I’ve been a reviewer for a while now and I’m so happy to help so many people get more pokestops in their local area, I feel like a superhero in my own right lol

I’ve conveniently just hit Level 38, so this is a new option I’ll have to consider.
Now if only I could get out enough to find good places to nominate.

Detailed explanation | FASTER *POKESTOP NOMINATION* PROCCESSING in POKEMON GO?! Beginners Guide to Niantic Wayfarer!

Hi, almost 15k reviews done here ^^ Thank you for emphasizing taking the test yourself and not cheating through it.

I’m not 100% sure if you’ve covered it but I would have mentioned the Wayfinder rating as well. The better your rating, the more your reviews affect the outcome of a nomination. The more you agree with other reviewers and Niantic’s pre-reviewed nominations, the better your rating gets. There’s also an ingame medal that you get points for if your rating is Good or Great.

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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Thank you for spreading awareness.
As an active reviewer i can confirm it works. I started as reviewer 10 months ago and so far got 75 new pokestops including 15 new gyms in my local area.
Viewers should know that not everything can be a unique POI. For example, you should not nominate a slide AND a swing set within the same playground. The playground is one POI. They are only separate POI if they are separated by a significant distance. Maybe there’s a playground and then 50 meters away, there’s some balance beam equipment – those may be legit different POI.
That’s good to hear. Hopefully we get some out here because right now there’s a couple of signs and a gym about 3 miles away and a good 45 minute drive to town where we can actually grind.
Thanks for your help! I recently got a pokestop approved next to my house. I wanted to mention I did fail the test twice and it actually just had me wait 30 minutes to take it again
What about residential area? It’s like eco-friendly estates, built with some cool eco stuff and re-using energy. Is it a good nomination?
If not, a postbox of a local musician can be a good nomination? 🙂
There might be a maximum amount of reviews you can do in a segment of time. For example I’ve reviewed 45 Pokéstops in an hour(ish) & was given a “cooldown” time of 12 hours. To candid and transparent I reviewed each one very carefully I’ve turned down 6 of the 45 of the submitted nomination Pokéstops for subtle clerical, Pokéstops’ location not being exactly where it’s posted on the maps, or errors &/or grammatical errors. Most nominations did very well with their submissions. I’ve even left notes for the nominations before submitting the review. Even with all that I’ve still been given a “cooldown” time of 12 hours. Even though a single account(level 37+ Pokémon Go account) can submit 40 nominations. You can only review so many in a day.
I wouldn’t make statements about how quickly you can earn upgrades or how upgraded submissions go through the process. Each area has bottlenecks that impact the timing of the process. Niantic prioritizes rural areas so they move faster than suburban and urban areas that already have a lot of submissions/POI.
Great guide!! Just got to level 38 and I’m using this as guide… I have a question if anyone can answer, what happens if a school has a very unique facade or the architecture of the building is visually unique (like a School shaped like a castle), should it be rejected even though the facade is public and accessible?
I also would love to know what I can do to CREATE new Waypoints. What people in my area do a lot is paint electric boxes (For example with a Pikachu or Super Mario picture). Are there other things we could do?
Do they give you pokestops to review from your country or can they be anywhere in the world?
(I feel like it would be easier to understand cultural significance if you are familiar with the country)
I’ve reviewed just over 200 submissions already and I’m at 70% for getting an upgrade. And, the most absurd submission I’ve seen so far was a light post. Bruh, a light post. The picture looked like it was taken from the roof of a building too. 🤣
I’ve had a one year wait on my nomination that is marked as ‘upgrade’. I have total 3 nominations that have been under voting for just over a year, and 3 that have been under voting for two months. I had about 35 stops accepted then I just started getting stops declined for ridiculous reasons. Like a Statue of an historic figure being a natural feature, an ornamental fountain being a seasonal display, and an adventure playground being a restaurant. I am incredibly careful and thorough with my nominations. Always take great photos, often choosing good days to take the photos. Always providing a lot of supporting information. Title descriptions are always accurate and concise. Since I started getting stops declined for made up reasons I haven’t had anything accepted. Like I said they have all been on hold ‘in voting’?
I appreciate this and have watched your others on this topic. I’ve taken the test twice and failed and am afraid to try the 3rd and last time I can. I read all the rules, looked at examples etc… For instance it says you cannot nominate fire departments, but every fire department I’ve seen has poke stops and or a gym… I feel as if they expect you to fail with their test questions. And that’s only one example of stops I’ve seen in-game that, by Niantics standards, should not be. Any advice?! Thank you 🙏🏻
In 3 hours yeah.. I have tone of upgraded nominations for 6 month or so. And previously it was taking a year, before I’ve started bonus location swaping thing here. So you can’t say upgraded pokestope will be reviewed in X hours, it’s varies a lot depend on region
I’ve finally started reviewing. Sadly, I’ve upgraded two things and it’s already been over a week for one and nearly a week fut the other. Sufficed to say, this isn’t entirely true. Which is a shame because it makes sense
I’ve seen a lot of nominations of trees, plain benches, and poop waste stations. Locally I’ve seen boring normal business signs approved and had many which were not take from my car rejected by saying from my far.. So when I reject, I tend to leave a note as to why?
I’m playing pokego in rural area, I just want my place to be nominate to be pokestop which I can do the comday or event if I was busy with assignment, I just fail my wayfarer test, Just wanna study and this video really refreshes me my mind up to become a reviewer, pray for my next test, hoping to be one of the reviews.
The test was easy enough BUT some of the photos had Google maps or street views that didn’t match even the country it seemed. I didn’t want to screw up. One was Salazar’s statue and I had to search the net to actually find where it was (Porto, Portugal) and if it was in a safe access area.

The other was the giant basket where the marker was about 20 meters from the basket but… the photo was taken from that far away. So was it a 3 or a 5… I went with 5. Still passed the test.

Oh, and it sucks that poor spelling or grammar might not make the nomination succeed. I live in Japan and don’t write Japanese well enough. I’d write in English but then Japanese reviewers wouldn’t understand well enough.

You mentioned that you shouldn’t recommend locations on a military base. I live on a military base and its open to the public. I think in a future video you should add that research should be done before just voting no to stops on military bases.
Apartments are always OK to have poke gyms and stops if it has cool art work or sign or something interesting at the apartment building but villa houses with lwans and gardens are not OK to have pokestops and gyms since you don’t want people on private gardens because some would be trespassing on someone’s private lawn or garden.
Yeah it can be so annoying if people don’t review properly. The other week i had a nomination marked as a duplicate, after waiting over a few months, even though it doesn’t already exist. So please everyone review properly
you should have mentioned that it is easy to waste your upgrade you worked hours for, since system is totally random. reviewers can reject a football field with reason “not a man made or permanent structure, only seasonal display, etc”. also, you fail to mention if there is portal in same square already it will not appear in pokemon go, even if accepted
FYI safe access does not mean it needs a sidewalk down the entire road leading up to that area. That boat ramp should have been a 5 star for safe access because it’s completely safe to access on foot once you’re already in the parking lot. Otherwise, once you get too far out of the city, almost every nomination would be rejected because sidewalks aren’t nearly as common.

Safe access should only get a bad rating when the nomination is somewhere that a person normally cannot get to safely, such as in the middle of a roundabout or on a bridge meant for vehicles without a walking path.

Also, visually unique is more for being able to help identify a POI, not necessarily whether it has a unique design. For example, if there’s only one gazebo in a local park but it looks exactly the same as a gazebo 5 miles away, it should still get a 5 for visually unique because there are none like it in the immediate area and you would easily be able to identify that gazebo as the PokéStop.

Conversely, if there are multiple similar-looking gazebos near each other in the same park, they are all eligible wayspots but should get a lower rating for visually unique. Hope that helps.

I dont wanna screw up the system. Yet my farm is a historic site. Built in late 1800s. Yes! Its that old! Im thinking of taking a pic of the farm sign. Its not a state recognized historic atm: hence me not wanting to screw up the system. Yet! There are lots of people up and down the road, walking and cycling, many on their phones.. And my thought of a pokestop, is accessible by general populace. I just dont wanna screw the system up. But a pokestop there would be awesome! ….except I’ll have to keep the hydrangea bush trimmed.😁

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