadow, a wild drifloon, a purified arcanine, and a purified electivire. I also have, since I have been gifted with knowledge of (don’t purify), a shadow diglett that’s basically 100 if I purify it.
I would say highest level and not necessarily highest CP although the highest CP most likely will coincide with the highest level however if you had say a 12/12/12 and you were aiming for a 15/15/15 because you already had one that was better than the 12 then it might have a higher CP than one that is a leveler to higher.
What a clickbait title.
You didn’t give any tips to get perfect IVs (since there’s none). That’s just a 8min video saying “trade and you can randomly get a perfect IV Pokemon”.
Sure, you give a lot of useful information but… nothing new. This has been like that for what? 2 years? 3 years?
And again that title… “how to get easy 100″… you have 5% chance that your trade is lucky and then you have 1/27 chance that it’s 100… how is that easy?
I never got a lucky but one day when me and my friend were trading gyradoes for venusaur for using in great league.i got that lucky because of which cp of both Pokemon was above 1500
I’ve got 11,345 trades and only have 4 100%ers. Alakazham, unown, metagross, and shiny kyogre. Ive got a shiz load of 97%ers. But the hundos are hard to come by for myself. I’ve done alot of lucky friend trades and currently sitting on 37 lucky freinds. I have 637 lucky pokemon, at least 1 of everything that can be traded. Kind of a collection thing once I started to build a good amount.
If I remember correctly if either player trades a Pokemon in the mentioned time frame of July/August 2016 then they’re both guaranteed 10 lucky regardless of how many lucky they currently have. It doesn’t apply if they have previously acquired 10 lucky via the same method (could have done this unknowingly, check your lucky trade dates). I did this with my roommate both as avid players and we already had plenty of lucky Pokemon. Someone correct me if I’m wrong since I’m unable to test it and google search supports his theory but I’m like 99% sure.
Update: I still have Pokemon from those dates and recently when traded to someone unaware of this tactic(even with more than 10 luckies inv.) it has been successful so far. It could just be since they’re old idk but it hasn’t failed yet.
Trading is a way to get PvP IV’s on Pokémon who’s Rank 1 IV’s would be otherwise impossible. For example, a Rank 1 Registeel in the Great League is a 0/8/15, which is impossible since the minimum IV floor for a Pokémon caught in a raid is 10/10/10. You add a friend with 0 hearts and do the trade (it will be pretty expensive) and the IV floor is lowered to 0/0/0 thereby giving you a chance at good PvP IV’s.
My sister and I did a trade once because she needed a three star rosealia, and I needed a three star spritzee. She ended up getting a lucky rosealia and I ended up getting a lucky spritzee. I thought that was so cool and then a couple days later I was just chillin, and I remembered that I forgot to appraise the lucky spritzee that I got…IT WAS A HUNDOOOO Now I beat the crap out of my sister in battle with my lucky Hundo aromatisse.
it’s not “easy” in the slightest 🤣 Checking my current stats I’ve done 5,756 trades and only 6 of those resulted in me receiving a 100% IVs… that’s literally 1 in 1,000. I have better odds of getting 100% from research encounters, raids, or eggs (and I’ve hatched 3 100% IVs Alolan Geodudes!!!). Yes I’ve also done many many guaranteed lucky trades over the years but low and behold not a single one of them has gone 100%! May I also add that it took me over 1,200 legendary raids before I finally encountered my first hundo IVs and it was a Tornadus, probably one of the worst possible legendaries! Am I the most unluckiest player for hundos?
my brother and i did a mirror special trade for shiny charmander that went lucky and he got a 98% iv, SO CLOSE! a few days before that we did a mirror trade for machops (we do them every time we get them) and they went lucky then mine turned into a hundo and i evolved it immediately
not really easy for rural players; feel the same when videos say how easy it is to get good stuff from raids. there is only one gym and three pokestops near me and its not even one of the better uh like ex gyms or whatever. I raid 1-2 times a month as a result cause I am always hoping something actually good will spawn lol i am just praying I will get one or two shots at mega scizor before he is gone cause he is one of my favorite pokemon; but I have never completed over a 3 star raid.

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