A couple of points that you may find interesting. First, there was a recent change to the Team Leader battles. You can now run from the battle and still get the heart. Second, the passing gifts strategy used to work better. In the past, you can get through practically all your buddies. Currently, after a few buddies, the next buddy will have the gift immediately, and you won’t be able to get the basic hearts (play, photo, etc.) without opening the gift.


i did this when one of the tasks was to get 8 hearts with buddy and i didn’t want to use any of my berries, i just switched into 4 of my background buddy’s and did a snapshot and a nice pet. worked well and faster than walking 2k with my main buddy.

Usually I have 5 buddies where the target is to get 11 hearts a day (3 walking, 3 feeding, 1 playing, 3 fighting and 1 snapshot). I switch them during the day. However, 10 other pokemon I use to get 6 hearts (1 feeding, 1 playing, 3 fighting and 1 snapshot). Currently I am at 145 best buddies that way and will finish the platinum medal in the end of the year.

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I think Best Buddy is good for your favorite Pokémon that may not be the best competitively, or happen to have a Mega, because that extra level and the extra candy to convert to XL can help bigtime.
For anyone battling Team Leaders because they have no other option, You can use a Machamp for most of Blanche’s team. It’s the easiest one to spam out fights with. Machamp hard counters everything she has.
Sound advice. I’ve been doing option three for some time with the ballon grunts first thing in the morning when they drop in. Can usually get them all done before the ballon disappears, or last buddy defeats them. It can be a PITA, but then it’s done and out of the way for the day
I find that I can easily get 2 buddies excited everyday by just scratching, screenshot, and battling team rocket this helps save berries and makes walking 2k hearts easy to get too. Getting 2 buddies excited a day and having 1 background buddy nets 5 best buddies every month with minimal berry use
Yes yes yes.. I do the same thing… its the first thing I do while I’m up brushing my teeth and such…. it’s real simple and works perfect to raise as many buddies as possible all at once
I have a question for you. After becoming great buddies with a Pokémon how do you get it to give you gifts? I have had mixed results. Sometimes I get gifts sometimes not so much. My goal is to get 20 buddies a day to give me gifts. Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks for sharing!
Giving this a try! Using buddy history I set up 12 w yellow tag and *. Will help get platinum badge. Will also do berries on days I have plenty. Thanks!!
Since this was released, you no longer have to complete the training battle in order to receive a heart so you can earn all 3 battle hearts in under 3 minutes by backing out right after your ‘mon takes its first hit.
I recently got my starter Pokémon, a charizard, best buddied! It’s my first ever best buddied Pokémon, now I am going for my metagross
I use the poffins on my main buddy. The rest I use gold raz & team lead battles. I’m working on besting all my megas & raiding teams hundos.
U could also do everything without a puffin. Fill in every task and your buddy could get excited and the hearts would be doubled like if you were to use a poffin
This strategy has the people around me becoming “background buddies” IRL. For real though these are pretty cool strategies and thank you for posting them! The badge only effects PVP cmp tie for the most part right? Do you have a crystal ball that shows a future where best buddies will get more bonuses??
50 day is what i do, mostly i try to switch and make excited 3-4 buddies a day, and then finish of with the rest while switching in the evening. I must say i’s quite a boring grind, if there are no grunts at my house it takes around 1,5 hours
Dude thank you I’ve been trying to think of a way do lvl up some of my buddy Pokemon for awhile now so far I’ve just bring up 4-5 to UB then sawp until I get enough to BB but this is hapels a lot.
For me I only choose a few buddies to save resources but it does take a little longer… maybe that was a little bit under exaggerated
I want best buddies for my Garchomp called Gille Because I have had him as my buddy for over 6 months and he’s one of my favorite pokemon!
20 swaps. That’s only like 18 back up buddies since u have to count the swap out and swap back into. Or at the very Most 19 back up buddies. Not 20
Can anyone help me with garchomp moveset for pvp I can’t choose over sand tomb and earth power Please tell anyone which is better sand tomb or earth power for pvp
This is exactly what I do LOL I always give them berries scratch them and then do the battle and it’s fine because I always pick on the same guy Ibut I didn’t know about the switch

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