Niantic don’t want us to quickly end the rewards animation after the raid. These is what they mean in this update 😢

I’m lvl 40 and my item storage it’s at 550 or something like that. I’m constantly around poke stops so I always have items.

Added tip for Google Opinion Rewards: Constantly walk to franchise stores. 7/11, WaWas, Quick Check, Family Dollar, Wells Fargo bank, etc. Appearently the app works with your GPS. It’ll constantly ask you if you’ve visited those places. The other day I went to 3 of those and I got 3 surveys


PLEASE make a video on Pokemon comparison. Nobody has done this yet because its absolutely confusing. For example, pokebattler tells us the best pokemon to use for each raid boss. However, all of the pokemon are “Maxed out” and not many of us have maxed out pokemon. So what is actually better is tough to say. Let me give you a simple example of two pokemon that are the same type ( fighting) . I have a 2500cp lucario and a 3218cp conqkelder… Which one will do more damage faster? I dont really care about total damage output. Does cp play a facter into damage per second?

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i have 1500 but i only used coins earned by gyms so im pretty ok with that … will slowly upgrade if i need it
I think poke storage is way more important. Comm days when you are grinding, you want as much extra space as possible. Then to hold onto them until double transfer candy…
it should be 60 to 75 slots for 200. Very greedy. For me – I wait for the prefect PVP IVs so i can hold on to the right items for a long time. That said I think TMs and evo items shouldn’t count against space.
I have a question on which items take up space and which don’t…. I mean I have the total storage of 1000 for the bag and when I have calculated the items that I felt like taking up space have come down to 1031 but I have got only 991 out of 1000…. Please help me out to understand….
Not related but how do you record yourself and play at the same time and also have a free hand to move around?
Can we have a third person view of you while doing it? You generally do it while spotlight hours too where you broadcast live and play at the same time. Just asked out of curiosity.
hey so i have a question/problem my pokemon storage doesnt show up only shows the eggs and doesnt show tags either… does anyone know how to fix this cause i dont see anything online
On a different related topic. I completely forgot how beautiful Canada is. I’ve been to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Ottawa just went on my check list
I have 400 space only 😂

Because I Am a returning player from 2016
And there is a bug because of which I can’t do gym battles

The BUG – When I go to a Gym
When I battle the ‘ attack button ‘
Doesn’t come and my and the opponent’s
Pokemon keep staring at each other
When I restart the game 2 – 3 times then only I get the attack button
( And you have to defeat a Trainer 3 times to leave your Pokemon at the GYM )

And I can’t also wait that long outside my house to get the coins

in my opinion investing in pokemon storage is better. yoy dont really need 300 pokeballs etc. in your bag when you can just spin stops as you play. with a lot of pokemon storage you have more space to collect pokemon (shinies, rares, dex entries, raid and pvp mons, etc.). the game is about collecting pokemon, not pokeballs, so for me i found pokemon storage a better investment.

ofcourse, different players different preferations 😉

im a “free to play” player as in i haven’t spent any of my own real money but i’ve grinding lots and lots of those online surveys to get gift cards – so as a result, i’ve put over $200 into this game, and i focused on upgrading my storage and item bag first 🙂
Actually 120 dollars for that much space is not a lot, i will try to reach 2k items with free coins but might buy a pack or two if i need more space
Me managing my item back
Gets rid of all pinap berries first
2nd would be using or getting rid of all basic 20hp potions
3rd id getting rid of razz berries
And last is pokeballs
Niantic should just up the bag upgrade plus Pokémon storage upgrade to 100 instead of 50 for a cost of 200 coins they are stretching it
I just paid like $200 to max out my storage. I also quit playing shortly after cause there was nothing to work towards to. Every time you raid a pokemon it’s basically $1 for 3 candy
Never spend even one cent on storage. Start to play Pokémon Go on February 2nd. Level 39 now. 500 Pokémon storage. 1000 items storage.
Honestly if you have time to do these survey apps you are better off just…working. Pays better for your time and your info isn’t flying around being sold to other countries 😂
I have four pokemon in gyms near me for days now 🥺 I might have to make another account just to knock myself out of these gyms
i play Pokémon go and got a ditto today I’m so happy i also defeated Giovanni with Dragonite with draco meteor excadrill with rock throw and breloom with a attack that charges up fast and got the sweet moltres but also can the legend respond .
Galarian slowpoke evolve with a special item in sword so tehets the rison way meket a special evolution and for galarien slowking will be more then theat so be preper.

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