Starfield – 5 Insane Weapons You Can Get Early!

I have to mention the weapon you get from persuading the security guard to help you with gear during the Entangled quest. I think it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game rivaling the revenant. The named shotgun he gives you carried me through the entire game, is super accurate even at long ranges, and full of great mods including flechette rounds. I still use it now in my 70’s and will make a point to get it in NG+.

Starfield – 5 Insane Weapons You Can Get Early! – Detailed Explanation

The Staggering Modified Refined Kodama you get from the Mantis quest is still my go to weapon. I’ve made some upgrades top it along the way. Add in some ballistic and rifle training and it makes short work of pirates, spacers and mercenaries.

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The “Smartgun” at the UC store is good for dealing with very tanky boss type opponents. The only issue is that you need quite a bit of ammo because it uses ammo fast!. For regular armored enemies the “Mutineer” is better because it doesn’t have an initial firing delay like the Smartgun. The issue with Mutineer is that it’s hard to find ammo for it early on and it uses a fair bit of ammo as well so it’s best to reserve it for armored enemies.
I got an solstice with the effects “enemies have a chance to drop extra meds” and “does more damage the lower your health is”, I named it armadillo after its defensive perks and it carried me from level 5-15
The earliest Legendary I have found was in the first fight of the game. In a box next to the switch to open the door to the 2nd building. It’s just a Solstice, and Space Adept and Titanium build are probably the worst perks a gun can have, but technically, it still counts!
I found a legendary pistol named “Explosive Assassin’s Calibrated Razorback”. It has Berserker, Radioactive and Explosive traits. It’s also kitted with a suppressor. At over 100 damage, I can routinely down spacers in one shot. Sadly, I forget where I found it. My other go-to’s are the Rapidshot shotgun and Magshear. The Magshear is fun, but eats away at the ammo
Found a ledgendary Grendel early in my playthrough and haven’t been able to put it down. Tesla Explorer’s Calibrated Grendel, featuring Cornered, Radioactive, and Tesla, along with a long barrel, reflex sight, compensator, and tatical grip. I love it.
Next to your Cutter with Lasers L4 the Revenant is pretty much one of the best all-around weapons in the game. Add to that an Advanced Hard Target and you pretty much have a complete loadout. With that said, I recently acquired a Legendary Coachman shotgun with Disassembler, Corrosive and Skip shot. Add to this High Velocity and Hornet Nest rounds and everything just disappears when you shoot at it. And I mean everything. Honorable mention: Keelhauler 4168 DPS in a pistol!!
Managed to get a legendary beowolf rifle that had the “one inch punch” effect, basically turned it into a rifle/shotgun mix, anti-personal, and laceration, it does some nasty damage against unarmoured enemy’s.
I’m only level 21, and I’m really loving the Marksman AA-99. I’ve got stealth and ballistic weapons maxed, and am working on rifles. If there were an achievement for headshot kills, I’m sure I’d be well on my way.
Fun fact about sniper-y rifles… when crouched, at pretty extreme range, you can get sneak attack hits on a target that’s actively firing at you. I suspect there’s a distance limit on what counts as “visible” to the AI.

Also fun: If you like planetary surveys, you’ll have seen the Biome Complete that basically means you’ve scanned all the flora/fauna on the current map. But, when selecting a new landing spot, there’s a % indicator… that tells you if there’s anything there you haven’t fully scanned yet. If it’s 100%, there’s nothing new to learn. It’s a nice feature if you’re in a completion-y mood after taking a little time to smell the acid-spitting roses. And the XP is always welcome (plus the credits from selling surveys).

Some other suggestions and the best at range weapon ive found recently is an “extended magazine commanders coachman” with the hornet rounds upgrade….it will two shot kill the big beasts on the red mile and will single shot most ecliptics or other pirates. Other noteable is the “one inch punch grunts” 1911 which is brutal, the varuun starshard pistol and the frenzy operators kodama. theres so many options to choose from
I actually got a Titanium Beowulf from a random encounter asking if I was “The Courier” and “You’re Early”, to which I later got a random Ship Encounter of someone that wanted to kill me. And I still don’t know if that encounter always gives the same weapon.
While doing the red faction set of missions, while on the ice planet to get info, there is a locked cell. I found the computer and opened the stash. At level 11, I now have an Advanced Regulator that does 130 dmg. I think I will put some points into pistol skills!
Just find Heller’s cutter, use some skill points on laser weapons and you have yourselves an op/ unlimited weapon. Just be sure to aim while using it, to recharge it faster. I used it by mistake and it MELTS
My current favourite weapon is a Legendary Kodama I found, with Bashing, Hitman and Explosive.
Double dmg when gunbashing, +15% dmg when aiming, random explosive rounds.
It shreds enemies 20 levels higher than me.
I’ve been religiously watching your Starfield coverage. You, sir, are awesome. I’m more the pistol type, so until I get some crazy legendary, I’ve been relying on a poison modded epic Urban Eagle. I do like my DOT damage. I tend to use laser weapons when I use something else. That Ikande pistol and Ember might be my jam so I’ll work on that. Thanks a bunch! 🙏
Im really only using 2 weapons right now until i find another weapon I like: the Revenant and Tesla Professional’s Refined Grendel. This Grendel has Incindiary trait and Tesla trait. Tesla sometimes adds electricity to the round that dmgs and slows the enemy. and Incindiary sometimes adds fire which is dmg over time. The fire DESTROYS pretty much anything, including Terrormorphs. The revenant does basically nothing to those tough Terrormorphs when compared to the fire dmg that the grendel does.
It’s also important to know hat some weapons get random stat boosts without showing it in the name.
For instance i got a Sidestar at level 5.
Just a normal Sidestar it just so happens to do 42 damage.
Which is more that an advanced one would give you.
Def a good list. Def hard agree that the Revenant is either the best in the game or at the very least, it’s on the list. But Idk that I would classify any of these outside of the AA-99 as attainable very early. All of them are locked behind long quest lines. I would say though in terms of the Revenant, if you actually ARE looking to scratch that specific itch early on…The Magshear is essentially Revenant Lite. It doesn’t have the trait bonuses from the legendary but it is very much the same exact weapon. Shoots the same. Hits insanely hard. Is every bit as much fun. Can be found either on eclipse mercs or in vendors within hour 1 or 2 of any playthrough.

The MAJOR kicker however though…& this is also an issue for Rev….the ammo economy itself for these guns is BRUTAL. .50 MI aren’t commonly found for 1. & worse still…the few shops that DO sell it in bulk…SUPER pricey (w/o the sell buy skill at least)….sometimes you’re looking at roughly 19k for like maybe 400-500 shots. For Magshear that’s not anywhere near as bad as it’s standard mag holds 30 shots. But for Revenant…this is atrocious as Rev has an insanely beefy 150 shots per mag. It’s a DAMN good time all around…but it’s pricey.

I’m not sure if this is a glitch with my particular game but there’s a specific POI called the Deserted UC Listening Post that appears south of New Atlantis on Jemeson or in the random zones when you land your ship outside that area. There’s a locked room inside near the entrance that can be opened with a key card you find on a desk back by the jail cells. So far, every time I’ve looted them (playing on Normal and “not” doing the “switch to Very Hard just before entering” exploit) there have been two Advanced AA-99s and one Advanced Solstice (there was even a slate that mentions them as part of the inventory). I’ve been under level 10 every time I’ve looted them and they’ve had amazing damage for that level. If anyone wants to check if this happens with their game as well it might be a good spot for some early weapons.
My favorites at the moment?

– My “say hello to my littler friend” launcher: The “Elemental Smuggler’s Advanced Negotiator” – due to the naming bug in Starfield, the weapon itself is actually a legendary SUPERIOR tier weapon, not a misnamed advanced one – and once properly modded, this legendary grenade launcher can dish out over 1K of damage per shot on regular explosive rounds alone. It’s literally more powerful than a legendary Bridger when it comes to grenade launchers in the game. If you can’t find the Negotiator, the Bridger is just as good.

– Second favorite is any higher tier version of the Hard Target sniper rifle. Alternatively, the Magsniper is also a good choice – I just prefer the Hard Target variants over it. They literally hit “harder”

– N7 Smartgun (minigun) – ’nuff said, mod it for bullet hose mode and give it to Vasco to shred enemies. I always give Vasco miniguns – especially legendary superior ones – turn that mech into a shredding machine!

– Breacher – slightly better than the coachman, a legendary concussive/shattering version of Breacher or coachman is prefered. I like the look of the Breacher better, looks more like a tactical military shotgun – because it is. The coachman variants + Lawgiver + Regulator pretty much makes you a space cowboy if you want to role play that, though.

– Drumbeat – any higher tier version of it is amazing. Again, I like the look. The mealstorm is good, but the Drumbeat hits harder I think. Needs more testing. Grendel is a safe bet, too. Same with any high-tier Beowolf variants.

– Equinox, mod any highier tier variant with rapid firing full auto and give to companions – especially Sarah, it becomes a literal laser bullet hose via unlimited ammo. Eternity’s Gate is another good weapon for Sarah, but the fire rate of that thing is a hopeless cause. Any other PB weapons that can be modded for full auto are also viable, so pick your prefered poison.

Pro tip: companions have unlimited ammo IF you give them 1 ammo count for whatever weapon you give them to equip. Also, ALWAYS mod for full auto fire for their weapons – they’re more liable to kill you if you give them your grenade launchers because their AI is derpy AF. I found out the hard way during testing. Your companions are neigh-unkillable, you are not.

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