Last night I went downtown and hit about five stops I never had spun before. Dropped my one lucky egg on it and got some nice exp. Definitely want to try to take advantage of this bonus more before it ends. Only need just a little under one mil til I hit 41.

Detailed explanation | *2100XP* PER NEW POKESTOP SPUN in POKEMON GO (NZ & US ONLY)

Very good if you visit a new city or place, but that doesn’t happen much.

But new players will be leveling up so fast 😂

Some locations that have lots of pokestops may include downtown areas, historical areas, and university campuses. Remember when doing so, don’t trespass

After 5 years of continuous play there’s not a pokestop with a halo remaining for a hundred miles in every direction. Much more practical at this point to work on excellent throws.

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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This is “great” but hard! Went to a new city with work and it was so hard to spin stops as they were new to me and I didn’t know where there magical small encounter circle was. I could touch my phone to the one piece of art and it wouldn’t spin! Annoyed I left and 10 to 15 steps away from it I could spin it…
Just moved to a new city! Gonna be sure to grind the area hard core. Does anyone know if a lucky egg increases this exp gain?
You known I’m not happy about how the Pokémon go people are ignoring the community but I still think that Pokémon go is worth playing.
I feel like because of this bonus, they had to take 2x distance from PokeStops to balance it.
Hey guys, so I’m in USA and I’m only getting 600 exp per new Pokéstop… any ideas? They are new ones I’ve never been to before, please help!
why is no one talking about the fact that reducing the distance by 2 is actually reducing by 4 cause circles
I,m going good with my shiny luck yesterday i have caught shiny meowth and today shiny glameow om happy
Niantic: “here’s a bonus for spinning new pokestops but of course we are also going to make it harder to spin pokestops by removing the distance”.
Only if I come into them. Yes I need the xp but I can’t afford the extra gas to get to locations where there are new stops. Hopefully I’ll find some
I actually leveled up to 30 lvl by just spinning pokestops with lucky egg actually
That bonus is meh. I can literally sit here doing nothing and earn more exp by catching 3 wild Pokémons with excellent throws in less than 1 minute. Besides, if you’re been playing this game, how many new stops do you have within your vicinity?
Still sucks for people staying at home, exp is easy with incense and excellent but double incense was taken away and you need to travel for the bonus, still angry
Step 1: Drive a decent car
Step 2: Travel your entire state
Step 3: Regret your decisions by spending too much money on gas for Pokemon Go
So wait….. A one time bonus of 2500xp for spinning a new pokestop, (which you have to get really close to), for a limited time is supposed to make players from the US and New Zealand feel better? More traveling,same problem and it expires. That is not a good trade off. That’s a slap in the face. Wow
Bro sorry I wrecked your car but hey you can use my skateboard for 30 days to get around. 😒
Oh this helps but I’m still mad I can’t use the gym anymore with out getting out of bed.
if for example i am in france and because of my vacation i go to america, will i get the xp bonus ?
Pokémon go fuxced me bro so all I need is sierra to unlock the Giovanna radar and basically there was a pokestop and it was sierra but keep in mind im driving so the distance absolutely just cucked me so it messed up my special research quest the “Seven co.ored challenge” I’m am currently mad because I’m in the state of grief I know I should like a Karen but I know that this messed up people to but prolly only maybe just wanting to get pokestops all I saying is that I hope that they change this soon.

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