Sadly, this is a limitation of Pokemon Go. There are a lot of rural players that would love to get the full experience! With Pokestops, it can be tough because reviewers hold such a high standard for what can be a Pokestop.


There is such a huge difference between when I play here and when I go visit my parents. Here I am within spinning distance of two pokestops and I am in walking distance of 7 gyms. At my parents place, I can get to 1 gym and 1 pokestop within a similar radius.

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I can relate to this so this is why I’m really doing my best and making the best out of those double or triple xp events so I can reach lvl 38 so I can suggest a pokestop in my place. I just started playing 2 months ago and I’m at lvl 31 now. Just a little more, and man I’m excited.
I just got the shiny galarian ponyta! Thanks for the video, super helpful since I am 20 minutes car ride away from my nearest gyms and pokestops
I still rember the time, when I literally depended on gifts. I opened 30 gifts daily, I reached lvl 32 only with opening gifts. Deleting and adding friends,every day to get interaction.
★Walking for 3 hours on my roof in blistering sun of May to July in last hours of afternoon to last hours of evening.
★30 battles of gbl everyday.
★Struggling to get access to raids(at that time remote passes were not released and when they released, there was no way to get them free until august-september)
★I still remember when there were no stops and I think I was only player in my city over lvl 20(currently I’m lvl 44)
★Struggling to walk 5 km everyday to complete adventure syn 25 km weekly reward.
★Tying mobile to fan and then run it on 1 speed to count steps .
★Time when different weather boosts were different occasions.
★When someone invited me to raids, the pain of having no pass.
★Excitement of catching 1st guaranteed spwan of spotlight hour( Yes, there is a guranteed spawn of spotlight hour at 6:01 pm)
★Forced to use normal raid passes (which were useless for me because of no gyms near me in radius of 300km)in gbl sets
Those lovely days 😀
At my hometown, we only have one pokestop. So, there is a huge amount of spawn…so, I think it’s pretty cool when talking of spotlight hours or community days !
You are talking about problem that unfortunately, many people can’t solve. Pokemon Go Is a game that have a main goal bring player out of the home. Some people to just start playing how they want, they need to travel 10km to even more (Unfortunately me) but in my opinion, that is the coolest thing about Pokemon Go.
Never ever, any Pokemon game or any different game, make me “I want to travel more and more” and this is why I love Pokemon Go and also this is why I’m plying it for 4 years now.
Send a Pokémon to Pokémon home to get a meltan box… As least got something to catch
The boat docks, Boat ramp, community swimming pool. I am sure there is a playground some where. If its a community playground you can make a ton of stops. One for the sign, one for the playground it self. picnic tables and if they have pavilions for the tables. Great number them. Go onto your town website. Find some points of interest. I have seen stops at campgrounds. When I go anywhere I try and make stops.
Whenever I’m not around pokestops and there is none in sight. I usually just focus on GBL and switch training my buddy pokemon.

There is one pokestop near me so I try to get that daily spin too but I have to walk down to the local chruch.. so I’m mostly remote

something that really isn’t appreciated enough are the gbl encounters. yes, they can be annoying (especially if you have no balls and have to spend pokecoins to do literally anything) but they are free encounters and a lot of them are good for raids and pvp. especially good if you don’t have any pokestops for rare and powerful pokemon to spawn in.
For rading you can use the app Pokeraid it’s easy to use and once you get the hang of it you can get invited to a raid no problem you just need some patience since the raid rooms get full very fast
That’s not how the game was at the start. The game started with footsteps that gave a way to kinda track where the wild pokemon was located. Niantic removed it soon after, during one of the first big controversial updates to the game.
I have to walk like 1-2 km in order to reach a pokestop :((. My current goal is to reach level 38 so that I could nominate a new pokestop so that other players near me will benefit a near pokestop 😔✊
I just downloaded PokémonGo 20 mins ago, and I’m now realizing that it’s probably not going to work for me. I live in the middle of nowhere and the only place I can walk is down my driveway, I also don’t have any data away from my house. I can’t walk off road because there’s snow higher than my waist.
Bro I lost my shiny galatian Zigzagoon 😭😭
When I got this shiny then I leave the raid because I wanted to record this
But raid was ongoing but shows that raid has ended
Why this happened bro ?😭 that was my favorite shiny
Why Niantic do this?😭😭

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