I use my gotcha for spinning stops to help replenish my bag items. I can spin stops at 25mph. Bought a second as a backup for when the first dies. (I’ve had my first gotcha for 2 years and it’s still going strong) Love it. Go get one!


I’m a little late but I wanted to say I would love to see you do a review on the others such as the dual and egg ect. But not the plus or ball because they don’t have the auto catch ability I already have a gotcha and completely agree with this review.

Hey man. Have had the same auto catcher as you since November and I’ll say it’s definitely a reason that I’m still playing. I work full time so during the day when I can’t catch Pokemon anyway I let this thing go crazy and it’s amazing. Easily helps me keep over 1million stardust also. Love it

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Very thorough and user friendly guide. Thanks a lot! Didnt know that you could change the manual mode simply inside the pokomon app.
I have had some issues with the charger – gets loose as you stated, so it will not charge and it has no notification unless you press to check. And then the screen is impossible to see in bright light.
But when it works, it’s really great!
Despite the low catch rate and stuff, i see this as an absolute win cause it’ll just be getting me stuff automatically during times when I’m not on the game
If it’s not fitting in the charger correctly, there’s a trick where you can put a small piece of paper under the gotcha, between it and the charger, and that will help the prongs connect to the part of the charger it needs to be touching to charge
I got this exact catcher about a month ago and my problem was keeping balls in stock. And when i ride around wanting to spin only, id deactivate the auto catch on the device itself and it would still lock onto nearby pokemon and not skip to the actual spin stop so i found myself still riding around spinning the good old fashioned way lol.
Yes I own one and it’s amazing. I mostly use it to fill my item bag and prep for events or pogo grinding days. For me personally every hour it will turn off(disconnect), but you can turn back on easily. Yes it does catch shiny pokemon, but not often or guarantee. In my experience I do catch more shiny pokemon on com day hand catching(~35 shiny/3 hrs) vs auto catching(~15 shiny/3hr).
I love it for drives because it will still spin stops when doing 40mph. I will say the catch rate is about 35 to 40% tho. It seems to catch about 4 outta 10 pokemon. If you’re hunting for stardust, do the fast catch method. It’s more accurate and you get more bang for your time. However, this device is great if you’re driving, in church, the grocery store, court, work, etc. when you can’t always be on your phone.
This is one of the most informative and to the point reviews on an autocatcher I have seen in awhile. While I am looking to add one of these to my collection and for comparative purposes since I have the GO Plus and Pokeball Plus, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the Catchmon Egg autocatcher. I know it can be a bit pricey along with the Dual Catchmon but I highly recommend it. I have been using one for the past few months, Team Rocket edition of course, and I think its one of the best out there if not the best. And while I have not seen many informative reviews save for the one that educated me on it, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. And if needed I wouldn’t mind donating one for your review. Again great job on the review and if possible I’d like to hear your thoughts on the Catchmon Egg and the Gotcha Evolve to see if that is any improve over the previous model.
I have a gotcha evolve and use it every day. Basically turns pokeballs into stardust candy and occasional shiny. Highly recommended. Do a comparison of all. Would watch that.
Using a gotcha and dual catchmon on different accounts at the same time, I consistently got 6-10 times the auto catches with the dual catchmon. And the dual can be connected to 2 accounts and catching for both at the same time
1. The Gotcha is the best auto catcher on the market
2. I recommend if you can to buy it either in person, or on GameStop’s website. Always the real thing as I’ve heard people saying they’ve gotten knockoffs from Amazon.
3. One thing that wasn’t mentioned was that just like all autocatchers, they will disconnect randomly every 20mins-1hour. Not much you can do about it but something that can be confusing for first time users.
Still an amazing review changed my life when I got it.
Started exactly 1 month ago. The timing of this video is amazing. I´ve been looking into an auto catcher and I´ve decided to commit to one soon. Just waiting a bit longer to increase my bag space to hold a decent number of red balls.

I would love to see a review on the little blue egg from amazon. Why is it more expensive and does it end up being worth?

I have the pokeball, I love it but thinking on buying a Gotcha because of the auto catch and the vibration off setting.
I use it a lot while driving (many times above 40km/h) and still get good results
I use the original gotcha. I use it all the time. It definitely will get pokestops for you on the freeway. It does randomly go offline… which can be very annoying. But if you’re at the park, beach, or whatever… you can just hang out by a pokestop and manage your items will it auto spins. It does make the great balls pretty much useless tho. I just delete them all.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the Gotcha isn’t great for catching Pokémon. They flee about 50% of the time and I’ve used it for around 2-3 hours. Now, what’s really great about it is that it can spin PokéStops automatically. You have to be going 35mph or slower but it’s great for when you’re downtown or in a crowded area with a lot of Stops. You can be in the middle of catching a Pokémon and it still spins stops and gyms.
Very in between buying and not buying a Gotcha. A few questions I hope can get a response. 1) There is a $35 USD Gotcha available at GameStop that appears the same as the $55 USD Walmart/Amazon Gotchas. Is this the same device and is there any benefit to spending the extra $20? 2) I have seen a lot of reviews on all three of these websites in the past month discussing a lot of connection errors or compatibility issues. Is this of any concern at the current date? Thanks in advance
I’m considering getting one mainly because my poke bowl plus was accidentally washed. I can’t find any more in stores and I’m hearing they’re discontinued, which is a shame bc I really liked using it. I don’t see it is cheating since gotcha serves the same purpose. Only difference is the auto catch. Even then only thing you need to do for auto spin is put a buddy in your ball.
I’ve had one almost for like a whole year. I use it for pokestops catching Pokemon catching new ones but the other big thing is refilling on Stardust I threw a star piece and then turn on my gotcha and make sure it’s just catching Pokemon I can get a hundred thousand a day of Stardust or sometimes even more depending if it’s a busy day for me or not. but I love this gotcha I work a lot so but turn it on and just go on with my whole day.
I would like to know your point of view for the Go-tcha Evolve please, because it is the only one available in the UK. Amazon got the same than yours but branded “brook” and not “datel”, so it makes me think it is probably the reason why they have charging issue ????
I would like to buy one but I’m a little bit confused tbh
i have never lost a shiny with my gotcha, i play a lot and often check the diary and it has catched all the shinies (that i know of) even on community days…i know you can actually lose a shiny but it’s never hapened to me (that i notice)
when using The Gotcha Evolve you can stand in a busy place within reach of as many pokestops as possible, turn off the Locations and Wifi on your device and it will say “GPS signal not found” on your game but your character will stay there and keep spinning those stops for an hour, even if you leave and go home as long as you keep location and wifi off. you can farm tonnes of items without doing anything
Actually it looks more like miband. Me myself bought the pokemon go plus bracelet that was modified/hacked so it can also auto spin & auto catch pokemon. The best investment since gyms & pokestops so faraway and rare at my place & workplace.
I have 2 the One u review and the dual. I can say for sure i like the dual allt more it last forever too and u font actually bred to click on it when reconnect u only need to press in the game on the pokeball.
Over and out.
My biggest complaint about this thing is just how often it disconnects. This wouldn’t be an issue if I could easily reconnect it, but there’s times this thing doesn’t recognize it exists ever again after 5 tries worth. In general I wish it was easier to just leave on and automatically reconnect if it disconnects. I felt like the whole point of an auto catcher was to be able to play w hen you can’t have the app running or your phone app. The phone can be put away so that’s a pro but having to leave the app on anyways almost makes me wonder “why”, because it doesn’t function when it’s in a diff tab in the back or if it’s closed. So having it open but your phone screen darkened can work but then if you don’t have the vibration on, you may not even know it’s still connected or not and hours will go by with you only to realize it’s not been doing its job.

I wouldn’t say this thing is terrible, but that’s a HUGE flaw in design to make it worth anything more than 20 bucks.

I recently just got this gotcha in the mail and I have used your Walmart link due to your opinion on the charger but there are semi-major issues. The charger is really loose so I have to manually hold it down and after 5 hours of charging it still hasn’t turned on or even have any sign of it being charged. I know I’m pretty late but if you think you can help all is appreciated
I’m gonna get one. Can’t wait to spin stops since I can’t do it while driving.

Edit: holy crap dude its $86 where I live lol

Edit: I just went to gamestop’s official site and they have it brand new for only $34.99
I think walmart is a risk because it seems sellers have used it already and repackage it without specifying if it is used or not. I was reading the reviews on one seller and it seemed like they used his product before shipping it. If you didnt know walmart allows third parties to sell their stuff on their website so that’s why I say it’s a gamble..

I tried out the Go-tcha Evolve. I disliked that it would disconnect randomly (before the 1 hr stadard) and I would I have to tap the ball on the screen and then the circle on the device. Which kind of sucks. So I ended up getting the Dual catchmon. Definitely more expensive, but allows me to have a second player auto catch with me (in the car raiding together its super handy) AND most importantly, I just have to tap the ball on the screen if it disconnects. I don’t need to push any button on the device itself. Much less stress!
I was going to get one, but then just moved here to Tennessee for my job. There are almost no stops here which basically means my playing has been severely whittled down. I’m at the point where I’m not sure if I can really keep playing. It’s sad but not much I can do. I don’t want to stop playing but no stops means no balls which in turn means not much catching. I have many friends on there and if they send presents I can get about 60ish red balls, however, they were all random friend code shares so as I can no longer sustaining gift sending those will also slow down. It’s a shame they haven’t done much to expand the stop numbers.
I just decided to make a new account yesterday so I can have fun playing a game when I walk my 3 miles a night around where I live. I’m working out and losing weight to get healthier after a nasty divorce. I have access to my OG account from when the game came out but decided to start fresh. I’m currently level 20 and been having a blast hatching eggs easily since I need to get my 10,000 steps in haha.

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