It’s actually 30 gifts a day not 20 my bad there is a bonus currently active


I feel like they should make rural areas have more rare pokemon spawns and more spawns in general, like how rural areas are more in the wilderness where rare pokemon would be

i recently got back to PoGo after like 4 years and im binge watching all these videos, appreciate the help man. also hats off to team instinct

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Even though I don’t have much trouble with keeping my bag up to around 350-450 balls total (as a rural player) I appreciate the tips. As a tip from me to any rural player try to reach level 38 as fast as you can. Trying to get more stops in your area is key. When I started playing I had acces to 7 stops/gyms in the entire village 3 close to each other and the other ones scattered around the area all about 10 minutes of walking away from each other. After reaching level 40 last year I managed to add 7 stops myself and 3 where added by someone else. Now we’ve got a 8-10 minute circle we can walk with 6 stops and 2 gyms and after the first lap (since you’ll be catching fresh and old spawns in the first one) you’ll slowly start climbing up with the balls in your bag (assuming both gyms are your colour).
I agree with the approach for leveraging friends and gifts. But you also have to be a good friend and give gifts, and in that case you need PokéStops for gifts.
As someone in a “Rural Area” although we are a City now, I can guarantee that there’s more rewards on the Gym. Team Bonus+Gym Badge+ Daily Spin Streak+ my part-time job is near there so I can just stay inside and spin spin spin
I read online that an excellent throw multiplies the catch rate of a pokemon by 1.5 so even if you’re just using a regular red poke ball as long as you can hit an excellent throw you have 50% for chance of actually catching it. And I think premier balls have the same catch rate as a regular red pokeball too and that’s the ball we use to catch legendaries and high tier pokemon in raids so theoretically normal pokeballs aren’t completely useless. And I think curving the ball heightens the catch rate by 10% too. Save the great balls and ultra balls for hard to catch, red circle pokemon. I typically get away with throwing regular pokeballs at yellow-orange difficulty pokemon with excellent throws.
Very helpful: you can get close enough to the stop for the AR mapping and then walk away and scan something totally different (works in car)
I went crazy today on pokemon so now im left with like 5 pokeballs and 10 ultra balls💀 theres no way im going to buy them so i appreciate these
just found this tip out the other day, but when opening your gifts, it is faster to swipe left after opening a gift to get to the next friends gift!
Get the auto catcher, set it to spin stops, go to a busy area and stand in the middle of as many stops as possible (all in reach) then turn off your Location and Wifi and it will come up with “could not find GPS” and your character will stay still. You can go home….your character will stay put in the middle of those stops spinning them for an hour solid until your auto catch naturally disconnects… i can go to my local park and stand inside 6 stops and a gym, and do this trick.. so i spin 7 times every 5 mins for an hour while i go home. that’s 84 spins roughly depending on connection and a LOT of items
I haven’t watched the video but here’s a tip from a vet. Gold all the gyms in your area. The items you get is insane. What I do to max out the amount of Items I get every nightly walk is take over the gym and then spin since all the gyms are gold or silver in my area I end up with a huge haul from only like 7 spins of gym stops and all the poke stops along the way. It’s just about stacking. You’ll see it when you spin a gym stop, the Grey backgrounded items are just regular for spinning, items with orange background are bonus items for the gym being gold and blue/red/yellow items are for you having a mon inside the gym. Just do this and you’ll be set!
I am in an area where there isn’t a lot of poke-stops and I don’t have any way of getting there- mainly because I’m not aloud to go out really, I just got the app today and made a mistake on using up all my Pokeballs, I know I can learn for next time and I hope I can at least make enough friends to get a decent amount of Pokeballs! Thank you so much! This helped a lot.
When you transfer a pokemon you get cany right? Well you use a pokeball to catch them and in all the shows and fights you throw the ball and the pokemon comes out. So when you transfer a pokemon you should get a cany and pokeballs
Actually you can get insane drops from gifts. I have received 10 pokeballs or 10 ultraballs from a gift a few times. I average 80 poke/great/ultra combined from the 30 gifts daily. I have an excel tracking it daily
to be honest in my opinion, I think they should make it so that you should be able to trade items, like you get to choose the amount you want to trade with somebody and you get to send multiple things at once without using Stardust it would make things a lot easier like I have a friend that needs a lot of revives and has a lot of poke balls and I have a lot of revives and zero Poké balls we could easily trade


Man… I’d do the AR Mapping Quests if only almost all pokestops and gyms around me where kids playgrounds. Ain’t no way I as a 23 Year old guy will walk around and record a playground :/
Living rural is a damn test of patience. Gonna rush for LVL 37 so i can submitt new stops and help out some fellow players.
my problem is i have way too many ultra and great balls and almost zero pokeballs. i don’t want to just waste ultra balls on bunearys but i don’t want to throw them out either :/
im on the day 6 streak so tomorrow my pokeball drought will be freed tomorrow is sunday, then i get the 25k pokeballs aswell on monday
can you help us on how to beat Team Rocket quest … gotta beat the 3 and I’m having trouble beating Cliff at the moment … It’s costing me lots of Pokémon and can’t revive them fast enough … I’m level 31 and only one Legendary under my belt
i JUST started playing in July, and just before they got the bigfat idea to put less balls in gifts. At the moment we have gold pokestops in the mix with extra balls, but yeah….I am pretty much no-balls-having most of the time. Guess it’s time to pull out the realmoney.
Can anyone explain how to evolve Swirlix? I mean does he have to be your buddy, get fed 25 treats, then it can be evolved if you have the candy? And if I wanted to evolve multiple Swirlix, then I’d have to repeat all that for each one of them?
What are the things that you can spin and get stuff I’m knew and I don’t know anything and don’t have to be next to the stop to spin it?
Hey there is a problem with ar mapping task for me. Even when I am at the gym(on the gym),it doesn’t give any button to continue at mapping. Once I click the task ,it says “get directions” leading to Google map. That’s all no other buttons . Any other remedies?🙏
at the friends section the problem is that they friend you and you send them a gift and they just open the gift but the bastards don’t send you any gifts so I literally lost faith in them and only have 8 or 9 friends who I have trust in.
today was cd and i got 35 shinies + 1 100% and I prepared for it 150 pokeballs 350 great balls and 200 ultra balls and it only took me 2 days on secound account I collected only 250 pokeballs because I don’t have here so much place in bag but i got it with 2 gotchas
so i open my 20 gifts a day open my free box and event boxs get my 7day spin a pokestop streak and i walk 5k a week i get so many pokeballs
Crazy idea but here’s what I did when I was running low on balls, I made 15 or 17 different accounts. Added myself on them all and kept sending my main account gifts. Some call it cheating but what am I supposed to do😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hey brudha!Why PoGo is not compatible with some devices and it lags lags lagssss the hell out. Any solution?. I recently reinstalled but in vain for the problem. Need solutions🙏
I can’t even play pogo bc for whatever reason I get stuck after the loading screen. I keep trying to press the “ok” button, but it doesn’t move on from there. I can still here pokemon spawning and the music playing, but i can’t move on from that point. Yes I have checked and my phone screen is working properly, I’ve reset my phone multiple times, I’ve uninstalled the game multiple times and I just don’t understand what is going on
I’m nowhere near a pokestop a gym nothing there’s nothing around me I literally can go out and video and show you my in-game everything’s flat lands only for miles and miles and miles
Its look like this 2k-3k poke balls but 200-309 great balls 100 ultra i spin spin quest and quest all day 2 day 3 day i get just the fuking redd balls
I have no Pokemon on the beginner will you give me will you give me something later please I have no rare pokémon and I have no Pokemon just let me just a gift my name is Ruben in Pokemon go please give me footballs because I have no football it has no Pokemon

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