When I didn’t knew that Events can trigger Nest changes I was pretty dissapointed when last year our croagunk nest changed into something else because the fashion week event started. I thought I could easily hunt the shiny there.


Omg nests are the best I love them so much, wish they would get a little more attention in the game cuz they’re one of the most fun features. One of the best memories I have is from my vacation at the beach last summer and I was shiny hunting at this shuppet nest in the dunes, I got a shiny shuppet on my final day there😁

Are the evolution lines also affected?I have a croagunk nest in my home,I was shocked when I saw a Toxicroak in the wild.I have caught at least 3 Toxicroaks.
I got a wild Aggron from a common Aron nest.
Just a curious question to ask

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How often are they likely to spawn? I may have a nest in my park, can I chill there constantly and expect spawns?
Wow, thanks for this, it helps a lot! Sorry, you probably uploaded a video already on how to get shinies/increase your shiny chance. But I was wondering if you had any tips to get more shinies, because I have gotten 3 real shinies (not including community day or tours) in only 1 year.
I got two shiny rayquazas this weekend and this was the first ever time I got the chance to catch it. on my second raid I got a hundo even tho It got away the very next raid I got a 98% shiny. not a shundo but it doesn’t matter honestly it’s still one of the best you can get
I have a Jiggly Puff nest near me, loads of jiggly puff spawn there. Not sure why it’s not on the silph road site
What?! I though that was a glitch or something! There was like over 10 of the red slug looking Pokémon forgot the name but yeah it was crazy
ANYBODY PLEASE ANSWER THESE FEW NESTING QUESTIONS!!! 1. After we catch all the pokemon at a specific nest , how long until they will respawn? 2. If we place normal lures at a pokestop within the nesting spot, will more nesting pokemon appear. 3. If we use an incense will more nesting pokemon appear? I would really appreciate an answer to these questions.
Close the app for 20 minutes then after that open it up and should give new spawns after that.
Is there a silph road alternative since silph toad is no longer teamed up with niantic
Idk if phyduck is nestable, but I really want a shiny phyduck, or really any shiny, but I did get a shiny Pikachu 2 days ago tho… very happy bout that
“pretty much every park is gonna be a nest unless its like 2m times 2” or if you live in iceland and niantic doesnt really do nests here:(
omg I didnt know bout nesting after im done playing in Tokyo I’ll teleport to central park in New York & check it out 😀
Here this i have gotten into a squartle nest
Did not understand what was happening at that time cause i
Was a noob at the time
So in the town I live in there is only 2 people that still play Pokémon go me and some other person so yea there is no point in going to that website for me but thx and it’s kinda lonely not having anyone that can defeat my gyms

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