I feel like we should all get a deployable poke stop once we hit level 40. A poke stop we can place and pick up at anytime. I don’t even know if that’s possible but it’d really help those of us in smaller areas.


This is great! Just moved to Tennessee from Hawaii. There is LITERALLY like 1 stop every 10 miles lol. To be fair where I live is only just getting built up from farmland to neighborhoods. Gotta grind 3 more levels to 38 and then I will be nominating like crazy to boost this place up! My buddy got one made at our little Saturday night race strip so not too shabby!

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You should also go over the sync times for Accepted stops. People need to wait for the daily sync for their stop to be approved. Don’t worry if it doesn’t appear right after.
I believe it happens at noon for each time zone. At least it does for me in Arizona. Or it could be all at once and that just translates to noon Arizona time.
I just hit Lv. 38 a few days ago, so this is really helpful. Definitely saving this video so I can come back to it when I find a close, but eligible Pokestop/Gym location.
every single cemetery in my local town has multiple pokestops – all stops are specific graves – one cemetery which is not that big – has 12 pokestops (you can walk around them all in under 2 minutes) These all got added by Niantic themselves at the very start
what pokestop becomes a gym depends on the number of photos of that portal in ingress and the votes on it so you count them together and the pokestop that has the highest “number” in ingress becomes the new gym. whenever a new gym appears the state of the “number” of about 3 days earlier counts.
I never use Google Satellite for my map overlay in IITC. My choice is Open Street Map (needs to be activated) due to Niantic using that for their map overlay and the fact I am a local OSM map editor.

As for the other Niantic games, I think it would have been best to mention both Harry Potter Wizards Unite and Catan as all the games rely on the same POI data. It was also worth mentioning that reviewers also rely on Google Street View and if the Street View is out of date, then the Surrounding Pic would need to be more heavily used.

Thank you so much. Used to do economic development and chamber of commerce in a small town. Doing public health now and looking at alternate routes for getting people moving outside. This was really helpful. Any suggestions on what to put in gyms that will attract more people?
To everyone who wants to know how a gym is chosen by niantic, it will be decided by thumps up on the wayspot on Ingress, so if you have a nomination that is accepted and you know that it is the 2nd, 6th or 20st stop in one s17 cell and you want a stop to turn into gym, go and download the ingress app, click the pokestop you want to turn into a gym, then click on the photo, click on the thump in the right cornen and normally it will appear as a gym as soon as the stop that was accepted can be seen on pokemon go. This is possible due to the fact that wayspot nomiations will appear faster in ingress then on pogo. You really need to be fast because stops will appear after 1 or 2 days after the nomination was accepted ( on ingress it only takes an hour or something) and if you didnt vote a stop before this time it will be decided based on most stars given in the niantic wayfarer app. Thanks for reading
Here’s the best way to force a specific waypoint to become a Gym. When the threshold is met for a new gym, the waypoint with the most up votes on the picture /most pictures WILL become the new Gym.

I still submit new waypoints through Ingress for two reasons. First is when the waypoint is approved, it will be delayed a little bit before going into Pokemon go. This will give me time to up vote the new waypoint and allow it to become the new gym if I so choose. Second reason is you can upload an existing photo when submitting new waypoint. This allows me to take a photo with my camera, then edit it in Lightroom. This way I can have good quality photos on the pokestops.

I wonder if some areas are exception to the rule, or if it changed over the years, such as large malls or amusement parks. I live near both and they have a lot of Pokestops crammed together, it’s really awesome.
Gyms are made (decided) by # of thumb ups (and # of photos) at POI picture in Ingress (and now in PoGo). Same method is used to update POI photos.

If no thumb ups are used to choose new gym location, the oldest POI becomes a gym.

Great informative video! I would like to add on how the pokestop becomes gym. Through Ingress there is the option to like a photo of a portal. Case 1, if a photo of a portal gets more likes from unique ingress players (Level 1 onwards) before the cut off period of Niantic before syncing in the day that portal will be nominated as a gym if the qualification of the 2, 6, 20, 50 gym/pokestop ratio is met. In Case 2, if no likes are done to any of the portals prior to the syncing of Niantic, the most earliest pokestop/portal chronologically within the S14 cell will be the one to become a gym.
Thank you for the information, it is very useful. Now I single handedly gotta out and develop poke stops in my area because, well, the map in blank. Really, I have to use incense to get pokemon spawns. I have never spun a poke stop nor have I ever had a gym experience. I got invited to a raid once, but that’s pretty much it.

Oh, I checked out the option to nominate pokestops just now and apparently you have to be level 38 and above to be eligible to nominate. Since you never mentioned that in the video and for everybody wondering… there you go

you have brought another small mountain town a breath of fresh air!!! I moved to Libby, Montana with maybe 20 stops and 7 gyms instead of Seattle which is infinite. I used this to nominate maybe 30 things and 10 are nominated in 2 weeks! 15l eft in voting! We got 3 new gyms and I have a great neighborhood walk now. THANK YOU.
In a nearby city that I play, there are so many pokestops that don’t appear as portals when I open Ingress. These Pokestops are relatively recent than the ones that are both Pokestops/portals. They just popped up as recently as February 2021.
Wow, one of my local towns completely spits on those rejection criteria. We have a pokestop/gym on a fire department (not art, the actual building) and a gym on a gravestone. It’s a small town with a small player base, so it’s unlikely these will interfere in anyway, and most of the population will never know about what might be considered an insensitive place to put a landmark on in a video game, but still. I want to have fun playing Pokémon GO, not question the morality/have shame about my actions for where I put my Pokémon at lol.
You should have talked about the location editing of poi… ’cause that’s the only way to bypass the cells-poi distance restrictions and create those clusters of pokestops & gyms when the poi are close-next to each other.
The 20 meter rule is both annoying and confusing when some areas (without sponsorships) have 5 PokeStops in 20 meters, yet better suited criteria only a few blocks away is limited because of the 20 meter rule, what causes these exceptions or lack there of?
This would be the cure for rural player struggles but it would be hard to get to that player level. People of high level would have to go there to them to help them out and nominate for more options.
I have a pokestop right on the corner of 2 S2 cells, unfortunately they put it in the one with other POI to make another stop. The other S2 Cell literally as nothing else in it. Is there a way to move the stop between S2 Cells?
Question: When I take a picture to nominate a stop, my phone opens the photo app over the Pokémon Go app. Due to that, more often than not does Pokémon go restart itself automatically. Which is especially great because you need to take two pictures (stop + show environment). Sometimes it takes me up to 10 tries before I actually manage to send in the nomination for a single stop, which is tremendously frustrating. I tried looking it up on Google before if there is any way to prevent this from happening, and tried whatever I could find, to no avail. Do you know any way to prevent this?
Hey what does it mean if there is stops in pokemon go bit they aren’t showing up in the app where you can check the grids ? I’m still seeing most stops but many of the ones further out of town aren’t showing up and I want to know which squares are already full on stops and see if I could nominate the right park or trail to make a gym
I know he said not to nominate your house, but theres a pokestop here that is actually the front gate to someone’s house. It has a mural painted on the gate with some flowers and it was approved. Of course whoever nominated it didn’t mention that it was someone’s front gate to a house.
There are so many pokestops that don’t meet the criteria about being at least 20 meters away from each other, like you mentioned. Examples being Disneyland in California, as well as the Orange Circle in Orange, California. I don’t think the people who review pokestop submissions really care about that. All the pokestops are so close… the same goes for gyms.. those are very close together as well..
At my local park there is 11 PokéStops within 30 feet of each other and 4 gyms two are side by side and the other two are like 100-200 feet away and by each other with a road between.
My dream in PoGo was to reach level 40 and create many pokéstop and I knew those places could be pokéstops and when I reached level 40 I couldn’t nominate stops and I do not know why. I quit for 5 months and after 5 or 6 months I started playing again and when I could nominate pokéstops I was so happy and I’m waiting for my first nomination to go through in my town
Just a note… “eligible” and “legible” are two completely different words. “Eligible” is pronounced “el-edge-ih-bull” and means able to be accepted according to a set criteria. “Legible” is pronounced “ledge-ih-bull” and means “written or drawn in a manner that can be read with minimal difficulty.”
Anyone know how long it takes these days to get a stop accepted? I’ve had a stop pending review for months now and a few people I know have nominations pending review for over a year
closing on on that lvl 38 tho, will be moving around the same time i hit that i believe so it will for sure come in handy as its a rather small place, havent played pogo there before so i have no idea how the stops are lookin like out there but i can imagine there being 0 – 5
Trying to get to level 38 just to do this. I live in the sticks but around a lake so there is lots of potential stops. Closest stop to me is downtown in our tiny village about 3 miles away
This is in preparation for level 38, but I just built a little library in front of my house (one of those take a book, leave a book type things). Would that be allowed for nomination?

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