My favorite shadow that I use the most in the first position is swampert cause it charges up super fast and thus eats up shields fast 😉


There are still a few things i am still looking to get answered. I mean i get it now why you use shadows in which scenarios but I’m still clueless about which shadows to actually power up.
A) do IVs on shadow pokemon matter at all if you will keep them shadow for sure?
B) to which level do i power them up ? As they are 20% stronger offensively than normals i assume i should be fine leveling them only to level 25 instead of the advised 35 for normal mons.
C) prioritizing. What should i put my focus on? E.g. i have a 98% iv Metagross (15/15/14) which sits on <2500 CP with BP+MM and a shiny shadow beldum with 13/12/12 as IVs. [I only have 20ish candy] ..Should i rather first power my Metagross further so it will be an actually useable DPS or should i rather "dump" it and try to get the shadow beldum fully evolved? Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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My only gripe is you mentioned PvP but not IVs other than that it was really good information
Bonus tip if you double move a shadow Pokémon on its second stage and evolve it during exclusive move events such as December com days it will get its exclusive move such as Shadow Metang during the Incense Day. (you would want to do this if you can’t take off frustration in time for exclusive move)
Have you mentioned shadow gyarados and shadow aggron?
Also, im using shadow magmortar in the great league and it works well if used properly.
So I’ve noticed pretty much all my shadow Pokémon are like 1 star if not 0 stars. Does this not matter? Or should we wait to get a 3 star shadow before evolving/powering up?
My favorite shadow pokemon is my shadow hypno. It was the first competitive shadow pokemon i got and it was also the first shiny shadow i got as well
Do shadow IVs matter? Like if I get a poor IV shadow is it still worth investing candy/stardust into? Or should I wait and try to get better IVs?
Been wondering where all the grunts went, but it doesn’t really matter i have the worst luck when it comes to iv and end up thrashing most of my shadow mons anyway.
So I have a shadow mewtwo. When I want to use him in raids, I have to use my TMs to get the right attacks, am I right? I’m just always so afraid of using my TMs because I think they are rare to obtain…
when will tgr and shadow mewtwo return 😩? I need to complete the articuno quest to get last month’s super radar, so I can get this month’s radar so I can save it for shadow mew2
I have a tip might be long
1st – get a shadow Pokemon and don’t evolve!
2nd – wait for event where you can change frustration with charged TM
3rd – evolve your shadow Pokemon when its community day!

Not sure if it work!!!

I get a lot of useless SHADOW POKEMON and shiney pokemon the lousy IV I feel so frustrated…. do I need to transfer pokemon? becuse i do not have anymore bag storage or pokemon storage no coin really feel very frustrated about this pokemon go everything not go well….
My dumbass purified my shadow electabuzz and now have a purified electavire 🙁
🥲 I had 2 Shadow dratini , that time i didn’t knew shadow Pokémon are good . I had purified 1 and transfer the other for candy 🥲

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