Catch a Bidoof -> Bidoof
Catch 3 Bidoof -> Bidoof
Catch 5 Bidoof -> 10 Pokeballs

1 Star -> Mankey, Galar Zigzagoon, Timbur, Croagunk, Tynamo, Bidoof
3 Star -> Galvantula, Breloom, Medicham, Poliwrath
5 Star -> Regigigas
Mega -> Mega Gyarados

Detailed explanation | GO FROM *LEVEL 1 TO 40* IN *48 HOURS* in POKEMON GO (cost $) BIDOOF EVENT DETAILS & TIPS | 4X XP

To everyone trying to get level 40, good luck! I hope your grind will be successful, along with full of hundo/shundo bidoofs!

Since the first two days are only 2x catch xp, I’m just gonna take the time to master Bidoof excellent throws lol

Aipom will also be on spotlight on June 29, during 4x catch XP, and we’ll have an hour of 2x stardust for catching pokemon

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Field research (the ones I’ve seen so far)(event)

1.Catch 1 bidoof – Bidoof encounter
2.Catch 3 bidoof – Bidoof encounter
3.Catch 5 bidoof – 10 pokeballs

From 1-40 you get 10 lucky eggs. The starter kit also has 3 more lucky eggs. If you save all your lucky eggs for 4x while playing normally during the 2-3x exp, I find it hard to believe someone won’t hit 40 during this event, especially if they’re in a poke stop dense area.
The bidoof event is more awesome than the 2 weeks of 3x catch xp that we had about a month ago.
I earned around 50 mil xp in those 2 weeks.
My goal for the bidoof event in total is to get 30 mil xp and I’m sure that I will hit the goal since I have already earned 10 mil xp in the past 3 days
10 XP for a curveball
100 XP for the pokemon being caught
1000 XP for excellent throw
1000 XP for the first catch of the day
(not sure if these are correct)

total=2120 XP

this can be doubled if you put on a lucky Egg or can get 8x the XP with the lucky egg and from the Bidoof event on June 29 till June 30th

Your welcome 🙂

The 3 times and 4 times catch XP are on my days off! Hopefully I can get to 40 from 38 😂
PLAY WITH A LUCKY EGG FOR AIPOM SPOTLIGHT HOUR! it will have the x4 bonus which is x8 with a lucky egg and since aipom spawns are boosted you looking good for xp. try to start learning to do excellent in AR mode because its an extra 200 xp per catch which becomes 200×8=1600xp extra per catch at around 11260 per excellent throw I’m pretty sure. with that much, its only 9 excellent for 100k xp, and if you do 2 per minute, that’s 100k within 5 minutes
I’m just gonna save my lucky eggs and wait for the actual easy event of spinning pokestops…… I plan to take very long trips through the month lol. These excellent throw nonsense events is so annoying. Hitting 1 excellent every minute isn’t gonna happen for me 🤣
It started for me already for me x2 xp. Bidoof is hard to excellent throw on tbh. Pokemon that are nearer is harder to throw on.
I actually did it I turned level 40 today,
I was level 39 when bidoof day ended and 27 when it started
I have only 1 lucky egg and I’m gonna use it for 4x catch exp since this event is all about getting exp and collecting shiny bidoof
Lol bro. If you’re hitting an excellent throw a minute you’re already past level 40. I’m a level 40 and I tried out of curiosity to see how many I could hit before my incense wore off and I only got 16. Granted I’ve only started trying to hit excellent throws recently but still I’ve got like 2 yrs worth of experience under my belt so I doubt we’re getting any noobs going from 1-40 😅. That’s a feat only Brandon Tan and a handful of others would be capable of achieving
I did It bro xDDD i just started a new acc and now im 40 with x2 eggs and excelent throws, its crazy the mount of exp of this event, 2 days 40 and in my main 40 in 4-5 years
my brother just started a new account in which he is currently at level 32, this event would be very helpful for him and i hope i can complete level 45 xp requirement
I hate that people are probably going to use this against low level rural and say “Oh, see, you can get to level 40 super easy, all you have to do is grind super hard during the bidoof event!” That being said, this may be worth driving 15 minutes and spending a few hours in my larger towns for a couple days to try and level up since I still need 10.6 mil until level 38
Just gonna use this event to finish off my lvl 40 grind. Does lvl 50 even matter? What do i gain from it? Seems like it isnt worth caring about xp past 40
I agree with this, And most of the people watching arent level 1’s il predict i need around 1.2-1.3k excellents cause i just hit lvl 34
What happens when I have so much xp but I didn’t finish the task to level up do I still keep the extra xp?
Isn’t catch exp on all pokemon or am I bugged?
Cause I am getting 2340xp on every through
It’s 2*exp boast right now
I’m in halfway to level 37 so I think after this event I’m already level 38 so I can nominate stops here!!! There’s no stop here even 1 so
How many will I have to hit excellent throws in I’m 40k away from level 34 and I really need to get to level 40 for xl candies during go fest raid day
I have been having this problem where when my Pokémon faints when it’s in a gym for 8 hours I don’t get the the Pokecoins this has happened like 5 times now and I feel kind of scammed. well anyways keep up the good work and have great rest of your day 🙂
Please let me know. I have been buying tons or raid passes attempting to get a shiny Gyarados from a raid. I am starting to believe it isn’t possible.
“maybe you aren’t good at excellent throws and only get 1 per minute”
haven’t hit a single excellent throw on bidoof
Getting to level 40 used to take about a year. Why are Niantic making it so it takes no effort?
I was quite proud to be level 50 but getting to level 50 is also so easy now with event after event with double, triple and quadruple xp bonuses 😀 Also all the ways to earn xp now that weren’t there before make is soooo easy. Then again level 50 has no benefits and gives no advantages at all so why should it be difficult to get there? There are no rewards as such 😀
If anyone spoofs. There’s an option called “enhance throw” it allows you to automatically register for “excellent” throws even if you get a “nice” throw. 😌
Haha yeah good luck with the shiny bidoof. I think the shiny rate encounter is like snorlax or possibly lower. Just plain stupid Niantic.
should have just done the math on 400 xp on spinning pokestops and catching pokemon normally. most new players are at least lv 15 and up…
I am so sad I just lost a Regigas it was my final raid pass and failed to catch it the 4th time in a row I hate my luck
Yeah and have the shitties pokemon collection with little to no dust, This is why I’m in favor of back in the day xp grinding before raids and best friends. You collected pidgeys, you loved pidgeys, you went home and popped a lucky egg on for 30 mins evolving those pidgeys. Nowadays you have level 40 I call losers that made it there but bring nothing to table as in help.
This event is at 10.00 and its 8.46 for me but I can’t update it. My phone is 1,5 Gigabyte and I have to keep necessary stuff.
Hey man I have done tons of mega Gyarados. An have 0 shinys. Is it possible to get a shiny by doing a mega Gyarados raid????
Should I grind XP, I am already level 40 is level 40+ worth it, plz tell me.
I already got my XL candies
My birthday is on 18th july and I am so happy by Pokemon Go’s this gift to me😀😀i really wanted all legendaries they gave me the best gift fir my birthday
I don‘t get it, it clearly says the 4x catch xp is from June 29th to June 30th, why do you keep saying its two days? 😂 its always 1 day and 1 day off isn‘t it?

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