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I use a Pokeball Plus and there’s no action needed if spinning a stop. When I go for my walks/runs, I connect the ball, then carry it in my pocket. It spins all the stops along my route without pressing anything.

The instructions that come with the Gotcha Evolve don’t tell you this, but you can actually remove the other side of the strap also and then you can put the device in a holder. There are carabiner slipcase holders for it like the ones for the standard Gotcha. It protects the USB end and keeps you from potentially breaking it taking the watch strap off all the time.

Detailed explanation | BEST AUTO-CATCHER in POKEMON GO? Every Auto-Catcher Reviewed, Compared & Tested | ULTIMATE GUIDE!

Hey guys just thought I would add a little insight for the gacha evolved since I have one, the step counter isn’t very accurate but it seems to consistently add more steps and I believe that that applies to the game as well so that it helps you hatch eggs faster. Just my thoughts this is not confirmed but something to think about.

Just wanted to add that on the original GO-TCHA, you don’t want all 3 of the first icons ticked. The one with the question mark means “autocatch new Pokemon ONLY” – i.e. it will ignore, and not catch, 99.99% of your encounters.

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I’m just passing through but I wanted to say that I greatly appreciate the time you put into your description… With all of the timestamps and links, you’ve really made it user friendly.
Definitely went for the pokeball plus myself. It does auto spin stops regardless of whether or not the button is being pressed. Will probably move on to the gotcha. Does it allow you to pull off dual catching like the pokeball? That’s been amazing for com days.
Few things on the pokeball plus: you can get it to auto spin by having a Pokémon in it from let’s go, the connection is great if it has been reset after pairing with one phone before pairing with another and you can turn the sound on and off by holding both buttons at the same time plus you can put something on the button to have it auto throw balls. I’ve noticed it does have a better connection than the Pokémon go plus.
Pokeball plus and the gotcha evolve seem to be the best ones. Personally I use the pokeball plus going on walks and it works well. I also have Pokémon sword and what that means is that I can take Pokémon from the game to the pokeball plus, which makes the walk funner since you can walk with another Pokémon. The gotcha evolve is something I wanna get because you can catch new Pokémon and ignore the Pokémon you already have, which is cool 😎
I ended up going with the Go-tcha Evolve. And I am extremely happy with it! Thanks again for the help.
you can tell you put a lot of effort into it and it really turned out great! Thank you so much for all the time you’ve invested into testing this stuff for others. Just one question, can you connect both a gotcha evolve + an egg catchmon at the same time to the same device? The fact the dual catchmon actually showed up twice on your phone made me really curious.
The Pokeball plus can be muted if you click both buttons once and it will vibrate once when muted and twice when unmuted. It can also auto-spin pokéstops if you have a buddy inside of it from Pokémon Let’s Go. I don’t know if having a buddy inside auto catches pokémon, but it certainly does auto-spin pokéstops.
I honestly think that the pokeball plus is the best because it comes with a free mew that you can redeem to Let’s go eevee, let’s go pikachu and sword and shield. Although you can redeem it in 1 game only, it is still convenient. The manual method is fun and it brings back the feel of actually like going to a gym to do a raid when remote raid passes weren’t released.
One that was left out if this video that I would mention is the Gotcha Ranger. It’s functionally the same as the normal Gotcha from this video just with some added quality of life improvements. It has a (bad) compass and flashlight, and also can be recharged without a dedicated cable like the first Gotcha bracelet, but it can also charge your phone in a pinch as well. One time I was doing a Giratina raid outside and my phone was dying at the time, I remembered the Ranger has that capability so I stuck the charger in at 1% and ended up with a shiny I would have otherwise missed out on, super clutch! I also find it stays charged considerably longer than the standalone “Gotcha bean”, most likely due to the extra battery built into it. Other than that this video was very insightful as an experienced player to learn the pros and cons of the other options out there!
Much prefer my dual catchmon to my Gotcha which I no longer use. Works straight out the box and is much simpler to use. Catches as fast as I can walk and I have double the chance of catching due to using 2 phones. A beep alerts me immediately to any interruption issues. I get many more shinies than when I have used the Gotcha.
The original Go-tcha also has an app where you can manage settings via your phone instead of through the watch face and the Go-tcha Ranger is probably the best option of the whole lineup that you missed entirely.
I agree with your assessment on devices except your preferred device. I have used gotcha’s and the dual catchmon. The connectivity issues on the gotcha’s can be a major problem. I prefer the catchmon because it connects so easily. I feel with all of these devices. You are only looking at 40 percent catch rate which is terrible. I hope the next generation of devices improves on this.
So I’ve been using that gotcha evolve for a while now and I thought I just share my opinions on it, if you’re still on the fence on deciding whether to buy it or not
1) It’s catch rate is HORRIBLE. I have to stress this, I’ve done spotlight hours with my main only shiny checking and my alt on a gatcha and after comparing the seen to caught, less than 50% were actually caught
2) (related to point 1) Shiny Pokémon will run away if your gatcha fails to catch the Pokémon and as mentioned in point 1, it’s really bad at catching.
3) Connectivity seems fine if it’s battery bar is 3 and above, but when it drops to 2, you can expect it to constantly disconnect.
4) (related to point 3) You gatcha has to be close by to your phone, it connectivity range is pretty short. I mostly just leave it in the back pocket of my pants and it’s fine but if you walk just slightly away from it, there’s a good chance it will disconnect.
5) It will ALWAYS prioritize Pokémon over pokestop. If there’s a wild Pokémon next to a pokestop, it will catch the Pokémon before spinning the pokestop. This also means that if you set it to only auto spin pokestops and to not catch wild Pokémon, it will be stuck on “trying” to catch any wild Pokémon instead of spinning the pokestop, it will only spin the pokestop if there are no wild Pokémon’s around you.
6) It seems to have a wider range than your player’s circle. It will lock on and catch Pokémon that you physically cannot see in game because it’s out of your player’s circle. This additional range however is extremely limited.

My recommendations to buy or not.
The 2 main reason I can think of to justify buying it is
1) you have multiple accounts and just leave your alt on and have an auto catcher catch whatever it can (especially useful during community day and spotlight hour)
2) you are constantly encountering a ton of Pokémon but don’t have the time to catch them. (Maybe you work at a hot spot for Pokémon spawn or you are constantly traveling in vehicles that aren’t going very fast, such as buses.)
DO NOT get an auto catcher if you’re going to use it for shiny hunting purposes or just to catch that few spawns that spawn by you every half an hour or so.

I can’t believe some people complain about catch rates. Auto catchers throw the equivalent of a pokeball with no curve ball, berry or good throw bonuses. Basic odds. If you want better, hand catch. It wouldn’t be fair any other way. Use an auto catcher when you can’t hand catch. That way, each mon caught and all XP and dust are bonuses.
That finger loop would definitely keep me from throwing my pokeball plus on accident because I always want to throw a physical pokeball for some reason!🤣🤣🤣 I’m probably going to go with that one. A previous comment said she didn’t have to push anything to spin stops or gyms but I’m pretty sure the catcher is manual-ish meaning you have to interact with it. You could probably use the strap and ring to make the ball an auto catcher and spinner and whatnot. I Love the Go plus because of the clip! I clip everything to my pockets and belt loops. I would love to have a good functional catcher, spinner, etc. that does whatever without doing anything. I may go with the gotcha evolve cause that’s sleek AF!! It has all kinds of features too! I like the gotcha evolve because of the bracelet with it. Does it show the time like a watch? I love the pedometer.
I had the go plus since it’s launch, and about 2 weeks ago, I finally bought a gotcha to try it out. I will say after having used the 2, I definitely prefer the gotcha. The auto catch feature where you don’t have to push the button is actually a god send.

I usually take about 2 days loading up on red balls, then when I have around 400 (which you will get if you go out and do day to day things, because your gotcha will be spinning stops for you) I turn the gotcha into catch mode, and let it go wild. Very often after a full day of being out and about, I’ll check my game at the end of the day, and I will have a shiny that my gotcha caught. Of course that mathematically means your auto catcher probably loses more shinies, than it catches since it only throws 1 ball.

But overall I think the gotcha is definitely superior, the auto catching, auto spinning, and the feature to turn off vibration is very nice too, so many times I’ve had my go plus going off in the car, and someone goes “what is that buzzing noise.”

One last thing, since the gotcha will automatically spin stops, and the go plus you have to manually click it to start the spinning process, the gotcha is more often likely to spin a stop for you, if you’re driving at a slower speed, because it can automatically fire off, whereas the go plus has to buzz first, and then react to your command to spin, and by that time you’ve probably went out of range.

Just some overall input from someone that has had both the go plus, and now very recently the gotcha.

I’m almost positive I’m going with the newest poke ball plus plus but I may also go with the gotcha evolve. I actually like the charging port but I wish it had metal construction because that’s the biggest downfall of the device. Make that stronger and you’ve got a winner!! I like the look of the hatch/incubator auto but it’s too much. I’d go for the disc version of that one. I’m probably gonna start with the pokeball plus+ and see what’s up for my needs because I only really do this on community days cause shinies and hundos and everything because I didn’t catch one shiny Pokémon during Go Fest this month and I’m passed about it. I raided Axew at least 100 times and I have like 5 friends with a shiny Haxorus but no shiny for me at all of any kind. The best thing I got during go fest was a hatched hundo Poliwag. I like the tripleA batteries as they are able to be replaced fast and not have to sit and charge. The disc is great! I can connect with my roommate and we can both use it because we go out on com days together! That’s a cool feature! It’s got a lanyard hole too so I can carry it anywhere! That dual catch-mon! I’ll probably go with the pokeball plus but that dual catch mon and the gotcha evolve aside from the charging port. If they make it metal then I’ll get it but it’s probably the gotcha evolve because of all the features and I can be careful with the port. I’m going Gotcha evolve, for sure after your suggestions. I would get the dual but then my roommate would have to push the other button to do anything and that would be annoying. Definitely gonna grab the Gotcha evolve because of the pedometer and the watch feature as well as all the options in the menu. I need that metal USB plug though that would make it so much better!!!
Something about the Pokemon plus that I feel like you completely missed, if there’s a Pokemon in the ball from another game, it will auto spin pokestops. You still have to manually catch pokemon, but I prefer that anyways. I really was hoping the duomon would be better but tbh it’s not as good as what I’ve already got, which is a PokeBall plus with my shiny pumpkaboo in it to help me out
I have a pokeball plus and I love that I can manually catch, for shiny and rough IV checks with CalcyIV and the autspinning is nice when driving slow (20-25 mph) but the connectivity sucks but I am willing to suffer with more connectivity issues to have a Gotcha that will SPIN EVERYTHING and just alternate which one I need at the time. Now if there was good connection and speed I’d spend more on that lol. Especially with double phones.
I got the cinese one that looks like a square pokeball. This one is epic, cause it has a hardware switch for “manual/auto” mode. So if you see a pokemon u wana catch, or you approach an arena you want to clear before spinning the disc (for more items), then you quickly hit the switch, to stop auto mode. On all other auto devices the stop is long spun before you change the settings. Only turning off bluetooth completely is fast enough.
There is a way to mute the Pokeball plus but the vibration is still active. All you have to do is hit both the joystick in and the top button at the same time and you won’t hear the cry of the pokemon you’re walking. Also, it does auto spin stops, you just need to take a buddy out for a stroll from the Let’s Go games.
You can turn the sound off on the Pokeball Plus by pushing the top button and the joystick button at the same time. I think. I always just keep pushing the buttons until it turns off. And it’ll auto spin stops if there’s a mon in the ball.
I own a Gotcha Ranger. Pretty old model and I don’t think it’s as popular as the rest, but it’s basically like the original Gotcha, except that it’s also a mini power bank and a flashlight. No issues with it initially, but later PoGo updates really make the disconnection issues worse.
The way to charge the gatcha evolve isnt a downfall, its the second biggest positive about it, behind the app. The usb section doesnt break off that easily and it doesnt slide out of a port easily either. It is pretty easy to pull the band off and when you slide it into a port it clips in nicely and stays plugged in easily. Ive had mine since they first came out and the usb part has never been anywhere near breaking off, its pretty durable.
I’ve used the Go Plus (I think it was a Chinese knockoff), the Gotcha Evolve and the pokeball plus. I love the evolve. I like using the pokeball plus as well but I would prefer not to use it sometimes due to the fact that I use it for the let’s go games. I would love to buy another pokeball plus but the prices have shot up ridiculously for some reason unfortunately. I hope niantic doesn’t ban anyone using the “unofficial” auto catchers especially since finding a go plus/pokeball plus at MSRP is impossible.
That was fantastic. Very detailed. I have all of them except the catchemon egg.
I love the original Gotcha & Duel Catchemon. Find they have the best connection. I hate the Gotcha Evolve. I broke one of the straps off as tried to take off the wrong one to charge. Find that USB plug yes gets loose sometimes. Also I find the evolve won’t activate on screen if it disconnects. It’s like it’s frozen or something. Have nearly thrown it (have ordered another Gotcha Evolve that is branded with Trainer Club & it’s duel too but it hasn’t arrived). Oh the original Gotcha would charge properly til a friend drilled a little dent in end of the two prongs.
I’ve had the Gotcha Evolve since 2020 and it’s still trucking. Left the game for a little over a year due to issues I had with Niantic, but when I came back to the game, the Gotcha was still working and even had a tiny bit of a charge left, which surprised me, honestly. I use it while both walking and driving and it’s great. My only gripe with it, outside of the connection issues, as you mentioned, is the straps. Using it like a watch was the most uncomfortable experience I’d had in a long time. I decided to go with a leather carrying case, which I’m getting today as of this post, and it should be an improvement. Until then, however, I simply removed the strap with the USB connection and cut the other strap down to the last hole on it to hook it onto a lanyard. Not the best option because when the screen lands on my shirt, it tends to act as if I’m pressing it and messes with the catch settings half the time. Hopefully this new case should remedy that issue. Either way, I also highly recommend the Gotcha Evolve, even to this day.
You can actually mute the sound and the vibration on the Pokéball plus ^^ also The Pokéball plus spins and catches automatically as long as there is a Pokémon in the ball In every Pokéball plus there is a mew out of the box for transferring to the Let’s Go Game Series and your friend already transferred it to his/her game I actually leave mine in the ball because I don’t own any let’s go game because I only bought one for PoGo
Going to upgrade to the egg for the convenience as it runs on double AA batteries. I can make that thing go a full month, but I have heard this thing has one of the best connections. And when it times out, you dont have to tap the Pokeball icon on your phone, just tap the egg, and it re auto-syncs back to the device!
I use the regular Gotcha, disonnects every hour and must be reconnected, but otherwise it is extremely useful for being out in public with friends and while not having to concentrate on Pokémon go, I have mine running while im on campus at uni all the time and have even caught a shundo from it. Hey some free afk checks are better than no checks
I first bought the Gotcha evolved, and it was My worst purchase ever. Disconnected every 20 seconds,watched many videos and found out that many others also had the same problem. I then asked reddit what auto catchers they recommend, someone recommended me a Brook auto catcher which is the same as the gotcha & I love it , Just beware of your purchases because not every item is perfect
Just got a Poke Ball Plus today. Had to order the Japanese version from eBay because it’s out of stock everywhere in NA and the prices on Amazon are 3-4x higher than retail. I chose the Poke Ball because of the use in Let’s Go and potentially other Switch Pokémon games (plus the free Mew in the ball). First impressions is that the catch rate doesn’t seem that great so it’s definitely not a replacement for me catching. I’m thinking of it as more of a supplement for times when I can’t play but there’s an event. It can also be slow to lock on so something spawning by incense might be gone before it notices it. Also might try it out for below freezing days when I’m walking the dog. Overall I’m glad I got it but it’s really only worth retail price- don’t pay the super inflated prices if it’s out of stock.
I could spin a Pokestop with the Gotcha Evolve at 80 km/h, obviously while someone else was driving. I hate the charger, but there’s a cluster at my office and I drive by several pokestops and gyms while commuting, so now I get the items and lots of Pokémon and experience.
I just went to set up my Pokémon go plus. I have the poke all too. I find with the poke all it locks onto a Pokémon or a stop refreshes then connects. So if your in the car or if you run really fast you miss a bit.
I have the Gotcha evolve, the biggest issues are disconnecting and not realizing it every 20-30 mins, and I feel like I’m going to snap it every time I charge it..but haven’t yet at least.
I do wish they’d revisit this to allow one or two others that have other appearances at least. Just so people can enjoy more if they want something different. Or even revamp their watch apps.
I love the egg one, I have a gotcha evolve and it’s constantly disconnecting and won’t reconnect easily without messing with airplane and Bluetooth modes. Being able to toss it in my backpack would be GREAT
I own the original go plus
The pokeball
And the egg
I would say the og is the most compact but doesn’t allow for automatic, this was before we knew you could hold down the button and people would open it up and bypass the button.
The ball is nice for recharging, and automatically comes with mew inside
This is important, do you need a Pokémon in the pokeball to auto spin, it doesn’t have to be mew. You can change it in let’s go or sword and shield.
And lastly the egg, I would say the egg is the most convenient, replacing the battery’s in a pinch, I would recommend rechargeables since you change them about once a month or right before cd day
I don’t think you can get banned cuz all the catchers do is press the buttons for you, they use the same software as the officially licensed catchers so Niantic can’t tell them apart
I bought a go plus that can be recharge with type c and also can be auto catch with or without pressing the button.
I don’t know why none of the YouTuber have talk about that but I definitely love it.
Just started playing GO after registering an account on launch day (lol). Decided to actually play when I learned you can move the Pokemon to actual pokemon games, which is such a good idea. Just ordered a go-tcha evolve since I get most of my stops while driving. Managed to get it for 30 bucks so it wasn’t too bad. Looking forward to it.
Pokeball plus can Auto spin pokestop with the included mew inside
It could be exchanged on let’s go editions with other pokemon
If you don’t have it inside, it was a return and someone stole the mew without replacing it by something else
So you don’t get auto spin active
Also you can turn of the sound of pokeball, except for the pokemon inside the ball, which really rare asks for attention which gets counted in let’s go Edition
If you have pokéball plus I recommand using the mew inside for pokémon sword/shield that way you can have mew in sword and walk with your pokemon and receive the pokéball magearna if you register that mew in home together with all first 151 pokémon
you can too silence the pokeball + and remove vibrations, simply press steering stick to acctivate it, push stick down and press the red button on top and it removes sound and vibration
If you transfer a Pokémon into the pokeball plus from let’s go pikachu or eevee it auto spins the poke stops for you, indicated by a multicolour light. No button press needed.
I have bought many gotcha evolves and I used them for 5 weeks. I used unloads then it broke then I bought a new one and I continued that cycle. After spending too much money I bought a duel catchmon and I’ve had it for 7 months and never had a problem.
If you play Sword and Shield, you can connect the Pokeball Plus to your switch and put a buddy in the Pokeball Plus. What that does is get you rare candies for Sword and Shield. A nice little bonus if you play both the mainline games and PoGo.
I bought the regular Gotcha but the connections are way more than “a bit” imo. I bought it from GameStop so I would assume it’s legit. My wife got the Go Plus cuz she plans on getting Let’s Go Pikachu. It seems to stays connected far more reliably.
“It will only throw the red poke’balls..” (It will only throw the lowest chance, one each) THANK YOU! That is important!
It means that these ‘gotcha’ devices are only really useful for effective EXP farming and item farming. It means that this is the worst way to gather high value poke’mon like shinies(as confirmed by other YT PoGo players this month).
I’ve been planning on snagging a Gotcha in time for Go Fest next month.
I’m thinking of going for the classic over evolve cause knowing myself, I’ll definitely tear the usb port in a matter of weeks.
Only problem is that I’ve never bought anything online. I’m thinking of buying from Amazon Canada and to have it shipped to Europe. Should I go for it? Is it trustworthy and safe?
I had the Pokémon go plus but then got the original gotcha because it would auto catch. The connection was so terrible it’s spent most of the time in my drawer. I’m currently using the poke ball plus because it came with my switch and the connection is so much more stable but the vibration drives me nuts. Going to try a catchmon next I guess 😂
You don’t talk about the functionallity with Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. BUT it does add an important feature.
In the games you can have a Pokemon insert the Pokeball + and walk irl with them. if a pokeball + is connected to a pokemon Go device whilst a Pokemon resides inside the ball, the pokemon spins the pokestops for you, ergo it does not require you to take an action. You still have to press the button if you want to catch a pokemon though.
I might switch to Dual Catchmon, I use 6 Phones and 6 Gotchas but because of disconnects it would be nice to use 3 Dual Catchmon, I have really enjoyed the Speed of the Gotcha, but constant disconnects makes it impossible to walk so I just play Pokémon in Car and drive from stop to stop or to gyms.
Respectfully disagree in comparison of the Dual Catchmon to the Go-tcha. I have both, and the Dual Catchmon has been much faster than the Go-tcha. I spin more, and definitely I catch more (far more successful catches than the Go-tcha). Agree with stability – the Catchmon is rock-solid.
People probably already commented it over and over since the video went up but here’s a few things about the Pokeball Plus:
-it was originally part of one of the offerings for the Let’s Go games in the Switch, so it is actually a Joy-con with secondary function as a Pokémon carry ball and Go accessory. So saying it was made for Go is a bit…
-for quite a while after it was released (about late 2018 mid 2019), it could auto catch pokemons and both catching and spinning had a slight bigger area than it is now (between 10 to 15 meters further than now).
-it stays connected and active while Go is running in the background and should stay active for auto spins for around 40 minutes to an hour, after that the session ends and you need to pair it again.
-bring a joy-con, the battery is quite efficient to run it’s functions so you should honestly only need to recharge every once or twice a week at most even if you go catching pokemons with it.
I use the Gotcha since 2 years now, it shattered open a year ago, and still works (the plastic front plate went off). I have to say one thing about it though..the charging cable is really fragile, after the first month begun to have some issue and to charge all the way up the device became so difficult. The cable needs to be at a certain angle and sometimes the charging dots do not make contacts and after a night in charge the battery is dead in a few hours.
i want to clarify about the so called connections issue of the cotcha evolved, i have mine for about a year now and i may have had an “issue” maby 4-5times. but those times were, i believe my fault due to having the device in my pocket and having also my hands in the same pocket, so i think it was my fault and i started paying attention to it and it never happend again.
I use the original Gotcha and I made it a habit to recharge it every 2 days, because on the 3rd or 4th day, it would die while I doing my hour walk. The battery really doesn’t last that long. I use the vibration, maybe that’s the reason. I use vibrate just so I know if I am still connected (while driving or jogging) – it doesn’t vibrate = it’s disconnected.
Throwing my Go Plus in the garbage right now. I do want something that actually catches the pokemon and the speed is important. The fact that it catches up to 50KM as well is cool since the go plus doesn’t seem to catch anything above like 20-30km.
I’ve got gotcha, pokeball plus and the pokemon go plus.
The gotcha stay connected 60 to 70 minutes most of the time
Pokeball and go plus connect for 50 to 70 minutes and are little quicker in catching and spinning
With the pokeball if you have the pokemon games on switch got rewards back
The autocatchers run through pokeballs like crazy. Rural players be warned, you might need to drop a lot of cash to keep up with catching pokemon. City players have it easier as pokestops are a dime a dozen. I play rural but every now and then i go to Los Angeles and ill get around 350 pokeball in 4 hours just from auto spinning pokestops.
Pokeball Plus User here. Great for auto-spins for Stops and with the rubber-band trick you cand auto-catch.
But i tap on all Pokemon for Shiny Check before Using it manual.
Be aware that you have to be in the overworld to get this working. PBP wont reconize a new Pokemon when u still try to catch one.

Edit: You have to put a Pokemon from Lets GO into PKP for auto-spin

I remember a couple years ago , at the height of pokemon go popularity, when my neighbors (twins 1 year older than me) got the pokemon go plus and we all thought it was the coolest thing EVER, it was so lit! Man I miss those days, we would go to the park and play the community days every month. We all quit a year ago, and I just redownloaded for all the nostalgia. Good times, wish I could just go back 😔
I have bought yelow go plus on alliexpress and its perfect. At fist i thought that it is broken becaus it had no vbration, but after i conected it i have realized that it is auto catching and spinning for only 16eur. Battery lasts longer and no vibration.
The PokeBall Plus is compatible with Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu and Sword/Shield. Yes you can catch Pokémon by pressing the top button but if you want it to spin PokeStops, you need a Pokémon inside the PokeBall by connecting the PokeBall to the Let’s Go games and S/S and choosing your Pokémon of choice. If you return the Pokémon to the game you connected first, you will receive rewards based on the Pokémon Go activity!! Also, there’s a pin hole by the charging port to reset the Ball if you need it. But if you reset, you will delete the Pokémon inside.
I know that you can’t turn the vibration off on the pokeball plus but can u minimize the vibration like hanging it on your backpack or putting it on a pocket of the backpack and the phone in the hand assuming we put the paperclip and rubber bands on the pokeball plus. I can’t find good pricing for the Gotcha.
I have all of them and agree they gotcha is the best but the evolve disconnects 2x faster than the original, so much that I gave it away for free. I also found it worked faster than the original but still I’d rather it connect longer than catch faster…. The rest are trash
i love my gatcha evole. not the new one that are in gamestops now, the old one. the new one does the same thing but it has a much shorter battary life. the old one laster around 4 days and this one about 6 hours for an event or a whole day of letting it go as it does
The most problematic thing when you use this device is, you will only throw red pokè balls and if you already run out of red pokè balls it wont catch anymore.. like ive used the pokèball plus on gible community day and it literally disappointing as u want to restack up for pokeballs until your inventory is full. And another thing.. use of pokèball on auto catch the high level pokemon always run away.. overall “Fun factor : 6/10”
You said the pairing with a gotcha is glitchy sometimes. Is there the same problem with the normal go plus? I dont know wheather I should buy a gotcha or a Go plus and modificate it to an Auto catcher.
I use PokeBall plus there’s a better version that has a lithium battery and you’re able to charge it instead of replacing it with watch batteries all the time which is awesome just got it and the catchmon egg incubator one for my birthday and they work great. Hate that they don’t spin stops when I’m driving over 30 mph though. Will look into the evolve one lol nevermind just looked up kph to mph and 50 kph is 30 mph so I’m sticking with my beautiful pokekon go plus watch that is the updated lithium battery version it’s the best in my opinion it does everything you want it to do. I ran outta pokeballs so fast though 😂
I would recommend the pokeball plus if you are like me and also play main series games (if its new then you get mew in the let’s go games and in swsh you can walk with a pokemon and I think you can get mew there too but not sure tho, and it’s amazing, but if it’s not new you can still walk with pokemon in swsh you just cannot get mew because it needs to be an unclaimed code kind of pokeball plus so it has to be new for the mew benefit) the other pokemon official auto catcher does not have those benefits 🙂
If you’re still coming here for info to help you decide which one to get, I cannot vote against the normal Gotcha enough. I’m only looking around again as I had the old one and now I have the newer one and they were both awful. The app it comes with doesn’t work, the battery life is dreadful, the charging function is poor and worst of all, I can never get it to connect properly. I can waste 15 minutes trying and it still doesn’t connect.
I have been using pokemon go plus for 3 years now. The weird thing about my go plus is it always disconnect under strong light from the sun (maybe its not original). In early days i bought it, i only can use it in the morning and night. I solve the problem by putting my go plus in a glove. Last year, I also modified it. I turned off the vibration because its so annyoying. I try to make it auto catch but i failed because i dont have proper tools..

I consider to buy new one. Probably gotcha original, considering a lot of people said its the best

I used to mod Go+. My mod, I cut the vibration motor out and soldered that wire directly to the button. So when it senses a pokemon, instead of sending the signal to the motor it send it to the button counting as a press while also increasing battery life.

That said, the PokeBall+ is the best. It has the fastest speed which is the biggest factor. Rechargeable battery is always better. Period. Between saving tons of money to never having to have you device die when you charge it alongside your phone overnight. And it’s life it so long you may need to charge it once a week depending on how much you use it.

I have a few friends that have had gotchas. They are fast but have issues you didn’t mention. Along with the go+ being they are small they are easily lost. Friend lost hers in a drain. The gotchas (like the one in your video) can be damaged easily.

You made the connection issues sound much worse then they are for each device. Yes, you may have to attempt to pair a second time but usually once it’s paired you won’t have that issue again (maybe a little with the gotchas). If you are actively playing GO then you may even be carrying your device. If so, pressing a button once an hour really isn’t an issue.

When playing I have the ball+ in hand. I can drive normally with it too.

Side note, you forgot to mention that these devices can catch and spin while raiding which is huge!

I know this video is specifically for Pokemon GO, but just a side note that if you play the main series games on the Switch, your best bet is going to be the Poke Ball Plus because that is what it’s actually meant for, it’s features for Pokemon GO are secondary to the Switch features.
While you can buy rechargeable batteries (AAA), the extra cost to buy and hassle to remove and charge even if you have a spare isn’t worth it.
Being able to plug into your car or battery power pack that you already have out for your phone is so much better than having to carry more batteries and in case of the go plus a screw driver too.
It probably would not be that difficult to see which auto catcher your using, i imagine when the device is paired or linked to your account when using it has a device id they probably woulda already banned everyone if they really cared when it connected to the server in someway to auto catch auto spin its gotta be connected to the game right or you phone which is connected to the game
I bought a Pokemon Go Plus in October 2020, in December 2020 i mod with the auto catch mode ( Soldering the positive cable of Vibrator motor to the button of catch ) and since then i have in mi pocket all the time inside a leather case i made myself, and always traveling with 1 or 2 2032 Batterys and a small screwdriver so i can change the battery if i need too when im in the street, the battery without the vibrator take at leats 2 months to discharge
I love my Poke Ball plus I pair to my game and go for a 10 min drive and it spins all the stops for me and it fills my back back up, the others seem good too but I wont take the risk jus incase someone decides to go after those people that are using those 3rd party ones I don’t wanna get nailed with it, I’m sure they wont but I don’t feel comfortable taking that risk, I put mine on my keys which I wear around my neck so I feel it when its spinning totally love and mine is going on 3 or 4 yrs old and still works awesomely
I feel he didn’t do the Go-tcha line justice at all. It’s by far the best imo and all the hard core players in my area have them. Silent, doesn’t vibrate, set it and forget it once an hour, rechargeable (the instructions say to NOT pull the strap straight off, but on an angle), only charge it once every few days depending on use (Mine is basically constantly on because I live on a Pokéstop) and it’s way more convenient to turn catching/spinning on/off from the watch face than having to go into the apps settings imo. I had the original Go-tcha for a few years before it died, then got the Go-tcha Evolve and love it even more. There are other options in the Go-tcha line up that he didn’t mention at all too.
Does anyone have a good understanding on the these gadgets and could answer my question? So I got a Pokemon Go plus, but instead to be a vibrating one, it is completely silent, and it catches pokemons automatically (I dont have to press on the button). It looks exactly like the one in the video (the Pokemon Go Plus), so I am wondering what is going on. And I just got this device, so I am not sure if I didnt get catch enough pokemons with it or something, but I caught 1500 pokemons with in in past 2 days, and none on them are shiny, there should be a shiny if the rate is 1/500. Is the shiny rate of using Pokemon Go Plus lower than usual, or is it that I am extremely unlucky
So much emphasis on the official Niantic products and not cheating. lol I think they wont ban ppl for using the other products because according to the terms its cheating but its kind of not because its doing pretty much what Niantic’s devices are doing. Its just the principle of competition. Also if they did ban players they would have a big riot on there hands, again.
So the best auto catcher was not featured in this video.

The Gotcha Ranger is hands down the best. I own several of all variations, including the POS original gotcha. The Ranger lasts WEEKS using it everyday on one charge. The dual catchmon ide place second due to it taking batties but if you don’t have two devices to connect or don’t have someone that is going to connect too, you are paying for 2 gotchas for 1…..the Ranger beats them all, also very durable I’ve preferred these over every gotcha I own for 3 years now.

If you need more info I have specifics on every gotcha that’s come to the market. The evolve is neat, but will last about an hour after a few months of use…. Even out of the box it lasts 1 day on a full charge with vibration turned off… Ranger outclassed them all by a Longshot.

So I bought a Pokemon Go Plus online which I thought was the original but apparently it was not because it had a little modification in it that made it auto-catch similar to the trick where you put a rubber band on it to keep the button held, plus it had a switch so you can choose if you want the auto-catch feature or not.

edit: It is also rechargeable. Before watching this video I thought the original Pokemon go plus was rechargeable but apparently not.

Any chance you might update this to ad a disclaimer saying datels newest versions of the gotcha evolve do not have the clock, pedometer, or an actual application to let you update firmware past 1.0.0 (the newer cheaper quality version does not have a blinking light and if you hold the touch sensor it will display 1.0.0) dont bother installing the web based app because it does not let you connect to it and pokemon go at the same time and it only does what you can already do through the device. In my case i got it for about 60usd on amazon falsly advertising the pedometer and clock as features and all the videos like this hyping it up and tqlking about all the cool features. I am posting this without having actually finished the video so i dont know if you tqg something on at the end about it but i wanted to comment at this point because i imagine a fair amount of people like myself would get here and think “a watch? Heck yeah that does all the things i want” and then not bother to continue. There is a lot of misinformation or outdated information about it and itsnot really much better than the original Go-tcha as i understand it. If thats something you would be able to update that would be super chill of you and help a lot of people out i imagine. Thanks for the video and any consideration you might give to my request. Also wondering, do you need to own a switch to use the pokeball plus? I burned through a brand new battery in my go plus in a day.
Ok so I think the reason why the unofficial catchers won’t get you banned is because it is hardware not software.
Hardware is physical equipment like the catchers or the phone itself, and software is a program on the phone that fakes your location or does what a catcher does.
Idk in tos terms technically in their own words it isn’t cheating.
I recently purchased a Gotcha, and it was horrible. Charging issues(you have to find the most ridiculous ways to keep it firm, so it’ll charge) and disconnects like hell.

So I then purchased a Brook Auto Catch + and it’s been fantastic so far. Some connectivity issues but nothing like the Gotcha. Definitely usable with great success imo. Thanks for the video! Greetings from the K-W region.


All these devices work if your screen is off or closed but the app needs to be open in the background!

Also just want to mention I don’t discuss the GOTCHA RANGER in this video because it works exactly like the original gotcha just has a different case. I honestly don’t recommend it unless you like that it also works as a portable charger. I would say stick with the original gotcha as it’s size is more convenient.

I got a Gotcha and it has been very annoying. The update software isn’t even supported on my new phone IOS version, and my phone can not even connect to the Gotcha through bluetooth. But it work on my old phone perfectly fine which is tedious as that device is broken. Kinda wishing I went for a catch mon.
No comments in here about how the official devices are discontinued and the only ones that are available are resellers even on Amazon and a lot of reviews saying that they got ripped off because they claim they are selling as new but the mew in the poke ball plus has already been redeemed and they are selling them for triple the price because they are discontinued. The third party options are your best bet if you want an auto catcher. And is really your only option at this point if and when the Pokémon company or niantic decides to start making the first party devices again… this is the main reason I looked for a video for auto catchers thinking that someone would address this issue and help people trying to buy these
after owning two gotchas because first one decided to no longer charge because reasons?
it stopped charging completely on it’s original cable, but it would charge on the new cable and for a while the new gotcha didn’t charge on the old cable either.

however, after letting the old cable be on my drawer for half a year or so, suddenly the old cable does charge both old and new units.
but i have to say that the whole magnetic charger thing, is one of the things that i HATE the most on the thing.
i’m lucky to have one of those on/off switch usb strips on my computer, so i can very carefully se the gotcha on it’s charger and see that it is charging.
then remove my hand VERY carefully and then flick the usb port power off and back on and see if it starts to charge again.

that is the only way how i can get it to charge at all “reliably”.

and i didn’t even say anything about it’s 2/4h battery life, sometimes i can go home from those 3h community days with 3/4 bars of battery left.
when on the other days i barely get full 3 hours out of full battery on it.

that’s why i finally decided to order me a 2022 model of that dual catchamon device, even thou it is annoying to have to buy batteries, at least i has no issues lasting through all of htose long go tour and similar long events.

You didn’t research the Pokeball Plus nearly as much as you should’ve. Comments already mentioned that Auto-Spin is in fact a feature. But another thing, you CAN turn the sound off. The “off-on” switch is pressing the front and top button once, simultaneously. You also CAN turn vibration off, and that’s within the app settings.

So basically the Pokeball Plus does everything you said it can’t do except for auto-catching. And I hate auto-catching anyways because of the lowered catch rate for devices. In conclusion, it’s the best device, apparently.

i am using a poke ball plus which i got sacond hand for 50hkd (6.44 usd / 8.03 Canadian… pretty cheap)
it only has a 1 day battery life
i live in a down town area which means the poke ball plus is vibrating most of the time
maybe thats why it has shit battery life
it usually disconnect itself in 45-50 min (sometimes 30 min)
i hope this helps if you are considering getting one
I’ve actually owned and used at length the dual catchmon and the original gotcha. Catchmon will run forever on those batteries and is every bit as fast as the gotcha. The gotcha disconnects constantly due to weak Bluetooth strength. Dual catchmon is the way to go by far. Speed checks are made by the pogo app. Not the gotcha. Stating that someone else says it’s faster and not having any scientific evidence other than a fast motion video makes this child look like a clown. Do some research, it’s in the code of the game to do a speed check before allowing a stop to be spun.
Nooo not the evolve. The screen is sooo cheaply made. I know of three existing gotcha evolves one I owned. ALL 3 are out of commission due to the screens being garbage and breaking. Just it being in your pocket is enough to break it. Go with the original gotcha. It’s extremely reliable. AND IVE ACCIDENTALLY WASHED MINE MULTIPLE TIMES. It’s pretty much water proof. It’s the best device all around. EASILY.
Because you can use devices like these, I don’t think pokemon caught in pokemon go should be allowed in competitive. I don’t know why other people should have to catch theirs in-game when go players can just walk around. I don’t expect anybody to understand who hasn’t spent a long time catching pokemon to look for proper ivs. You won’t until you try it. When you realize how much time it takes, and how much faster this would be, you know how unfair this is
My electric scooter goes around 28km/h average and when i drive with it lets say 3 km it has catched 30-40 pokemons for me ^^ i got this stupid go-tcha classic which is my 2nd one and it also “broke” after one day of use. It only works if its plugged to charger cable.. even when not charging the cable has to be there and most of the times the screen just flashes and nothing happens. Since its my 2nd one im gonna get go-tcha evolved and try it out since most people are saying its the best thing to use (or ranger not decided yet but CLASSIC is totally carbage) : /
vaccinated, yay!! I can’t decide between the gotcha, egg or dual catchmon. I have a phone and another account on my ipad, does my ipad need to be running the app to connect? without wifi my second account wouldn’t be able to run the app but might be worth it if I am sitting at home. What is the time difference between gotcha evolve and catchmon for being able to spin and catch mon?
i have a samsung phone and instead of using 2 phones with a $100 dual catching device, i can run 2 pokemon go apps at once with 2 pokeball plus (or any combination of the single catching devices), one for each window, and still accomplish the same thing for much less… because 2 phones cost a lot, and that dual catcher is already more than twice the price of the others, so i only paid a quarter of that…

iphones dont have the capability to do so and i dont own a different brand of Android device to try, but all my Samsung’s since the S9 series (2018 and newer) have had the ability to run the same app in multiwindow, so you can set up a second account and play splitscreen

the one thing they really need to fix is the chargers… its one of the worst possible chargers in the history of chargers… ive allready had 2 of these chargers “go bad” so it isnt charging… i cannot for the life of me understand why these catchers all use the same type of chargers, the 2 dots side starts to glitch after some time, and then it basicly dies… im guessing its so they can sell more catchers, because i have not found one reseller of the chargers only…
PLEASE READ if you have a pokeball plus. i know how to make your button stay down.
you’ll need a coin from an elite trainer box thats used to show status. you’ll need 3x rubberbands. you can get a bag of like 200 rubberbands for .97 cents at Walmart. place the coin on the button. wrap the rubber bands like an x and then place the 3rd one to keep it in place. I have 2 accounts, I only use 1 phone. I use the gotcha regular bracelet to catch pokemon. but the pokeball plus is far superior at spinning stops when you turn off catch pokemon. when I have a few hundred item slots I turn off catch pokemon and fill up my storage very fast on both I drive one way. then I switch account. I drive back the other way. then I switch accounts and the stops are ready again then I go home with 2 accounts full of balls. then I trade for many many lucky pokemon. I hope this helps someone

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