Pro Tip 2: Once you figure out all the Pokemon you want to transfer, tag them all in “Delete”, then on the spotlight for x2 transfer candy or events such as x3 transfer candy, Transfer them all especially legendary and rare pokemon.

As far as the shinies are concerned if you have some extra Transfer them to HOME and random trade them there, make someone who plays pokemon happy!


“Keep all your favorite Pokemon”
Me with 289 Eevee’s with only a 400 storage.
“Yes I think I will keep my Eevee’s”

I really like this; did not know about favouriting Search-strings, and never considered doing specific Search-strings to alleviate some of the digging. I personally keep a Living-Dex, so that is taken into consideration for me at least. One thing I would suggest is making use of Tags as I personally don’t like sullying a Pokémon’s name if not to actually nickname it. That aside from that this is really good, and I will probably send it to my father and sister, to help them manage their Pokémon. Very well done! ✨ლ(^o^ლ)

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Another tip: creat a tag to pokemons that you want to discard and keep them in your inventory until we have one “double candys in transfer” event.
I personally kept most of the pokemon I got in 2016, when I first picked up the game, as they have sentimental value to me. I also keep at least one of each Pokemon I get – usually the one with the most CP. Currently at 650 storage with 350 Pokemon in my pokedex. The rest are shinies, shadow and purified, the 2016 pokemon I mentioned, different forms of the same pokemon and ones with perfect IVs (currently only one shadow Raltz and two Elekids I got through hatching, but in life you take what you can get)
Another good thing sorting by # helps with is when you run out of time going through them, make note of number then add #- to search string. This will only show the ones that you haven’t done.
1500 space, I check for 4* first, keep them. 0* for The Sacred Nundo, check 2* for PvP, check 3* for Raid Attackers. keep ones for “transfer Tuesday”, keep 15 1K stardust purify for future research, keep 30-ish for “evolve Tuesday”, keep Costumes. Keep Shinies (1 each) Use PvP poke to check rank, then use Stadium to check WHERE that pokie is on its own scale. (had a rank 2 GL pokie but it was ranked 1000-odd out of 2000 in Stadium so its BAD). then mass transfer. takes time but it works for me 😀
Found this video while trying to mass-transfer my box to prepare for tomorrow’s Dratini community day. Nothing I didn’t already know (except for the search commands, those are handy). But gave me the peace of mind to clear out all these random one-offs I’ll likely never uuse (10/12/8 Frillish, needs to go).
Wish I hadn’t wasted so much potential levelling up & transferring what ended up being trash (high CP, but low IV, not worth investing).
This really helped. I don’t have many Legendaries or High IV Pokemon on my account, but this helped me figure out what Pokemon I should keep to build my collection and start to get more of those.
i cleared around 200 slots thanks for the search threads i had some pokemon i had forgotten to clear and they were favourited because i do that to all the pokemon i dont immidietly transfer .
parted with some legendaries with bad iv’s and some purifications because i feel they were a waste . thanks to you my storage can breathe again
During com days; I catch until the storage is full, I click the search bar and select the 0*,1*,2* button, select all and transfer. I will then go through after a big event and look through my 3 star and 4 stars and decide what I want to keep after that. I don’t do pvp so I don’t need to look for pvp iv.
The argument people say why you should have max HP and Def stats is that it makes you bulkier but having max atk always gives you more dps than those builds so I’m confused. Def won in GL and UL with close to Hundos, but that’s just me getting lucky, I guess.
i use a tag i call “check” where i basically tag all pokemons (outside of checked ones, could create another tag for checked), and i spam swipe through them all and favorite all potential pvp IVs, then i favorite those, sort by fav in the check tag and then check those pvp mons and well, sort out the ones that were keepers and not and then give those GL/UL tags. do keep some high IVs while doing this ofc.
I always keep 2-4 same type shiny shiny Pokemon in case of trade with someone who doesn’t have it and if it has Alolan or galarian types, other than that i just keep one for myself and 1-2 for trades(unless one has good IVS and one doesn’t, I’ll keep 2 for myself then for some reason)
Regarding storage of lucky pokemon. I have a theory. We all know, that if you have a 2016 pkmn and trade it will be lucky, if one of the players has less than 10 luckies. I feel like my lucky rate is constantly dropping and I think, that’s because of the numbers of luckies, that I have increases.

Theory: The player with the least amount of luckies decides what the lucky rate for a trade ist. The higher that number, the lower the lucky chance. Can anyone confirm that, or are there actual tests, fresh accounts vs. accounts full with luckies?

for anyone interested in the switch games, its well worth investing in the “Pokemon Home” subscription and depositing them there instead of just transferring them into a void. if you have excess shinys or legendaries, it’ll make it a breeze to get just about any tradable pokemon for the purpose of filling out your dex, plus you still get the candies you would from transferring anyways.
Knew all this myself and to add something else i do is save up to 6 100%s and 1 version of the best pvp league its in if its not a special move pokemon. I try to trade away all my unusable iv shinies and transfer if bad trade iv too. Provides free candy(and xl for lvl40+ even for legendaries) and only costs 800 dust with my best friended alt accounts lmao.
on a daily basis i actualy evolve everything i can of the non relevant pokemon for xp and then i transfer them all, i do this everyday after the daily grind, i see alot of ppl with like thousand wurmple candies as an exemple and i evolve 1 as soon as i get to 12, idk i just see big gains in xp, i know its tedious but it works on the long run. usualy on double evolve xp i have 1 only pokemon species to evolve like tepig this month, i have 100 tepig to evolve
What I do if I tap on the Pokemon when I click where you usually transfer them but I actually go all the way up to the Pokedex and then I can look at the Pokemon and then I can go just transferring Galore
this will annoy everyone but when i started playing in 2020, I transferred pokemon based on the CP and I might have lost some hundos! luckily I caught my first known to be hundo wild duklet after 3300 catches!
So my own method
I keep expanded transfer pff sp I don’t accidentally transfer a shiny pr a legend
After a walk I will sprt by recent andsearch 3* n keep most things that are 13 13 13 or close to it I tag and favorite
Check for 4*
And during events I will favorite 1 costume version of a pokemon and transfer the rest
Other than that I typically will either sort by searching the 0* 1* 2* tag and just don’t go down the dex
If I don’t feel like spending that long pn it I might limit it to certain region or based on whether they can evolve
Also u know it’s unnecessary but I have my storage completely maxed out at 6100 I know it’s unnecessary because even at the last limit of 5000 and 5500 I rarely let myself go long enough before transferring a ton of pokemon
I have a #1 raichu 0 15 14 in pvppoke and i used it with charm brick breask thunder punch i used it with togekiss and registeel its amazing but i need good perfect pvp pokemon that getting hundo even hundo is pvp pokemon for master legue
In poke genie it shows what pvp rank the pokemon is. Sometimes it will say they rank 10 or higher something like that, but their ivs will be high like 15,14,15. Does poke genie not know the pvp strat or can i always trust poke genie with its pvp ranking. Someone please help me with this.
I have 14 litwicks, I have deleted over 100 lesser litwicks, not including the hundreds I’ve caught in the games since black, and I have 2 shiny Chandelures (that 145 attack tho)
I am litwick man.
I would say how many shiny’s in go but alas, we don’t talk about that subject
Instead of transferring pokemon, I have main series games (sword, let’s go eevee, etc.) So I just transfer them to pokemon home on my mobile device (to set that up you need to set up account with your Nintendo Switch online account using the exact email you used to set up the Nintendo online account, I think password too, and make sure you have the Nintendo Switch version of pokemon home as well.) I send whatever I can to the games I can reach with said pokemon (none of my games are national Dex games because I have let’s go eevee, shining pearl, and sword, so some pokemon can’t enter any game and are accumulating points In the basic plan box because I don’t have the premium plan lol)
I have nothing. i’m not lucky enough to get anything and not powerful enough to do raids. it takes almost 10 years for a new player starting today to even start to play at what long time players are doing today, but by then the game will have moved to a place where your strongest pokemon you use now will be the weakest. that’s why I hate power creep games you can never catch up because everything new takes what is the strongest there is to earn to earn making it impossible for new players.
Why keep all those unnecessary Pokemon?, They’re just floating around in the storage taking up space, im trying to be respectful but why keep 100 ladyba that all have terrible stats?, I don’t spend a dime on Pokemon go, it’s all gym coins i buy upgrades and stuff with so maybe it’s different but i just don’t understand, enlighten me if you can, also love the videos, always entertaining and informative for me since i still didn’t understand the attack low, defense and hp high thing for pvp. Great job.
I am at 500 storage space on a Lv 31 account. I have no legendaries, no good raids and not many good raiders.

I have 1 Gyarados and 1 Machamp, 1 Rampardos, 1 Dragonite, and 1 Scizor. other than that I got the Ho-Oh from Giovanni.

I do have the Lucario guy with only 20 some candies though.

I play fairly casually but I would love to have Mewtwo, Mew, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Swampert, etc. some strong ones I enjoy.

my method to transfer is just every few nights I sort by number, transfer everything that is under a certian CP and evolve what I like. I cannot even begin to imagine having 4000 pokemon in this game, How did you manage to build up that much storage?

Nuh nuh nuh fool… Dont transfer shinies or legendaries EVER, not the traded ones, NONE. You Move these to HOME and get all of the shinies youve never seen and always wanted. Then move them from HOME to Pokemon Sword or Shield and power them up to whatever you need, pvp, pve… Name it.. NEVER DELETE A SHINY OR LEGENDARY!! That is the WORST advice Ive ever heard for GO.
Every time i need pokebals i need to catch the train and go to the nearby city to spin all pokestops i can find till im full, and since im still a low lvl player like lvl 30 both my pokemon and iten storage are starting to fill a bit small 🙂
And dont even start with the raids i need to wait days for gym pokemons to come back to get at least 300 poke coins to get the remote raid passes, such a pain in the but 🙁 wish they gave those free at poke stops 🙁

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