I have used the app for a few years now, loved the IVs and adding moves to names before they added the stars and long press for moves in game. The team builder for raids is very nice, and the new raid finder is probably the best I have seen as far as ease of finding and joining a raid.


There’s no need to switch between the PvP and PvE templates manually. Just long-tap your PvP template, set usage condition to “PvP” (optionally set threshold to 98%). Then, all scans meeting the PvP criteria will automatically have the PvP template applied. You can checkmark another template to have it automatically applied to all non-PvP scans. There are more conditions such as “trade” and “high IV”, and color stars. Very versatile and automatic.

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Poke genie is a life saver. Used to use it as a noob and it really helped me understand how much CP you can expect to get in an evolution and understand MAX IVs
I’m sure I’ll be able soon to push further my pokemon experience, and become so more better.
Also, Poke Genie is really great to RAID for those who don’t use discord (like me) and don’t have close friends playing the game (so easy to join or host raid and be at least 5 trainers to defeat legendary boss).
Merci mon pote !!
Its pretty ncie to see what higher level players are doing, came back to pogo in december (i understand 95% of its mechanics tho) i tend to keep anything with 87% IVs, if they’re the right combo of atk,def,hp. knowing others only keep 93+ makes sense as i had “planned” on keeping the 87+++ and then replace them as i go! also keep good pvp IVs :p
Dang this is going to save me so much time. I have too many pokemon of the same species stockpiled cause I don’t have time to go to iv rank checker to see which one is better than which. Over the months it’s been too much too handle as I catch more pokemon than I transfer and now I struggle to keep my bag space open cause I have too many unnecessary pokemon! This is coming from someone who has 4000 pokemon storage space..!!!
first of all really helped me out. For example i have buizel 4 15 15 which is around 98 99 perc. But when i check it on pvpoke its 300th rank at ultra league. My question is should i prefer 85 perc 14 13 15 with high ranking in pvpoke or i should go for percentage if its like above 97 and dont mind at all at the rankings. I cant decide which one is mpre effective and which parameter should matter most
I just downloaded this today. Its awesome, but hopefully in the future they can make it easier to switch between level 40 and level 50 pokemon because when I switch it back and forth from calculating the most optimal league for level 40 and 50 it has to recalculate all the old data and then it forces pokemon go to restart making me lose the place I was at in my pokemon storage. Its not fun having to sift through 4k pokemon every time I was to know the most optimal league for a pokemon at both level 40 and 50 ):

Other than that it’s perfect. Literally perfect. I simply haven’t got the time to go to pokemon stadium and typing in every iv and every league. That uses up too much time for a person who likes to do multiple things at once like me. I typically play call of duty on the side too when I am sifting through my inventory. This app lets me quickly scan my pokemon without having to do to much and let’s me play call of duty at pretty much the same time. I really hope they upgrade like I said. This would be a 10/10

Edit: the raids are super clutch

they are not always correct. you better to evolve lower with 2 or 3 lvl then power it up with some stardust caus it can be realy close like my lucario hit 1507 when it shuld be 1400~ and my venisour 2560 when it shuld be good for ultra lague
This is a great app, can’t believe I didn’t know about this until now…

Is the PvP section still working properly? For example I have a 15/14/15 Meditite and it shows as rank 512 for Great League, but the Stadium Gaming Rank Checker says it’s rank 2 for Great and Ultra League visible confusion

What other resources do you recommend to double-check PvP rankings? I wish Pvpoke showed IV spreads haha

Just a small info about Poke Genie . .

In any case your screen is struck and you can’t unlock your mobile during the overlay . . . Just Hold on to your Power Button tight for 20 seconds . . The phone will restart automatically. . .

I’ve seen this issue several times. . . and for the 1st time I used an USB Mouse to unlock the mobile. . . But later I used the above mentioned one. .

My Rhyperior has IVs of 14/15/11 – it reads them as 15/11/10. Brap bawp.
I am going to play about with this and work things out.
But how to switch off screen record as it is stuck on will be first.
Thank you so much for telling me about this app Pokémon go is not so popular in my county and not many people come to help in raid this app helped me catch 2 great raid bosses today again thanks soo much
i just tried this and its telling me that my Roserade 15/12/14 is a Ultra League Rank 30, but stadium Gaming saying its a Ultra League Rank 2830 and Master League Rank 31.
i dont really use pokegenie anymore. the app doesnt show accurate rankings compared to go stadium and it doesnt always show a pvp rank
Also I checked a few different pokemon and it seems ones you don’t have to evolve like kyurem both checkers say the same, but I’ve checked so many different pokemon and alot of the time poke genie says different ranks to other iv checkers, how can I level a pokemon up with so much misinformation!!!
Using poke genie really no standard my pokemon have 100% IV but didn’t show 100%PVP but show me poor in PVP!!!so upset…. and and Raichu have 99% IV but it show me 100% IN PVP!!!!!! But why like this??? Tell me why like this?? Can we trust poke genie?? Can we????
Me watches this me realizes I don’t need to watch it because the only thing I nicknamed was bidoof and I called him go also only got one shiny during the maril research day so I had similarluck to your mom
Maybe I’m doing something wrong but your video is kinda misleading in the whole android vs iPhone part. Again maybe I’m not doing something correct but iPhone users don’t have any overlay that opens the Pokémon go app. On iPhone you have to take a screen shot and then import it into the poke genie app. Pretty annoying actually and not worth using. defiantly not the same on iOS.

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