Update for the XL candies that dropped yesterday

Mythical+Legendaries=Guaranteed 3 XL
Tier 2 Evolved pokemon=Guarenteed 1 XL
Tier 3 Evolved pokemon=Guarenteed 2 XL

You can now get up to 6XL per catch since the bonuses above add onto the original 1-3XL per catch!


My new fave Pokemon Go channel. This is just amazing. I love the fast how fast he is and no rubbish chatting. Great work bro!

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This was very informative. I still haven’t reached level 40 yet, so this is helping me learn of XL candies before I get any!
For the people who didn’t know: most of the players can see what you can hatch and the odds of it(only with new eggs)
Kind of glad they did the XL update. I’m in the process of maxing a Machamp for the level 47 tasks but due to the new season spawns Machop straight up aren’t available
The update for XL candy available from lvl 31 just dropped. I’m a lvl 36 and I have no idea what to do with the few XL candy I already found. Very informative and concise video, thanks!
I already maxed out Gyarados, Machamp and Pikachu mainly for Level up quest (Maxed Out 3 Pokémon). Thank you ComDay
they need to bring back the rare candy xl from T5 raids and make that a permanent change. would greatly incentivize playrs to get into more raids
Problem with gyms and berries for xl is that the rare xl candy from legendaries dont apply since cant be put in gyms. Perhaps shall use dragonite more just to have the chance of an xl as i try to get that medal for feeding berries.
Use meltan boxes sice it’s garuanteed to get you at least 3 xl per catch. That makes it possible to get almost 200 xl candys per box
bro I know you probably don’t go back and look at old comments but, i started day 1 stopped playing right after they first dropped the legendary birds and Mewtwo dropped in aisa but, i’ve been into it recently and if it weren’t for you i’d be lost in the sauce.
Currently the only max xl pokemon I have are umbreon (from before eevee com day), glaceon, melmetal, and only a couple power ups away from gyarados.
I’m level 39 and have been level 39 for a couple months now lol. It takes 5,000,000 (5M) XP to get from lvl 39 up to lvl 40 😳
Is there a way to exchange the xl candies into candies? One of my friend told me you can turn 1xl candy into 100 candies, I really need this for the evolve a Magikarp quest
I’m stuck on the level 46 -> 47 cus of the XLs.. I play quite a lot but never paid attention, best I got is 100 XLs for a Ghastly 😭
How do you transfer regular candies into XL? Do you have to be level 50 for that option to show up? It’s not on my menu.
I’m level 36 and I’ve been getting xl candy for a alittle while now. Every three or four other Pokemon I catch I’ll get one or two XL candy for the next pokemon I catch. Anyone else have this happen?
Oh great my umbreon can be of use in ultra. Before pvp released I had maxed out my umbreon and I was sad it was going to be useless for pvp.
What can I do if I have a shundo Mew? Just walk wit it to get more XL candies? Cuz I don’t want to transfer any Mew & it’s not in raids nor the wild…so idk what to do??🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
Guide for L candies now? Here is the video summed up for you guys: play the game and you’ll get L candies. Higher level pokemon and evolutions give more L candies.
There you go. You’re welcome.
I am lvl 33 and I get xl candy so that might have changed so that we have xl candy ready for when we need it
I’m not a lvl 40 but I’ve been getting xl candy from 2nd stage mons so does it not count at all like once I hit 40 will it show up or will just be at 0
I am level 31 but i havr on melmetal 400xl candys but i can use only 20 so i can power up to only level 40 can u tell why?
You can gain xl candies but u just can’t use them and it doesn’t show that you have the xl candy, I’m level 35 and have been getting them sometimes
I’m sorry for my bad english grammar, but if I remember well I’m level 25 got xl candy for blastoise on a raid, but couldn’t catch him so he disappeared, and I couldn’t find them again, if i should catch a blastoise would those previous xl candy’s from the raid re appear??
Don’t know if my game is bugged but I’ve gotten xl candy and I just hit 32 today? When I had gotten them I was around/ under 30
How to get rare candy xl? Seen people on youtube with hundreds. I played for a year almodt and still havent seen any XL rare candy….

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