I’m not sure why no one talks about this but an easier way to get “battle with your buddy” hearts is to have them in the party and then fight a gym. If there are 6 Pokémon in a gym each Pokémon counts as one battle. Or if there’s one you can battle it three times to knock it out and each time you beat the defender it counts as a battle. Easiest way I have seen to get those hearts

12 POKEMON GO TIPS & TRICKS in *UNDER 220 SECONDS* – Detailed Explanation

A tip and trick You forgot to talk about is how you can stack field research task encounters for special events to maximize on Xp or stardust. Great tip for the upcoming community day to get the most out of 3x stardust. You can stack higher evolution Pokémon with berries on them so on an event where you need spawns you can quick catch all of them to get a lot of xp and stardust

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I recently noticed that if you battle in a raid and go back into the lobby and back to battle, it will count as another “battle in raid”. Has been updated and you can back out immediately and it will still count.
As a player since the first month, the 2 tricks I had no idea about were:
– Friendship -> Interactable
– Raiding -> Naming raid battle party the undo/wb undo cp
One is new I think? But INSANELY useful. The other is simple but GENIUS.
Thanks for sharing them all though 😀
I don’t know if everyone knows this, but when you go to spin a pokestop you don’t have to wait until all the items are floating around, you can just spin and tap X immediately
Might be common knowledge, but the Meltan box counts as an incense, and can be re-activated indefinitely. So, if you have a task for it with a good encounter hidden behind it, you can just wait until you can use the Meltan box again, instead of buying an incense or deleting it because you’re out.
I didn’t know about the interactable search on the friends list. Thanks!

But you didn’t mention searching giftable on the friends list, to see who available to receive a gift. It acts up sometime, but saves on scrolling threw hundreds of friends.

Trick- When riding passenger in a car. You can spin a pokestop if going about 45mph or under by furiously spinning it in both directions. You must time clicking on the pokestop precisely before it comes available to spin but not after its already available.
I would love to see a good run down of rewards apps for the purpose of free Pokecoins. I use google opinion rewards, but I had never heard of zap before. I’ve tried mistplay and smore and they where very annoying, plus they took a very long time to get a reward from. I’d like to see some quicker options.
Make feebas your buddy and swap back and forth with another random pokemon for some reason this increases the distance you have walked with it so you literally can evolve it to milotic without walking a single step
If you have Google play they have this thing where you can get play points every time you spend money on a eligble game. Pokemon go is one of these eligible games. I spent $100 on it and it got me 300 play points the first time. The second time it went down to 260 and the third time it went to 230. Every hundred points is worth a dollar. So 300 points amounts to $3.00 and 260 points is $2.60. Play points aren’t exclusive to pokemon go and you can redeem them in any eligible game in the play store or just use it to buy ebooks or movies and tv shows.
Battle in a raid task tip doesn’t work at all
I have a “battle in a mega raid” task and it doesn’t work I don’t want to raid slowbro and your tip doesn’t help at all. Other tips are solid!

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