The type medals are pure grind but so worth it for the catch bonus. Really helps when catching. Very rarely have raid legendary run now.


I began working on those medals way before getting to level 48, it took me months to grind them, really something to work on early on. After that, once you get to level 49, it’s just about XP, the tasks are super easy

For the Purifier badge: Every time you win a grunt battle, you get 500 stardust, a leader will give 1000. Say you only purify the 1000 stardust shadows, it’ll actually cost 500,000 stardust if u only do grunt battles, a bit less if you do your leader battles. You are still spending 1mil, but this might just make you feel a little better 🙂

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I went out early during GO fest and I dropped a ton of lure modules right when GO fest started. I went from bronze to gold for Piknicker in one day. I made friends with some people and they were like “oh, so you’re the guy whose lured everything up!” Lol. Never been the guy to lure everything up in downtown. It was a cool feeling.
For the type medals, evolution also counts. I used to evolve shellder to get the ice types and evolve horsea all the way to kingdra (yes lots of resources to gather but the only way to get some dragon types before we had lots of events). All of this was before Gen 2 pokemon came into the games. Still working on dragon types so waiting until September to try to catch as many Dialga and Palkia as I can before resorting to evolving my gibles and deinos i have saved up for trade.
I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game recently, and I’m at level 30. Watching this and realizing what has been established with these medals takes a lot of the fun out of the game for me. I know it would be helpful to start working on these medals early on, but if I do, I will begin to hate this game, and I will no longer be playing it for a fun activity…but as a chore. I must ignorre this stuff for now, and focus on what makes the game interesting for me.
Tip on the rising star medal: This one is actually easier for more rural players who have access to at least 1 gym. If you know a gym that rarely gets taken by another team, put something in that one
gave precise and efficient tips. Surprised that the Ace Trainer medal was mentioned as hard to grind. Actually, IMO, it is the easiest, because there is no limit per day how many training you can do. You do not need any resource to do it (no pokeballs or revive/potion needed ) and you don’t need to even leave your home or do it with other trainers. With your 20 sec suggestion. You can do 2000 in 12 hours !!!! I can see a click bait just like that. “Get a premium metal in 12 hours!!!!” Wish you can do a video like that, similar to “How to grind a pilot premium?” which is much harder
Full of useful tips. I’m doing my rocket badge at the moment. I’ve beaten 1,585 grunts & leaders. Its also easy stardust. 500 stardust for a grunt & 1000 stardust for a leader!👍🇬🇧
For those who may need it. To platinum the Master/Ultra/Great league medal it will take 11 hours each when battling a friend with 10cp Pkmn back to back
For the evolve medal, just another tip: when there are events for Pokémon that are a free evolve when traded (Machoke, Ghastly, Graveler, Shelmet, …), keep them and mirror-trade them with a friend. You will get loads of free evolves out of it! for Pokémon like Machop, you pretty much pay 25 candy to do 2 evolves, bringing it more or less on par with evolving Pokémon like Pidgey or Caterpie. Allows you to do your evolves, as well as work toward these trade X amount of Pokémon and trade distance medals.
For the trainer medal I’ve used the training for my shadow buddies just if I find myself having a bit more time at the end of the day, so I might as well just get those few extra hearts for my buddies 🥰👌🏽
I’ve got 29 platinum medals and this is super tough. Living in a rural area is definitely a disadvantage for some of these. I don’t have 10-15 pokestops together anywhere where I live 😂. I’ve got the xp to be level 49 already but the tasks are holding me back.
Steel – very easy to get with Mystery Box (Meltan).
60-70 every 3+ days.

Melmetal (evolved form) is also a really good Pokémon, and with these boxes really easy to get enough candy and XL candy to max to 50.

A.defend gym and B use 150000 berries in a gym I used 2 different strategies
. 1. Put my pokemon in a couple of out of the way gyms, then could remote in through the game over time and feed all pokemon berries, to keep them in longer. Putting them in at night usually meant I would get at least 8-10 hours, plus helped me earn the 15,0000 berries Platinum badge.
2. You can feed berries to a gym even if you don’t have a pokemon in that gym as long as it is your team. So I would through my extra berries at them if I was walking by. Got both badges super fast. Peace!
while you are doing all thoes battles with friends dont forget to slide in your buddy pokemon with a full bully so you can work on making them your best friends as well, that is 60 EZ hearts for normal buddy times and 120 hearts if you are using poffins or have teh buddy exicted and you are switching out all 20 tries
I am not sure if you explained which platinum Medals you should do or prep towards in advance for the road to level 50.

But 16 or the 18 types (dragon, fairy can be hard?) should be relatively easy.
Meaning you only need to work on ~19 of the others.
Would be good if at the end there was a summary or recap back to this and which ones you should go for.

I know I can definitely get the remaining 7 platinum medals I need for level 49. Here’s what I’m gonna go for next:

Dragon type (the last type I need, Dialga raids helped me get the Steel type yesterday since I don’t do Meltan)
Pilot (I have another account I can trade with)
Gentleman (same reason)
Pikachu Fan (really easy)
The three League Veteran medals (same reason as trades)

Edit: Raid Expert and Triathlete should be simple enough, especially the latter since my job lets me get around. And if Niantic ever releases Kecleon, Hoenn will be very easy!

The three medals I am kinda focusing on are pilot, picnicker and raid expert since I just realized I have like 217 more left to get to platinum.
What about getting 1 Pokemon to mega evolve in the morning (the one you might need more during the day) and the other one in the evening after the 1st one is gone?
Does it count towards both their Mega levels and the Successor medal?
Not sure if you mentioned it and I just missed it, but evolving Pokémon are included for the catch medals for the types of the evolved form!!
35 platinum medals are tough. Especially when regionals are needed to get a medal. Will they release more medals for us to complete and thus make it easier to get to level 49?
for the trading medals part i have a tip. if you ever go on a far away vacation from where you live, say you go from new york to mexico or something like that, trade with someone there (if you can) and it will show how far away you caught them and will count for the medal.
I have 32 platinum medals. I’m just focusing on Backpacker, Battle Girl, Ace Trainer, Berry Master, Raising Star, and Dragon Tamer. Those are the gold medals easiest for me to get to platinum, and I’m still level 43. I level up so slowly I’ll have my 35 platinum medals before I’m Level 48.
Currently on the Research Tasks one, I started playing last year and have 37 tasks to go. Also, Rising Star, but I need new raid mons because I need 5 more.
I find it hardest to get the trade medal to platinum. And for this it is harder than the 35 platinum medals, to get the 50 lucky trades. Half 3/5 through level 49 and only 22 lucky trades, but 36 platinum medals. And I had most of them already, before Niantic introduced them in December. And currently I work on the Magickarp (801) and Best Buddy (145) medal. Also in Super Leage I only need 16 wins for platinum. Yeah, and of course Johto will be platinum end of next week of course with Heracross.
I needed 11 more medals, but I used your video to help me. I got 7 in one week of grinding and transfers. I need just 4 more.
The Magikarp medal is going to kill me. Catch everyone that I see since 2016, only got 1500 catches for 221 big ones. So I’ll be playing for another decade at this rate for platinum. And I play for a few hours a day and really grind when Magikarp is spawning.
2 medals that were a pain to grind were the Vivillon and the purifying pokemon. I wish I had watched the video beforehand because I just purified everything.
For the Ace Trainer medal do you actually have to win the battle for it to count towards the 2000, or can you just battle Spark/Candela/Blanche and lost ASAP with 3 x 10cp pokemon?
I’m working on feeding berries at the mo – still 4K+ short but I feed 10 berries to each pokemon in a gym when I’ve one in there. Max 60 berries if the gym is full. I try and do that several times with each gym I’ve taken over. I’m working on the eggs hatching too – I’ve about 35 to go to platinum. I’m 16 Smeargle away from gold with surprise encounters. I’m level 44 and need to battle the Leaders only 24/50 done – so have had this in mind all year.
For the XXL and XXS candies, which isn’t in here yet. Here’s a tip. If you catch a tiny or huge pokemon. Evolve it. It will count as another pokemon.
For the make the raid screen just solo everything you have pokémon to solo. Always gives it. Also at the same time you get the regular 2000 raids further
I got gym leader first then battle girl. Took about 2 months to get them both. We don’t have a lot of stops so the picknicker is rough everyone fights over the stops to lure in comdays.
What’s your trainer code? I’m working on jogger, breeder, and backpacker. I’m level 48 and currently have 30 out of the 35 platinum medals.
With the camera man medal, Do you have to actually catch the smeargle? Or does it just have to spawn? Or do you have to encounter it, and can you just run away from it afterwards?
Team Rocket balloons come over 4x per day (during midnight-6am, 6a-noon, noon-6p and 6-midnight) if you are in-game during these times the balloon pops up at the beginning of the window and they don’t stay forever so get them within a few minutes)
I have a question. You need to earn 35 platinum medals to progress from level 48 to level 49. So, let’s say I have 5 platinum medals currently when I hit level 48, would those medals count or would I need to earn 35 platinum medals as a level 48 player?
So close to kanto medal. Got 142 out of 151. Need ekans evolution, Kangaskan, tauros, krabby evolution.
Also need mankey family and paras family. Starmie as well
I’m trying to get to level 20 in PvP because I just found out you can get legendary Pokémon as rewards!! I was level 8 two days ago and now im at 15!! Trying to get more Dialgia candy!!
A better way to do the training badge is to use your lowest cp pokemon in master league, you pokemon will instantly die and you should get 1 for you badge and repeat
I literally have been stuck at level 48 for 5 months I need two more platinum medals and yet I have 250 + million XP. I’m not a pvp player and don’t raid hard. The platinum medals, I feel are very imbalanced.
All 28 unowns r present in game…26 alphabet unowns nd other 2 unowns r ? nd ! shapes…..the last 2 shapes were spawned only in some previous event…so its not found in wild….the other 26 is found in wild

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