One thing I found useful on the poke raid app is if you are hosting a raid, after you accept all the friend requests of participating players, you can find them easily in your friends list by toggling the friendship level button so that the newly added players will all be at the top of the page.


When I was doing one of your methods for getting raids, I got a shiny regirock on my very first one

I’ve done tried all forms of social media and still not getting raid invites. I’m a legit player. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I miss out on so much and it’s all out of my control. Wish Niantic had a way to fix this. Because it is a problem. I shouldn’t be forced to only do tier 1 and tier 2 raids because I can’t find enough players to do anything higher.

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Can somebody tell me how to invite more than 5 people into a raid? I tried today and failed myserably :c
The only prob with this app is sometimes the trainer is trolling, once i join a raid with 2 trainer using taillow, sentret, etc. this kind of trainer make the raid more difficult.

P.S sorry my english is not good

It doesnt do nothing when im pressing the “complete” button after reading the conditions. Someone knows what to do?
I was banned from this guys server cuz I was telling the admin why I ended the party quickly (and even acknowledged my mistake and said I know how and where I messed up and that I wouldn’t do it again) yet one of the admins said I was being annoying or something like that then banned me
Him: Have You Looked In Your Bag And Found A Remote Pass And Said “What Am I Gonna Do With This Remote Pass?”

Me: No I Thought “How Do I Get A Remote Pass For Pokeraider?”

Thinks for making things a lot more clearer I used to have Pokémon go 4 years ago but I made a huge mistake and deleted it and unfortunately sense I was away for so long I couldn’t get into my old account anyway long story short I’m not to familiar with this newer stuff so thinks.
I am already using pokeraid since 6 months to get legandaries as I live in India where there are very less gyms
What if the link to Pokemon GO Ottawa is locked? I’m asking for a friend whom is having trouble. I can get into it, but she can’t.
I tried to use PokeGenie again. ques where orinigally so long I lost interest in joinging. Now the line moves fast but when I press the join button I get soft banned after failing to do some task relating to joining the group in time.
You made a video earlier on pokegenie about the name change thing and all that and im on ios and it says i need to pay to change more names.. is that normal? Since im on IOS do i need to pay and does samsung devices get it for free?
Does remote raid pass work over states if I’m in California and I’m invited to a raid in a different state like Wyoming can I still join
Pokeraid keeps telling me that o
It supports only hatched raids even though it already hatched
I somehow got banned from pogo ottawa for absolutely no reason
The discord is decent but i left it because the rules are bs and you have to talk to some smartasses during “detention” to talk yourself out of it
the servers so bad. i got muted for having the name “Bruh meme gangster” and then when i asked why i was muted for no reason they banned me. the mods are so trigger happy

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