Thank you so much, I have had a lot of trouble finding raids for jumpstart, I tried out the Ottawa and got myself an absol and a deoxys! I have a shiny flare on thanks to you

I got so close to beating my first Defense Deoxys raid earlier tonight and it barely had any health left before the time ran out 😔


I am staff on Pokémon Go Raids and we were excited to see you mention us! Over 70,000 members strong and a minimum level 30 requirement. Come check us out and do some raids! We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Go fest is coming up and we will have separate raid announce channels for the popular bosses. Happy raiding! 🙂

This is a question I really want answered. If you receive an egg from a different country, and hatch it over 100km away from there, will that count for candy in trades? Because you get extra candy from how far away the pokemom are caught. For example: I receive an egg from America and hatch it in London, then I use that Pokémon to trade for another Pokémon that is from the same place that I got the egg. Will the Pokemon count for the egg or where the egg was hatched? I know that made 0 sense but hopefully someone understands 🙏

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Please tell us how can we complete the jump start quest ?as on the 4th part there is a task to catch a legendary monster and deoxys is a mythical Pokemon what can we do.
NEVER participating in another raid. You will waste time, patience, and money trying to appease yourself with a new legendary. The catch rate needs to change or this game will die off because all of us nerds will get tired of the b.s
I have terrible raid counters. Idk what I should do cus rn there is the mewtwo raids and I have absolutely nothing, and I dont know if I can get carried.
hey i have a question regarding discord to raid. can I get a ban if someone plays fake gps and invites me to a raid and I have him in my friends?
I need to do raids to get legendary pokemon but I suck at it because my pokemon are weak. Also this looks so confusing to me. I just need friends to help me that’s all.
I joined the discord and accidentally mentioned ipogo and apologised but then this dude got so pissed for no reason amd completely banned me from the discord. What do I do now?
Im level 34 but have been playing a lot, send me invites i want another chance to get older generation legendaries! (:
WARNING FOR EVERYONE TRYING TO JOIN THE POKEMON GO OTTAWA SERVER: they random ban people for no reason. they banned me legit for no reason I was just raiding regularly and then I got banned and I have never left a raid
I’m just trna do raids and get better Pokémon I started 3 weeks ago and I’m level 23 but don’t know if they will let me raid with them
Dude I just got banned from the ottawa server for legit no reason. I didnt even join a raid yet and I was in the global chat talking to people and then I got muted and then banned
I can confirm that The 3rd link to the discord server is a great server, i myself have been in it for months and it’s helped me Raid more pokemons frequently. Check it out
On go fest day 2 so many people are willing to do raids, so many people will be click on the raid, only 5 will allowed, we have to sit back and wait for long time for single raid? Time waste on go fest, I don’t know what to do. Please help me out,
From India,
Rural please,
No gyms,
No poke stops,
How people in rural areas will get full experience in game in events like this,

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