Im playing GoFest right now at Sydney. I will edit this post throughout GoFest. Here are my thoughts and suggesstions:

•Choose wisely between Gardevoir and flygon, cause both are very rare to be attracted in incense. Most pokemons attracted in incense are Unown, Alolan Exegg, Chimeco, Audino, Ludicolo. Been playing for 1 hour, and not a single Gardevoir/Flygon in incense.

Edit 1: Audino and Chimeco will appear, regardless of what habitat is currently scheduled, so dont go crazy over them on a single hour.

Edit 2: 1st Global Challenge (active during Jungle Habitat) is to catch 3million pokemon with any berries. (Bonus is 500 catch stardust) .

Edit 3: 2nd Global Challenge (active during Desert Habitat) is Spin 2,100,000 pokestops or gyms. Probably the hardest one due to most people in quarantine. It took us 55 mins to finish. (Bonus is 500 xp for spinning pokestops).

Edit 4: Too much shiny skarmory, scyther, larvitar, and ferroseed!!!

Edit 5: 3rd Global Challenge (active during Ocean Habitat) is to catch 28,000,000 pokemon (bonus is +5 catch candy. Easiest challenge and the most rewarding one).

Edit 6: Cave hour spawns are sick, especially galarian stunfisk, sableye and deino. Although I dont know if im the only one who experienced this, but the shiny rate of sableye and deino are pretty low, since I didnt get any xD. The only shiny I got in this hour is a single ralts.

Edit 7: 4th Global Challenge (active during Cave Habitat) is to Make 27,000,000 great throws. (bonus is 5x xp for nice, great, excellent, and curveball throws).

Edit 8: Still no Gardevoir or Flygon on my incense for 4 hours. Theyre pretty rare. Please choose your special encounter carefully.

Edit 9: Bring on the go lunch with you, you’d have to catch continuously since the go fest has no break time (really wish they have). If you were to eat lunch, I recommend using Go Plus and put your phone somewhere. Or you can just skip Jungle habitat and eat your lunch during that period, since Jungle spawns are underwhelming compared to othed Habitats.

Edit 10: 2 SHINY CHIMECO IN A ROW!!!!!

Last edit: Go Fest officially ended here in Sydney at exactly 6pm. Over 60+ pvp pokemon caught and 23 shinies, including shiny deino. You should catch pokemon AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, because they despawn and respawn at an incredible rate— even deino and sableye. Sending shiny luck to whoever is reading this!


for me it sounded the way they worded it as if the gardevoir and flygon will be incense on the last 4 hours and/or day 2 or something, was worded weirdly at least

In Sydney too – Can confirm this is a mostly accurate representation of my experience too

However, the shiny rates will vary – I have had 0 (5 hours in…). Where as, another mate has 50. So, you might want to temper expectations a bit..

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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Possibly a dumb question but does it have to be each person completes the global challenges for the bonuses to unlock or does it just have to be the community?
There is also this +500 stardust or XP for each of the themes which last an hour or 30 min and may occur on the first time or 2nd time, that the theme is featured.
leekduck is another amazing info site for pokemon go event info always up to date same as serbii only diff is leekduck is a little more cleanly and visually set up 🙂
I really wanted to get some shinies I missed out on the first day but there wasn’t enough time to raid so I focused on reading instead. I still have so many shinies I’m missing. 😭
The special box seems worth it for 3 remote raid passes, 50 red pokeballs, 2 supers and 1 incense all for 480 coins
One question: are those special Trades have to be made with different friends or can they be done with same friends?
same friends is fine

Make 120k Great Throws (all together) – 5X XP for nice, great & excellent throws!

I have no idea what hour of the event this challenge & bonus will be active 😅

Also meloetta is ranked 16 in ML classic. It is much better then I made it out to be in my anyslsis. My bad

Can mewtwo we catch learn psystrike with an elite charged tm? If not is it worth raiding? Also I’m limited on how many raid passes I have so I’m trying to save
can you do the 6 special trades even if one person doesn’t have the ticket? it might be an obvious answer but I just wanna confirm
i like the pop star pose but i want rock star pickachu. my only buddy who plays go doesnt have a pass so im stuck with the one i choose
Global challenges are catch pokemon, spin pokestop and earn candy that i know of i missed one habitat…. which will give us bonus to xp stardust
been playing in india so far ,
been playing for about 2 hours
haven’t had a single shiny except a shiny chimchar. FLYGON AND TYRANITAR AND FLAREON HAVENT SPAWNED EVEN ONCE
I won’t be able to play much on day one but I will most likely be able to play a lot on day two, worth the 5 bucks for ticket?
What happens if I complete the meloetta challenge after go fest and take a screenshot of a Pokémon do I’ll still get the pikachu encounter
If you don’t finish the research from the ticket that gives you pop or rock pikachu before the event ends can you still get them after?
I traveled to auckland to do go fest with my NZ buds. If anyone has questions it just wrapped up 17minutes ago.
for those who can’t walk a km, here is a trick, keep on shaking your phone and make sure while shaking it is bouncing off a soft surface so that the system will thing u are walking with ur phone in your pocket
Some of the gym challenges things are trow curbe ball the other ones berries and i whent to sleep after 🤣
Im screwed bc after all the free balls the go fest challenges give out im not gonna have any space for raid passes
they didnt even give free2play players a collection challenge lmao.. im not even gonna bother with this bullshit
Is the meleotta research only for ticket holders and what about the collection challenge?

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