STRONGEST POKEMON in POKEMON GO | Mega Evolution Explained

It’s no secret that Mega Pokémon are the strongest in the game. The release of mega Pokémon was poorly down in perspective of the community. But Niantic has since then fixed a couple issues with them. In this video we break down everything there is to know about mega Pokémon, and are they worth investing in?

STRONGEST POKEMON in POKEMON GO | Mega Evolution Explained – Detailed Explanation

Permanent megas would be so good, but I also really like the tiered cost per time mega evolved ratio.

For my tip: Just make the mega raids give specific mega energy and then, similar to rare candys, a bit of generic mega energy that you can turn into, lets say, venasaur energy for use.

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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Very good breakdown. My experience is that, once you get over the initial hump of getting a particular Mega, they pretty much recharge energy on automatic. My Mega Gyarados now generates more mega candy walking around during a day with raid hour than the cost of mega evolving him.
Niantic should introduce keystone as a special research completion so that we can store energy in the key stone.And that energy shoul be useful this much time should be given for example if we have 10 mega energy and it can be used for 10 minutes but if we battle and battle lasted for 2 minutes it consumes our 2 energy.remaining 8 may stay with us for next battle
I really like the ideas. It would be baller if all were implemented.
Like click on mega evolve and you get to choose the cost and time. Plus a permanent mega evolution if it does a ton of stuff would be amazing.
If they did permanent, they could also maintain a one limit per Pokémon (MAYBE an exception for dual evolution trees like charizard and mewtwo for collector types) where you can only possess one permanently evolved of a particular Pokémon , on top of the grueling tasks to get them permanently evolved.
That way, people aren’t just flying in with a team of 6 permanent mega mewtwo
Since you’ve talked about Megas and raids, I was wondering if IVs and Level mattered for such pokémon. For instance, 100% IVs (or close to) should be preferred compared to not 100% IVs ones, is this logic right?
Although I’m still a newbie to the game, I’m quickly getting the hang of it, mainly thanks to your great tips.
Just make it so you can mega evolve once a day for 1 hour for free. Then every extra hour costs some amount of mega energy. It’s like you said, most people only use the free raid pass for one raid a day. Only the serious players are going to try to get more energy. Even if it was 10 energy for 10 minutes, I still wouldn’t do it, because it takes way longer to get. I would just save it all, and raid with normal pokemon.
They sould give different options in my opinion, maybe a 10 minutes 10 mega energy (cheap but more expensive in the long run), 8 hours (for a day of grinding) and one week (for special events). The discount might apply only to the 8 hours one because it woulde get too easy to just use always 10 minutes mega evolve
Mega mewtwo would be super cool but i doubt theyre going to bring it back anytime soon. If you do mega mewtwo raids you still catch a mewtwo and since it was recently in raids niantic probably would think thats enough mewtwo for a while.
Idea: To make mega Rayquasa mega evolve, a meteor has a rare chance to appear in Rayquasa’s Mega Raids, but if you feed a meteor, it would cost nothing to mega evolve Rayquasa.
They should do a thing where u need to collect mega energy and when u get 200 mega energy and when u get 200 mega energy, they should let u mega evolve like in the Pokémon games eg. XY, ORAS, etc
Niantic could introduce megastones instead of mega energy and features to mega evolve the Pokemon once a day. So PvP battle s become more interesting .
I managed to trio a mega Pokémon for my first time on Tuesday :), it was mega abomasnow. The trainers I invited were higher trainer levels then me. I’m a level 39
I wouldn’t have an issue with mega’s if the raids were only 3* and could be solo’d, theirs just no incentive to waste a remote pass on a mega raid when the legendary raids are just as much difficulty but give rare candies and shit
It should just be like when u become great buddy and ur buddy gives u those little gifts u have a 1 in 50 chance of getting a mega stone thing like in the anime and u could collect multiple stones but only the stones for the buddy that gave u the stone
The megaevolve search filter hasn’t been working properly for me. It only shows Beedrill even though I can also mega evolve Pidgeot.
I think they should make it so that i mega evolve then i get 16 mega cores as items and i can use those on the mega pokemon that i mega evolved and it gets megad for 30 min so everyone can use them the way they want
So i have yet to do a mega evolve so i have a question; when you mentioned the next mega evolve will only cost 1/5, will that be permanent like, mega evolve charizard once for 200, then the following and forever will be 40 or is it a one time thing where evolve for 200, then 40, then 200 then 40 again? 👀
“Permanent Mega Pokemon” is straight-up impossible.

In the core series games too, mega evolutions are just temporary forms some mons can take during a battle, and they revert back once the battle ends.

The only other solution that’d make the most sense is, to remove mega energy limitations completely, and let us use mega evolutions only during gym battle/raid/pvp. Once the battle is over, the mon reverts to its actual form.
They could make unlocking the mega for any mon more time and effort demanding, so that one doesn’t simply get to a whole party of, lets say, mega charizards Y.
I’m pretty sure they’ll never ever implement this solution.

Why not just make it more like actual pokemon games, you can only mega evolve one pokemon per battle/raid and all you need is there megastone. If thats too easy, maybe have both those conditions plus generic mega energy
they should make it so when you have a mega pokémon evolved EVERY pokémon you catch with the same typing as that mega pokémon you’ll get Maybe 5 mega energy During that time
The scanning pokestops thing refuses to work for me or my wife. I might be doing something wrong, but it is frustrating because I keep getting so many. I’ll do it, send it, and then it says it’s not complete.
Tbh I kinda of hate the permanent mega’s, let me explain, while yes it would be cool it would ruin the fun of Mega’s which is having them for a limited time instead of just having this insanely overpowered Pokémon for forever, for example in mainline games mega’s are only mega evolved for one battle then once it ends you can mega evolve it again but it isn’t permanent. So you have to grind for it but it’s the little fun parts like seeing them quickly and easily take down some Pokémon you or they originally couldn’t or even seeing them do the mega. I personally think the mega animation looks sick. Also what if like the mainline games they made it so you had to have a mega bracelet and you could see the trainer mega evolving the Pokémon in the animation. I personally would love that
i was wondering if i have a mega gengar witch is a ghost poison type and i catch another ghost poison type pokemon for exemple gastly will i get 2 bonus candys?
i think is best to you know put some items to the pokemon then their is a option mega evolve like that and the. so you cant waist your mega energy like make them a field research and then make like a charizarite like that
You’re Pokémon can’t stay mega evolved forever. In the anime the energy of the mega stones don’t last forever. I get the ideas you’re having but at the same time you have to realize that this game is based on the Pokémon franchise and also the Pokémon company has most control to what happens with the Pokémon franchise so Niantic can’t change any rules that would make a big impact that doesn’t alone with the anime.
Ah yes walk 1250 miles to get 1 mega. And an average human walks about 3 mph. So then that would take about 417 hours or a little more than 17 days straight while also doing 400 raids. A free to play player gets a raid pass every day and can get 3 remote raid passes every 5 days (50 pokecoins a day times 5) plus the extra raid pass you get every week from special research task. That would mean you get to do a max of 52 raids a month. Leading to having to wait about 7.5 months for all 400 raids. As well as all the etc. after.. Then do it again 30 or so times
No one who plays pokemon go in my group can do a stop scan because it always ends up in an error and restarts our game from freezing
Niantic can’t make it to where all Pokémon use the same mega energy be caused that’s how is in the anime. In the anime different Pokémon use different mega energy to evolve so that’s why they can’t make it that way.
A Poke stop or Poke Gym that appears at your home address. Cause we’re missing out. I’ve have pokemon go for 4 years. Since it came out really.

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