121 Pokémon Go TIPS & TRICKS

Selecting the right pokeball.
When you long press pokeball if circle is-
Green/Yellow – Catchable (no berries)
Orange – Maybe Catchable (with berries)
Red – Hard To Catch.

Detailed explanation | 121 Pokémon Go TIPS & TRICKS

Rocket Grunts, and sometimes leaders, have pokemon that may not appear in the wild for a while, so using pinaps or silver pinaps for more candy can be helpful in case you want to power up something you have, either GBL or raids/gyms.

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Fun fact to ask to your first tip, you don’t actually have to wait for the Pokémon to be in the ball, as long as you’ve thrown the ball it will continue it’s course in the background, so you could leave the encounter before the ball has even hit a Pokémon
One tip I’ve never heard mentioned is a way to save bag space. Since Special Research lasts forever, once you’re at the final step that usually gives you 10+ balls, and a few other items, let it sit and collect it when you want to use one or some of those items. It’s not a ton of extra space, but it adds up, I have about 10 or so special research last steps ready to collect and it’s given me about an extra 70 or so items in bag space by not collecting.
If you are limited to stops around you and want good field research you can spin the stop. If you do not like the reward or want another task you can get a scan task to make the field research different. You must delete the field research before you spin the poksetop again to claim another one.
Great job! The Nanab berries have been useful with catching shadow pokemon that won’t sit still. Also I use Nanab to have the Pokémon sit still to try an excellent throw when the circle is small.
Your tip to keep a great throw streak worked like a charm! I have been on a task needing 5 in a row for a VERY long time. With your tip, I did it in minutes!
Something helpful that wasn’t in this is that if you have a task for doing battling in multiple raids , you can have your friends do all the damage as you let low level Pokémon get killed. Each time you select a new party it counts as 1 battle. Gets expensive on revives but can definitely get you a quick few battles of a single pass
Pro tip, ignore the “how to not burn a raid pass” tip. Either do the raid or don’t and just leave in advance. Staying and then chosing the leave screws over those who thought you’d give them help, causing them to burn their raid pass.

It’s not hard on figuring out whether or not you can defeat a boss or not prior to the countdown ending. How hard is the boss, how many people are in the lobby, what’s their level etc..

Another tip for quick catch: pokemon that dont normally spawn on their own, ie from insense or from the guaranteed daily pokemon or photobombs, will not disappear from map after using fast catch trick. You will need to either check your bag or allow the full catch animation.
to find out how far you are in the buddy progress with your pokemon you can tap on the hearts similar to friends list and it will tell you with out taking doing a screenshot and a 3rd app
A trick I use on quick catch is using the phones back button/gesture instead of the run button. Phones are so tall n run sometimes pulls down the notification as well. So with gesture enabled I just swipe back which is a lot faster.
A change was added to the pokemon that look at you. They now turn back after 15 seconds so if you are in a cluster you may not get through all of them before they turn back around
I’m a long time player and I still learned some stuff.
I would like to add my own tip:
You can have 1 AR scanning research quest plus 3 regular research quests.
Since the AR scanning quests are prioritized on all stops, I find one that I can store (like a Poffin quest) and then spin stops for current and event quests.
The revive trick was something I didn’t know about and it came in handy! My poor daughter hasnt been able to raid with us much because she has just been very unlucky with revives. She’s a casual player so she doesnt really use stardust as much as us who grind more
Great tips! Here are a few additional ones:
– To see the exact number of hearts left on a buddy, click the right most heart. It will tell you how much you have to go.
– Set up parties with the buddies you are working on, then go to the trainer battles with the team that has your buddy and start. Once you see the GO! pop up, back out of the fight. It will count. Repeat to get your three fights in.
– if walking a legendary Pokemon, walk it until it gets to around 19K, and then feed it a poffin and then walk another kilometer. You will get 2 candies for the 20k vs. one.
– Get your megas to the second level, and when going out to grind or on a community day, run a level 2 or 3 mega of the most common type out for more candy, XL candy, and bonus XP.
I think to think of myself as always being in the know on all these tips. But def a few I didn’t know and always some search strings I forget about. The one tip I know that was missed is removing a friend when going ultra/best if one side isn’t ready to lucky egg yet.
Step 1 make sure friend is out of game
Step 2 make sure friend has a gift from you.
Step 3 open friends gift
Step 4 go to home screen and wait for friendship xp to pop
Step 5 go to friends list and remove friend.
Ask friend for friend code and resend them friends request. They have 8 days to accept request and open gift for friendship whenever they like. If not they can re add you anytime. Key is to remember to open the gift for the xp. I have messed up more then once by forgetting that step after reading and doing a group. The other thing is not forgetting to re add them at all. Non egged xp is better then forgetting for 4 months having friendship reset and getting no xp at all.
There’s a quicker way to get the online people at the top for raiding: Instead of exiting out and opening it up again, just tap the filter in the bottom right and then the “online” option twice before it resorts the friends list; it basically reloads the online filter. It would be easier to show than explain, but hopefully you get the gist of it
In case it hasn’t already been mentioned, here’s a trick to keep in mind if you need to quickly join a raid lobby but there are stops/pokemon around you that you want to spin/catch.

Join the lobby, then close the game, open it back up, catch/spin for 90 seconds, then click back into the gym and you’ll still be in the lobby.

Tip you didn’t mention: I like to NOT get additional moves now so I can just click away at raids without paying attention. Obviously double moves are basically necessary for battle league, but for raid only players like myself I prefer not to add new moves now
Tip: If you don’t like the order your tags are in, and want to change it, you DON’T need to delete any of them. Simply longpress the tag folder you want to move and you can drag it up or down in the list

Some expansion on your Buddy gift chain tip:There are two types of small green bag “gifts” your buddy can bring you. Item bags (stuff like berries and potions) if they are least Great Buddy, and Souvenirs (useless pinecones) if they are at least Ultra buddy.

You can still interact with your buddy WITHOUT CLAIMING your green bag gift if you hit your back button, this way you can get petting and snapshots without messing up your chain. Hitting the back button while in the interaction screen makes the gift go off screen, but your buddy will still have it when you back out to the menu. You can also skip the gift opening animation if you hit back as soon as you open the gift.

The Item bags have a cooldown of at least 24 hours from when you claim one; so when you do your gift chain you want to make sure all your buddies that you’re gonna do have their gift before claiming any of them. The Souvenirs have a cooldown of at least 48 hours, and work the same way. There’s no way (that I’m aware of) to visually tell what kind of gift they brought…

If you’re struggling to get items (as a rural player for example) you can get yourself 11-21 different great buddy pokemon and do one of two different cycles to farm gifts for items.

If you have 11 great buddies, when the buddy you have on gets their gift, swap through your other 10, and then on the 10th one, start claiming and work your way back to the starting buddy. This gets you 11 item bags in a 24h cycle.

If you have 21 great buddies, you can get your gift bag, swap through your 20 other ‘mons, and then after midnight you can claim and swap back through your list, this gets you 21 item bags in a 48h cycle, while also being loose enough on timing that you can do feeding, petting, snapshots, and battles. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE BACK BUTTON TO DISMISS THE GIFT IF YOU AREN’T READY TO CLAIM IT.

Another raid tip, whenever your pokémon get knocked out during a raid and you rejoin the raid, every rejoin counts as 1 battle in a raid. You can join the raid with bad pokémon, not fight and do this over and over to complete the “Participate in raids” quest.
– Beware, the Eevee name trick does NOT work toward the level 42 task.

– You mentioned that trading a pokemon counts towards the type medal, but evolving a pokemon does too.

– During events where item duration is boosted (like the 3 hour incense on community days) you can use more than one, and the extended duration can stack past the end of the event, up to 24 hours!

– Complete your 7-day spin streak by spinning a gym your team owns and where you have a gold badge, and you’ll get the most stuff.

– If you’re trying to take down a gym with friends, and it’s being guarded, stagger your battles so that you never join a fight with your friends. When you beat a battle together, it will still only lose a 3rd of its motivation. But if you all individually beat a battle separately in rapid succession, you can completely KO a pokemon before the defenders even realize it needs to be healed. If you’re fighting a guarded gym all alone, sometimes it helps to exit and re-enter the first battle repeatedly after beating it, which can sometimes catch the defenders off-guard in the same way.

– If you’re going to use poffins for leveling up friendship, it’s not a good idea to use it on the 4th heart (unless you’re grinding to use the CP boost in battle league I guess). It’s best to use poffins early to get the first 3 hearts, ESPECIALLY the first 2. Because the faster you can get a pokemon to bring you gifts, the faster their friendship will grow overall. Also, you don’t want to be caught without catch assist for too long.

– Shaking your phone with your hand counts as step distance. Sometimes useful to do it idly if you’re watching a 40 minute youtube video or something. Just don’t be constantly checking on it.

– If you have hundreds of pokeballs and you’re constantly hitting your inventory cap, I found that the answer is just to delete all red pokeballs. Not only do they waste your time when pokemon break out, but they really just take up inventory space that you could be filling with more great and ultra balls. Obviously this doesn’t apply if you’re using an auto-catcher, or if you play so hardcore that your pokeball counts never stay in the triple digits for long. But if your Great+Ultra ball counts total more than about 500, it means you play casually enough that you may never need to use another red ball ever again, which is super awesome.

I would choose pokemon storage as you can get many pokeballs from pokestop spinning and also items like revives and potions are used frequently s but if you don’t have bad pokemon to transfer then there is no option left other then not catching pokemons.
On regarding the Pokeball Plus, you forgot to mention that you actually need a Pokemon from Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee inside the Pokeball Plus in order to be able to spin the Poke Stops automatically. And even with a Pokemon inside, it will never catch any Pokemon from Pokemon Go automatically. You have to push the top button any time it notifies you there is a Pokemon around.
U can also farm the super effective charged moves for free against the team leaders

U can look up what mons they have and ur almost guaranteed on typing either way

Start with smth fast to eat their shields and then switch to smth that’s super effective.

It takes a lot longer but u don’t need to use any raid passes

a really good friend levelling bonus to use when using a lucky egg: save up to 60 friends that you can level up with to get the bonus (assuming the max gifts is still at 30/day). activate the egg at 1145pm. Open 30 gifts. wait for bonuses to roll through. Once it’s midnight, open the remaining 30 gifts and wait for the bonuses to roll through. You need to have enough inventory space in your bag beforehand, like at least 250-300 space available. You can get up to 60 bonuses this way.
The Go Plus and Pokeball Plus aren’t autocatchers, as they require manual input to attempt the catch as you have to press the button on the device once it homes in on a Pokemon. The Ball Plus though has autospinner functions if there’s a Pokemon inside the ball. If the device is new it would have the distributable Mew for Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee or Sword/Shield. If bought used and the previous owner already claimed the Mew, you can use Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee or Sword/Shield to put a Pokemon inside. Technically you can turn them into autocatchers, but it would depend on what device you’ve got and whether or not there’s a method to do so (for example the Go Plus it was possible to tape down the button with a coin, but from what I heard it only really worked with iOS devices).
Okay I have a question about those autocatchers. If I use that and I go drive, I usually have to slow way down of course and spend the pokestop to be able to get it or I’ll get the try again later message. If I’m using an auto catcher, will it spend the pokestops if you’re going too fast like it would if you have the app open?
Is it necessary to start all the friendships on the same day? Is there a max number of friends and can they be worldwide friends also to join raids? If so, I will leave my trainer code here in the comments so we can add each other and get the xp boost with the lucky egg at the same time. Feel free to leave yors as well if you think it is a good idea 🙂
A little long so thank you for the timestamps. I sort of laughed inside when you said at the end dont play if youre not having fun… I almost threw my phone today cause of Ultra League.. i fking hate the meta in this game. I wish I never found out about the league… Before finding out, I powered up all these pokemon to find out theyre only good for gym/raids -_- 100% Garchomp just to find out I cant use him in the league and that Dragons in general are trash UGH. I can see why a lot of people who make content for this game stick to catching. I feel like the top tier list of pokemon are 99% pokemon i dont have and even if I had DONT HAVE THE DUST FOR!
Tip 1 If You Mega Evolve A Pikachu It Could Have 7000+ CP
Tip 2 If You Get 1000 XL Candy You Can Get XXL V Max Candy
Tip 3 To Get A 100% IV Pokemon You Need To Go For Low CP Pokemon
Tip 4 The Best Pokemon Is A 10000 CP 1% IV Jigglypuff
Tip 5 The Worst Pokemon Is A Mewtwo Shiny

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guys, can someone help me with a question? I got a bit confused with the implications of one interaction a day regarding raising friendship level. and one interaction a day. I’m used to receiving a gift, and right afterwards send one back, on a daily basis, with everyone of my friends once a day. my question is: does the second gift not raise friendship levels? so it goes to waist?
thanks a lot!!
I told tip number 122, don’t you ever dare to fight with a Snorlax or defend a gym with a Snorlax!!!
I love how you kept this classy. But for me… I’m level 50, with not far from 300 mill XP, and over 70 lucky friends. Lucky trade tonight gives me 13-12-12. I deleted the shiny lucky Articuno. I now can’t raid at home with my son asleep in bed. I only have 1 shundo… I think I reached the games max. I went to Jersey/NY the last 2 years to play when go fest was global. Now that it’s in NY, with all this negativity surrounding the game now… I have no interest in traveling. What a shame 💔😢 I have 10’s of thousands of dollars invested into what I now can call, a joke. I feel like a dummy!
I found a way to quickly do open gifts so… when you receive an gift you can open it and when it starts opening push the x/cancel button it’ll disappear but the mechanics is in there to still work and you can do it many times…. remember… when it shows what you got in gifts it wolnt work but it still works so you can keep doing it as many times…. this also works sending gifts too… so now you can have an fast way to open gifts
Some of these “tips” are pretty bad.
Smeargle has a max CP of less than 500 at level 50. I don’t care if you do get a hundo, level 51 Smeargle – lock on + power up punch isn’t going to do anything.

Edit: #2 is that you If it glitches, Giovanni flies away after you use the radar, before you catch the Pokemon – if it was a stop, you have ~10 minutes (some reports have a half hour) to catch your legendary.

Seems like they took the not wasting a raid pass trick away. Absolutely insane, standard Niantic. Also 300 coins for 3 raid passes now? The must of judt had their quarterly meeting discussion what they can do to make people stop playing. Absolutely can’t stand Niantic, they r the fukn worst…

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