Remember this Strategy is so unpractical 😂 Please use poffins you get from ar mapping or another excited buddy method

I think Niantic should remove the timer in the private lobby and the host hits a launch battle button. This way it makes it easier to invite friends and not worry about racing the clock. And of course you could switch it back to public once everyone is in the lobby to get other nearby players in the raid if you want.


The thing that always seems to get overlooked with the whole excited buddy thing is the half walking distance. I don’t care about getting them to best buddy status but by halfing the walking distance means you get candy more often and assuming you have them leveled up this also means getting an XL candy more often and if its a mega evolved pokemon, mega energy more often. I made my Gyarados my buddy and when excited that is 0.5km per candy/XL/energy. I had him to level 50 and maxed on energy in no time. Currently working on my hundo Snorlax.

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One tip to make things a little faster: work on best buddying before evolving as your Pokémon will have a lower CP and thus will be easier to be knocked out by the leaders/friends.
Been trying to best-buddy all my background buddies (12) for a month now and this’ll really help. Appreciate it buddy! 😀
Usually I get my buddy excited (using a Gyarados as my first best buddy) using the Scratch, Feed, Snapshot and Battle strategy before I leave my house for my daily hunt. So even if it isn’t excited right when I leave, I do some grunt battles and gyms then I get excited.

PS: I always put my buddy at last in the battle against the team leader so the leader can shot the charged move faster against my stronger Mon. Also for excite any Dragon buddy the best option is Blanche in Ultra League (if lass than 2.500 CP) because he uses Glaceon with Ice attack and not Suicune who can faint you slowly with bubbles D:

For the gym battle, you don’t need a full roster of 6, assuming you have 2 revives. Just create a team with just your buddy, get the buddy KO’d, revive, and repeat. At least, that’s how I get my 3 hearts.
some of us cant do AR quests and easly farm poffins so knowing that we can get a happy buddy without breaking our wallets is very good news indeed
While not practical, I didn’t know that battling a friend or grunt counted as a different battle. This has allowed me to cut my excited time down significantly. Thanks for the info
Can’t believe you thought about this yourself and successfully did it. Crazy. Niantic didn’t mean for this sorcery to happen!
I believe her name is said like “candle” = CANDela. And as for my BB pokemon, im working on all my hundos. Great video, I can see this working if you have the resources and time, but I mostly stick to my usual routine and from I have tested, GBL battles work.
I just Best Buddied my Lucky Sylveon very quickly because of your awesome tips! Best Buddying a shiny eevee at the moment to evolve a shiny Sylveon for my shiny eeveeloution collections
My best buddies are :-
1. Dragonite
2. Lucario
3. Shadow Mewtwo
4. Shiny Mewtwo
5. Machamp
6. Garchomp
I actually got a buddy excited without poffin and my friend refuse to believe i wasnt using poffin xD
I got a shiny Sableye in the Go Fest. IVs aren’t good, so I am looking for trade too.
For shinies, I prefer mirror trades, but if one is ready to give some shiny I badly want or don’t have, I can settle for that too.
Do you actually have to finish the battles or can you quit out for the points? I know for the hearts you can back out from the practice battles for those for sure
Does a single battle in a gym count towards 2 points? What if you’re battling a full gym, do you get 2 points for every Pokémon you battle?
Awesome strategy, but i think since you’re using an extra raid pass; it technically costs 100pokecoins. Buying a Poffin instead for 100coins would be lot efficient i guess😯
It’s possible to get it excited faster!
You didn’t walk with it
It would’ve earned points with it as well! 😂
My Togikiss obligated a shadow mewtwo in battle league earlier, it was gone before it could take a breath because of its ancient power boost. I’d happily give you a shiny Sableye if you had a Shiny Riolu.
I only battle leaders 3 times and then i always get my buddy exited in 30 minutes
it is Candela, with Can as in tin can, dela is as you say it.
Candela is the SI unit of Luminous Intensity.
Do people realise he spent all that time, effort and resources but for the price of one remote raid pass you can buy a poffin in the shop?
I have a LOT of pokemons I do to best buddy but now I Work on 11 pokemons but 3 of them most
SHADOW MACHAMP 15/15/14 98% Maxed LEVEL 50
GARCHOMP 15/15/15 100% Maxed level 50
Swinub 10 CP 15/15/15 100% Maxes for level 1… My meme Pokémon
My hundo Lucario is my buddy. He’s already best buddy but I’m walking him for XL candy.
I’m currently best buddying my shiny regirock… Dwayne “The Regirock” Johnson. I only have one other best buddy which is Mewtwo.
I am best buddying my Shiny Garchomp and Gyrados…After that I will be best buddying my Tyranitar and Pidgeot
I have a question someone please respond my question is it says feed treat if I just do 1 treat will it give me the two points or I have to feed it till it pops up on the map?
Why bother with pvp and raid? I do 1 practice with each leader works fine!
I’m a trainer from New Zealand so I get all updates first in the world even before aussie. I can add you to raid battles early!!
U dnt to finish the battle (gym, grunt TR Leader) just enter get a hit then out u get heart = EP
Do Not do AR mapping tasks, no matter the rewards. My community has lost multiple gyms from AT mapping tasks.
I’m best buddying my shiny thunderus because he is almost a shundo so the cp boost should make it a hundo right?
Mewtwo it has 299 hearts and i have got every heart today so i c
ant wait to make my first best buddy tomorrrow
My first shiny was 98iv shiny seabyley i can trade it for yuo in 4 heart
I have a shiny sableye which I don’t care about if you want 😛 XD
Idk How serious you are, but I have 3 extra shiny sableye to trade to anyone who wants one. Though I live in California
I have a shiny and live in Michigan I would be down to try to meet up for a trade if you wanted to add me

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