I thought it was self explanatory is to best buddy Pokémon with ALL HIGH IVS (100% IV preferred)

Once you start best buddying a Pokémon you can’t switch if you catch a better one so you would have to restart. Choose the highest IVS to best buddy!

Detailed explanation | BEST POKEMON to *BEST BUDDY* in POKEMON GO!

There are a few of the complex ones that you mentioned at the end that fall into that weird zone where you do not need 0 attack. Sableye, Medicham, Lickitung, Diggersby. Ultra League is even trickier and there are more – Abomasnow, Ferrothorn, Meganium, Shiftry, Scrafty and others.

I think the easiest way to find out is go to PVPoke – Battle – pick a pokemon – advanced stats/ivs – level 51 – maximize

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I’m currently working on best buddying my 93% lucky shiny mewtwo. Absolutely excited to see mega mewtwo! Also, he’s my favorite Pokémon
Best buddying my hundo aerodactyl. Originally for fun since I didn’t think it would compare to Tyranitar as a mega, but apparently it is the highest mega rock attacker, second overall. Ramparados is 1st if you’re wondering.

I assumed tyranitar can’t have a rock move, but it has smack down as a comm day move. Huh.

Edit: Highest DPS Mega Rock Attacker.

Thanks for the tips! I use a system of getting up to 5 buddies excited per day and working on those 5 until they reach best buddies, for the megas, if you guys didn’t know, once you mega evovle a pokemon once, you can walk with it to get more mega energy. I typically work on 2 future megas, 1 legendary, 1 master league(lvl 50) mon and 1 fun mon. Ive tried buddying up more than 5 per day but to maximise efficiency, 5 is a decent amount
Buddy CP boost should be permanent. It is just 1 lvl. After all the work required do reach best budy, we should’t have to have the pokemon set as our buddy.
Since poison type attacks will be buffed i would love to know which pokemon will be useful in pvp in new season cause definitely not charmers😂
would you show us how to choose the best IV (attack, defense, HP) for the shadow pokemons in PVP? Is it the same as looking in the IV Rank Checker for the regular wild catch pokemons? Thanks.
My friend and I were randomly trading a bunch of rhyhorns and one set of them turned out to be lucky, he got a 12/15,12 and transferred it and I got a 15/15/12, which I believe is 93%. Do you recommend I evolve it/power it up? And if so, should I wait till one of those events where I can get a legacy move on it if I evolve it?
The awesome thing about best buddying master league pokemon is that the top master league pokemon are usually good in raids too! So it’s like a two fro one.
I hope we can get an updated version including pokemon the require to be your buddy in general to evolve and which of those pokemon are worth it and why 🥺
Should I best buddy my 98% medicham? I’m thinking of using one in the Great League for level 40 so I would benefit from the cp boost.
I just do it for the candy. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention getting mega evolution candy for walking pokemon that you’ve mega evolved before.
I got my first best buddy today which is a Lucario that I had as my buddy since November last year and I had it for a lil while last summer but I didn’t get all the hearts with it every day before
i just got my first best buddy today it’s togepi definitely the cutest pokémon in the game in my opinion idk if i’m gonna evolve it tho since it’s my only 100% togepi
Chansey had been my buddy since buddies came out…. I feel too guilty to even switch her. ( I have not played non stop i took at least 3-4 months off every year) but even when i take a break chansey is waiting for me to come back! Lol
I have a 96IV Salamence I want to best buddy, but I’m scared I’ll get a better one and thus am putting my time in a weaker Salamence. What should I do?
If u Play ML, the most important Pokemon to best Buddy is a Dialga which has 15/15/x IVs Hp Preferably at least 12, u could even Go on with it being ur Only Best Buddy ML pokemon
And if u played Premier Cup then Metagross but sadly it doesn’t exist now
So im guessing its not good to best buddy your GBL pokemon because u may have a 1498 azumarill and if you best buddy it, it wont be eligible for GL anymore right?
I have a Shadow Magnezone as soon as I got a shadow magnemite with decent stats evolving took a while.. I want to best buddy him I just started the process a lil today his cp is 703 should I power up before best buddy he tops off at 3122 but I wanna keep him at 1500 or 2500 to use as a spice pick maybe? Any help or info would be appreciated
Actually I best buddied my shiny rayquaza (even if it’s not shundo and I just buddied him coz it’s a shiny legendary Pokemon and everyone wants it)
I want something like evolution calculator there’s one but it’s not acuurate If u make a video about it that would be very helpful cuz i often evolve certain pokemons with all sorts of ivs and lvls and ends up with more cp than the actual need and vice versa
one question, so say you have a best buddy, but then you switch out your best buddy as a buddy to another Pokémon, will it still keep the best buddy boosts?
My fav pokemon is, groudon and i have a hundo with elited fire punch with double attack and also maxed it so should I best buddy it?
Why would I want to best buddy 2 seperate Mewtwos? I can just add a new charge attack and change the fast attack (if mewtwo gets a fighting fast attack) or use psychocut and focusblast
Let’s say I have a pokemon for gbl and it has to be level 45 to maximize it’s stats. Can I just best buddy it on level 44 to skip a level and save some XL candy?
Q: the Pokemon need to be at 50 lvl in orther to get the boost? Or u can do ot at lower lvl and later be able to get lvl 51?
Im not lvl 40 yet. So i cant use XL yet, but i would lile to be ready.
i have a creselia of 2498 can i best buddie it and when it will become best buddie I will switch in anyother pokemon to best buddy will it increse cp when it will not be my buddie
There is almost no point of best buddy, the candy is more valuable, lets say i put blaziken as a buddy it wil give me candy and rare candy, but there is no point of putting legendaries

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