I used to get so annoyed with people waiting for the 10 seconds but know that I know it’s a strategy and not someone who is trying to drag the fight, I’m impressed.

About the catching fast moves and switching Pokémon rat the right time, I don’t know if it’s just me or my gut always tells me on the right time when they get a charged move


This is an incredibly thorough video covering every single advanced PvP tactic that I’d know, and this is coming from someone who has hit Rank 10 / Legend every single season. It takes so much time to master these little things. The one thing that is really difficult to explain here but that isn’t covered is being able to predict your opponent’s backline based on their lead and safe switch / counter switch, etc. If you’re able to do that on top of all these, you’re going to win a lot more games.

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my GL team is umbreon, beedrill, skarmory. i have a severe weakness to fire but that’s when the umbreon and shields really come in handy, unless they’re running 2 fire mons which nobody does that lol (at least not yet)
Btw, another tip that I think people should notice is about the cmp tie. For example, I have a mirror battle with another galarian stunfisk (at the start), and I lose cmp tie when clicking earthquake so I can easily guess that it is not a bait from my opponent and used my shield
Keeping a Pokémon on one hit is useful because sometimes your last Pokémon will die at the exact same time as the enemy, then your 1 hp Pokémon will win you the game
Rank 22 here, don’t force yourself to count moves. You’ll get distracted during the match, only do it if you’re comfortable doing it. Knowing your matchups is more important
It would be really helpful if you could make a video on how is the damage calculated. Like I have a 120(110 + 10) attack pokemon use charm on something that resists it and has 130 Def, how much HP am I actually doing? And how do attack and defense buffs/debuffs help here? From what I feel 1 stage increase or decrease is so low that it does not matter at all.
You can also count to over farm. If you count, then u can get more energy and when they need to throw one more fast move for a charge move, you can throw that move before they get to a charge move.
Best explanation yet of these challenging, rewarding, and import aspects of why we want the Pokémon and moves that matter. These techniques are effective to raid, murder Team RR, Gyms, and enjoy challenging friends. Great job Bro love examples to show what these words and techniques mean ! Anyone who wants to get better watch Fasho!!!!
Here is another baiting tip:
If you are going to use the move “Superpower” because is super effective of something, you can also use another move to bait, even if it is the same energy as Superpower, because you won’t decrease your stats.
Best example is Melmetal vs Melmetal battle: if you bait your opponent with a Rock Slide, you won’t decrease your stats and it’s more lightly to win, even though Rock Slide costs more energy than Superpower

You can use this tip with all the moves that decrease your stats, hope is useful for you!

If you have any questions, I will answer it!

These tips and especially mind gaming with shields is really important at lower levels atleast. I got 50+ master league wins with a 1600 altaria, 1400 shadow moltress and 2900 melmetal
This made alot of sense.. I know why sometimes opponents don’t throw a shield for the match. They ARE watching my pokemon. I usually, right now, throw undercharge to get their shields but use mine when I’m not ready to let my charge moves go or to learn the damage my pokemon will get from their charge move..still learning.
Shouldn’t it be more important to get a high attack stat pokemon so that you can throw moves first when tied? I just feel that would be more important than better stats specially for pokemon with high attack charged moves.
Here’s my strategy for every single match, I always use the same lineup cause I’m boring.

Anyway, my starter is Dusknoir cause he can tank a lot of hits. I use him to drain their shields. Not a lot of pokemon can really hit hard on him unless they’re his weakness or a lot stronger.

I’m too lazy to describe the rest so yeah that’s all.

Are these strategies applicable when you Nuzloke Dragon Types? Also do these strategies ONLY work if the Pokémon has three moves—one nuke, and one charged
Hypothetically speaking, if you had the same Pokémon battling. Same moves. Same cp or near to it. If the charge move is pressed (assuming lag isn’t a factor) who goes first?
If you don’t want to wait:
A good technique is to get charges on your Pokémon, and then switch. This way you can use a charged attack as soon as you pull out the Pokémon again.

You can also bait people, using fast charging Pokémon, saving up the charges and then spam them. This way you can get rid of your opponents shields.

Another thing you can do is time your catches. Wait for your opponent to charge their attack, and then swap to a Pokémon that is resistant to their type just before the attack. This way you can maximize the amount of HP on your Pokémon.

This can help, but this ain’t the best way, I should wait with throwing energy to look if they are swapping and if then farm them. The tactic of DanOttowa makes it, so the opponent can sneak 1 fast move through what can be crucial.
I’m rank 20. Whenever I get closer to 21 I seem to hit more competitive trainers and get knocked down to ~1600 rating or so. The element cup helped me move up though when I was consistently winning 3/5 battles. Seems less progress now every time I win 3 of 5.
Best tip: gardevoir does alot of damage against dragonite. The fast atk for going against dragonite is charm. people with 1900 cp for it it will do 16 dmg in TB
fun fact: if your on your first or second pokemon are at low health and they se a charge move and you still have a shield, dont use it! on your 3rd pokemon use the shield(s)
Thinking out loud here. Why wouldn’t u want low attack, low defense, low stamina to get it to an even higher level? I mean I know 0/15/15 is best but from ur explanation, if levels matter, a 0/0/0 would be a higher level than a 0/15/15
Off the top of my head, moves that nerf your own stats:
Defense: Superpower, Wild Charge, Brave Bird, V-Create, Close Combat
Attack: Overheat, Psycho Boost, Draco Meteor, and Superpower

Looked it up and realized I missed Leaf Storm. I knew it lowered attack, I just didn’t think of it right away

Does anyone here have experience w/ training battles? I wonder if wed be able to practice this stuff there or if they even use shields and such?
As a new PVP player level 48 is it useless to have a 8/15/15 azumarill or should all my attention be on 0/15/15? Also if i have a 100 iv medicham that maxes at 1420, should i power it up as close to 1500 still? (I know the new better iv is 0/15/15)

Ive just been saving up a team for lvl 40 great league and didnt realize that theyre useless now because of lvl 50 and XL candies…

Team is:
Azumarill (8/14/15) rank 5
Bastiodon (12/15/15) rank 1
Altaria (0/13/15) rank 3

But now since im past level 40 theyre usless now?

I like how he showed a pic of sharpedo while talking about non bulky pokemons XD man that thing dies after getting hit by 3 charms lmao
as of now I’m 1 game before reaching R19, i think it’s fine cause currently it’s ML that’s on the PVP now (I started playing on april)
doesn’t have that much good cp
mons for ML so I’m using my UL party instead and luckily was able to
reach this rank, i suck from the past season but now I’ve learned
“experience is your best teacher”
I won one battle just by waiting 10 seconds. It was mirror match and after my pokemon fainted i waited 10 seconds and my opponent 5 so i got to choose the pokemon better against his rayquaza
I don’t have a problem winning I’ve just gotten to rank 20 a month ago and I keep winning but I can never get the legendary so idk what to do expect keep going
Is this team good? Charizard with overheat and dragon claw fast move is air slash greninja with hydro pump and Airial ace fast move is bubble and zarude with power whip fast move is vine whip
all my opponents have community day attack legendary pokemon that’s capped with 3 attacks that only takes 2 attacks to launch their special in less than 3 seconds.
they are so strong they never use shields at all. even when I use my strongest electric type against their water type they let it hit and it barely phases them but they can hit me with a bubble beam and knock me out 1 hit.
it’s just stupid how none of the game mechanics seem to work in pvp even if we are near or match the same CP nothing matters. they use 1 pokemon never switching to basically 1 shot all 3 of mine after they destroy my shields and super fast. to the point that 2 hits, special, 2 hits special. they even sometimes save it up so they stack 3 of them by doing 6 hits and then spam the special attack.

its almost like they hack and have level 100 pokemon posing as 1500 and 2500 CP pokemon. It’s so bad that in master league I don’t even try I purposely just get my lowest CP pokemon and send it in solo and wait for them to 1 shot me and win so I can get the free stardust for losing 5 times in a row.

they seriously need to balance pvp so that they ONLY match you with people that have the same number of wins and loses as you do.

My just chilling with a cup of iced tea (because it’s so damn hot in Singapore, even at night. Aarugh) waiting for the premiere to start because I don’t know a single thing in the thumbnail and know this is really gonna help me 🙂
And where exactly am I supposed to have another tab open when I’m playing while traveling to work? Way too complicated and I wasn’t going to do it anyway. I honestly don’t see why it has to be so hard.

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