This is another one. Be sure to get at least one buddy Pokemon to Great Buddy status to walk with during the event. A great buddy will have catch assist when you play. This helps with catching, and saves pokeballs. This is important for players with limited space for pokeballs. So be sure to concentrate on one buddy prior to the event, even if you’re not into the buddy system! And remember to walk with it as your buddy during the event just for the catch assist.

Detailed explanation | HOW to PREPARE for any *POKEMON GO EVENT*

You and The Trainer Club are my top two pokemon youtubers i watch the most. Yall are very helpful and consistent with your information. Thank you.

Another prep tip: Practice the quick catch method before the event. You can decide whether or not you will use it, but practice it before hand with your phone. Don’t wait to try to figure it out during the event. Also, if you can’t get the quick catch method for whatever reason, skip it. Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the game! (Actually this tip can be practice catching in general. Like practicing curved throws, etc. The better you are before the event, the more Pokemon you’ll catch.)

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In terms of transfering, I find it quite useful to have a tag called ‘transfer’. After very grind session I look through my caught mons and tag everything I don’t want to keep. It makes it a lot easier to transfer a lot at once, for example during double transfer candy spotlight hours, you just go into the tag, tap select all and transfer them very quickly 🙂
I highly enjoy your content man, videos are straight forward, well explained, and good video/ camera quality. Mans even added time stamps etc. This is dedication. You earned a sub buddy
You should be using your pokeballs strategically all the time, never mind events!
As always really helpful. I really like that you’re straight to the point and at the same time really thorough with every aspect of the subject.
Tips that you missed:

1. Stock up on free gym pokecoins
2. Check the weather in your area for the day of the event.

Couple questions for everyone (only coz I havent tested); do you get less stardust using a pokeball plus or auto catcher compared to hand catching because of the differences in stardust bonus ? And do you get the normal amount of candy when you have a mega evolved pokemon out or still get the 1 extra while auto catching?
Maybe you left it out on purpose. Walking (or raiding) a Mega Pokemon to make sure you have enough mega energy prior to an event, so you can mega evolve that Pokemon to get the extra candy for the same Pokemon typing.
I would take the pokeball tip with a grain of salt because the kind of balls you want to carry more of depends on how you play. If you are someone that relies heavily on an autocatcher then you would want to carry more pokeballs but if you dont use an autocatcher than you want more ultra and great balls.
Nanab berries do have a secondary effect that most people don’t know, and that is to prevent the Pokemon from fleeing. I don’t know if it’s just a decreased chance of fleeing, or if it prevents fleeing 100% of the time, but if you have something that you’re afraid that they’ll flee, then a Nanab berry might actually be more useful than a Razz berry. Golden Razz berry is definitely better, but that might actually make Nanab berries more useful than people give them credit for.
Is this a good way to preserve Pokémon storage too?: Search for the specific Pokémon you want to transfer, and keep the ones you want, while you transfer the ones you don’t want. Repeat this for the other Pokémon species.
This is just an additional tip for the most but important none the less.
Don’t do pokestop tasks before some event is goin to happen as event tasks are easy and give premium items like ultra balls, 500 Stardust and golden razzberry depends on the event and changes accordingly but if you’ve done the task before hand you won’t get the event task. This is for the areas with less pokestops
Nanab berries are the best for Lugia. At least for me! Usually a few tries with thy berry to get excellent throws every time.
Like you say, whatever the way you’re playing (free to play or real money), prep in advance is the key. Just like in the real life isn’t it?
I’m a free-to-play player, and should have around 2200 pokecoins for GO FEST (which will be my 1st one). Should I invest them in storage space(I’m currently at 1000 each), or buy remote passes to raid during the event ?
Something i do for this events is to save all the PokeCoins i get from gyms since the announcement, this way when the event start and i see whats is working the best or what i need the most while playing (space, raid passes or incenses) i get to buy it no problem
I have started to use tags to help me sort Pokemon storage out, I put all my Pokemon in a tag called all, separate them into groups (shiny, legendary .. ) to minimise scrolling in the all tag and to sort them later.
Then I delete or move the Pokemon to another tag (keep, trade mainly) and removing the all tag

When you update the all tag by selecting all catches again and tagging them in all, you can easily remove the all tag from all other tag groups that you already set up and carry on

When you are going threw your pokemon and clearing space best way to do it is when you click on the search to the left you will see “show more” click on it and scroll down to see all the different categories and towards the bottom they even have it grouped according to the stars so 1 star, 2 star ,3 stars and perfect so that’s a little easier then doing it the way he says I delete every no star and 1 star of any pokemon unless it’s my only one of said pokemon. Just a little hint to help 🙏
Maybe I just play different, but instead of dumping it in gyms, I have daily allowance of 60 berries for buddy boosting. Goes by really fast, but then again, 20 gold raz can replace that, but I don’t raid that much,
Here’s a tip. If you’re storage is full dump your pokeballs and great balls so you can get more ultra balls. 100 ultra balls is better than 50 ultra balls and 50 pokeballs
Your recited word for word how I already manage my berry storage (feed razz/nanap berries in gyms and stockpile pinap berries)
i really dont use berrys at all i just hit good excellent trows but sometime if the pokemon is too hard to catch i will use a golden rassberry. i have like 350 golden rassberrys and almost zero other berrys. most of the time i just transfer them
I have around 1000 for both poke and item storage and I should have around 2300 coins by gofest. I’m level 38. Should I spend most of that on lucky eggs for these next triple and 4x catch days?
i mean i rarely ever do raids as well and im sitting on 160 golden razz, i always throw all the nanabs and razz as well (sometimes i keep 1-3 of razz just to keep a buddy out there)
Instead of dumping the berry’s feed them to pokemon in gyms you get 30 stardust per berry and you can feed 10 berrys so thats 300 per pokemon in a gym a full gym is 1800 potential stardust
Most grocery stores or stores in general have prepaid cards that you can buy. Walmart, Walgreens, Rosauers, for example
Use lucky eggs for when you have a few friends 1 day from being best friends. Line a few up at the same time and use an egg….instead of getting 100kxp for becoming a best friend, you will get 200k xp
3000 item bag here, 2800 pokeballs regularly. I run my gotcha 16hours a day since I live in a downtown area between 6 stops an 2 gyms from where I sit at home for work.
Why don’t you just search for 0*, 1*, and 2*? If your collection is up to date, you just search for that and transfer all of those off your recent….
6:10 The closest town to me is about 4 miles away and only has 200 people. There have been lynx, moose, skunks, porcupine, wolves, etc in our back yard. It doesn’t much more rural than us. You NEVER stop catching pokemon. NO NO NO NO! Even in small towns, you can spin some stops. We drive 45 miles to a bigger town for shopping and we grind pokestops there. I don’t like to go home until I have 700+ balls. You NEVER stop catching. You miss out on stardust, and XP, shinies, and hundos.

“Ask your mom for a ride.” Dude, most Pokemon Go players are adults. Just sayin’. Where we play, it’s like 90% adults to 10% kids that play.

You should ALWAYS use an Incense for Spotlight Hour.
You should ALWAYS use a Lucky Egg for Spotlight Hour with double catch XP.
You should ALWAYS use a Star Piece for Spotlight Hour with a stardust bonus.

You can also do an app called mobile performance meter. It gives you points everyday. Once you hit 1k points u get $10 & you can apply it to a Google play gift card since I’m on Android. You can also do the daily surveys as many as you want or have time for. Not sure if it’s available for Apple or not though
I heard that we will be doing rotational habitats for Go Fest. Can someone please explain what exactly rotational Habitats is?
I have like 300 balls and if I wanted another 100 I would need to use most my pianap and like all healing… I max storage like every day I buy
When I started playing Pokemon go I’d no idea about the Stardust and incense and lucky egg. I thought those were useless and deleted it all 🥺😂 around 5-8 each.
Don’t Dump your berries ! If you dont have a gym nearby (Being a rural player) use your berries on your Buddy pokemon , it will give you 1x Heart for 3 Feed Berries , for a max of 3 a day.

Doing the calculations you will use 9 Berries for each buddy , being able to chnage your buddy 20 times , you will use 180 berries A DAY , helping not only your bad space but your goal to Best Buddy for Llv 41-51 Pkmn.

I’m “older”, been playing since 2016 when I drove around with my daughter, she was spinning pokestops on both of our phones, lol. We also took slow drives through cemeteries to hatch eggs.
My best trick to get 50 coins a day is to look for gyms with open slots at churches every MONDAY. Then put in a pokemon you don’t necessarily love. Often where I live, they stay till Wednesday at least. I try to get 10 in on Monday and then opportunistically fill spots whenever I can during the week. So far I have gotten a lot of coins this way!
Ok but whot about the potions and the revives i have 200+ max revives and max potions. I realy dont wont to transfer them cause they are not that easy to get but they take up a lot of my bag space. Help!
do i need money for community day now? i cameback yesterday to pokemon go, and when i played it community day was free, pls if somebody could answer my question i would be grateful.

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