ULTIMATE *FREE TO PLAY* TIPS & TRICKS in POKEMON GO | Play Efficiently Without Spending Money!

Just wanna mention that usually every month there’s a spotlight hour where you get 2x evolve XP, so with a lucky egg that would be 4k XP for each evolution. So I would recommend saving up a bunch of pokemon you only need 12 candies to evolve (Pidgey, Caterpie, Pidove, Weedle, Whismur, Wurmple).
Great video as always!

Detailed explanation | ULTIMATE *FREE TO PLAY* TIPS & TRICKS in POKEMON GO | Play Efficiently Without Spending Money!

tip for getting buddies excited without using poffins is a great tip, as well as doing ar scanning to get poffins. When your buddy is excited the walk distance for getting candy is halved and that can help you get candy faster. You also have a chance of getting xl candy from walking your buddy. So that’s definitely not something to sleep on.

I’ve got a bit of a pact in my neighborhood where each day, each team gets to hold the gym for a certain time, and then the next team gets it, then the next. By the end of the day, each team basically maximizes their daily coins, and we just repeat the process everyday. We then all team up to take down any raids that decide to roll up on our turf.

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You just described my total gameplay! I’m level 50 and I’m almost FTP (I do buy special passes for event like go fest and Kanto tour). I stacked my friendship bonuses just before evolve spotlight and did insane amount of xp by opening gifts a few minutes before the start of the event. Good tips!
When I save up for remote raids I try to organise raids with international friends, so we invite each other to our respective raid hours. Helps a lot when trading especially with legendaries.
I’ve never realized til now that so many people actually use their money on this game. I see so many people switching to free to play after this whole incident while I’ve been free to play since I started my account in 2019 lol. But the tips here are really helping me understand more after taking a small break from the game.
Thank you for doing this. With everything going on I am going F2P and even though I have played for a long time I still found some things I did not know in your video. Keep up the good work!
I remember a previous video about audino giving extra stardust, this event is a little similar with staryu from the catch 15 pokemon task (staryu gives you 750 stardust each catch), perhaps you could make a tips video on stacking staryus and then during a 2x/3x catch stardust event you pop a star piece and catch them all!
Not a big pvp player but I always try to get to rank 20 to stock up on elite charged TMS but I completely FORGOT that you have a chance to get legendaries and this will help A LOT to the f2p transition – thanks for coming in clutch again bro 😎
I find the legendary encounters in GBL to be very hit or miss. Last season I caught tons of Landorus, Tornadus and Thundurus but this current season and the season before that I hardly saw a single legendary. I’ve hit Ace in each season since they revamped the levels so should be getting the encounters but it’s random and varies a lot. The other thing is there have been times when I got a legendary encounter through GBL and despite using ultra balls and golden raspberries the Pokemon keeps bursting out of the ball. I once got through 80 ultra balls like this which is a real drag as F2P.
i’ve always been free to play and what i recommend doing is taking advantage of the buddy candy you get so always have a buddy that you really want to evolve or max out not just one you want to flex with.
In regards to PVP, one tip that I know of (but dont personally use) is when you hit rank 20, is to lose 25 battles. Youll get 15,000 stardust, and your score will decrease around 300 points. Since your score is so low, youll generally get players who are newer to pvp, or players trying out new teams. With that in mind, its now easier to win consequtive matches allowing you to rake up more stardust from winning, and have more potential for getting the 3 wins pokemon encounter for that 6% legendary encounter. Once you feel confident in a team, you can keep going, or you can repeat the losing 25 battles, and rake in rewards.
Best tip I have for gyms in suburban areas (like parks) is to place your pokemon into the gym around sunset or later if possible, because most people are scared or unable to play pogo at night, so because there’s no competition at night you rack up the 8 hrs very easily.
I had a ton of Psychic types that I hadn’t fully evolved so this month’s (September 2022) event has been great because I’ve been grinding candies for them. I favorite the ones with the best IVs that are ready to evolve to keep them in one place so I can pop a Lucky Egg and evolve them all. Especially since half of them are new Pokémon for me. I also have a friend that I’m very close to being Best Friends with, so I’m going to time all of these things together. Played since day one but then didn’t play at all from 2019-2021 and started up again this year and really getting back into it!
I’m very selective with using lucky eggs – I only crack them during the monthly 2x evolve XP spotlight hour – I evolve about 140 Pokemon and get 600k+ XP. Friendship bonus is the other major XP source, but I’d have to queue up several friends at once, or evolve a bunch of Pokemon after, to feel like I spent the egg wisely.
I see a lot of people switch teams to play with their friends but my bf and I chose to stay on different teams for the sole purpose of helping take down gyms for each other!! Free coins baby!
We get enough bonuses from being best friends, no need to be on same team lol
Keep up the great work, looking forward to more F2P videos and watching you play!!
Tip: do 3 quick pvp battles with a friend, going in with 10cp level 1 Pokémon team. For the first 3 battles every day, you can get free dust, rare evolve items like stones, and rare candy.
I think I have a tip but it could be something you know are seen before, I have noticed certain buddy pokemons will bounce pokeballs back at wild pokemons to help with the catch. It all depends on the throw ball most times I get a nice or Great throw or sometimes Excellent throws as well. Have you seen your Mew or Frosless done this So far
I literally cannot stress the pvp rewards enough. I just recently started playing pokemon go again (1 month or so) after only playing 2 weeks at launch. My choice for pvp pokemon is obv very limited but i still made my way to rank 20 and manage around 3 pokemon encounters a day. I already got 2 palkias yesterday from encounters, and although i only made rank 20 6 days into dialga, i got my shiny dialga and around 6 more dialgas from pvp.
What has worked for me with gym coins is dropping Pokémon off at gyms just before I go to bed because they are less likely to get kicked over night. It’s good to do a few in case someone feeds your Pokémon and keeps them for over 24 hours.
One of the things ive started doing myself as a free to play player is creating more accounts so i have overall larger Pokémon storage, item storage, and more free raid passes. It also helps to be able to trade every day with yourself.
One small tip for catching legendaries if ftp meaning you can raid less…playing pvp over time can earn you the ability to catch the current legendary raid boss as a result for winning 3 of 5 matches once you hit level 20. Mind you it’s still not guaranteed but it’s how I’ve caught 3 of my palkias and one of which is a shiny.
As someone who played like CRAZY from 07/2016 to 2018 and am just now getting back into it, I LOVE your content. I find that you have the most useful information and it’s provided at an easy to understand method and super aesthetically pleasing…… BUT (and I notice weird things like this) did you know that you say “Using” like “Yoo-shing”? Hahahahahahahahaha. Just something weird I noticed. Keep up the good work! Make that money 💰
From the beginning… Always better to have Pokémon storage over item bags. Why? Main reason is because items are soooo much easier to manage as for example discarding a ton of normals balls in one go, and there you go… Sorted for ages. As compared to Poké storage I find it a pain to constantly keep transferring time to time so more storage you have the better so when you time comes you do it all in one go and won’t have to worry for a long time.
I was following your advice on going for bag space first, but with the reduced spin distance its kind of pointless for me now. Before I was throwing out a bunch of stuff like fruits and heal pots just to make room for more balls. Since distance was reduced I now have about 400 open spots in my bags and just dont even go out to play as much. It is a lot more time intensive and almost feels like a second job.
Personally I use my incubators I get from Resesarch and Level Up rewards just for the Double Stardust hatch Events. Thats why I try always to have at least 7 10km Eggs in the upper 9 slots through spinning stops, in case such an Event gets announced. But getting 12 12km Eggs for those Events sound nice too.
Last time I have done this was for New Year event. I was prepared for Easter Event but it had just hatch distance reduced.
If you don’t like pvp, just tough it out up as high rank as you can before go battle nights. If you can get up to rank 20 would be best, but you can pop a Star piece and top left and quit every match for as many of the 100 sets as you want. With the stardust bonus easily can get over 100,000 stardust just quitting matches
The one I like is to do my 5 GBL fights only claim the rewards before the stardust than pop a star piece. Collect all rewards and u have enough time 2 do 1 more run with about 7 mins lefts to add any of the things you said to sync up with. I do the premium run when I can and even if I win only 3 of both sets I get around 35k to 40k. The more the wins the more dust
Late but tip: Learn a good pvp pokemons cp cap. For example, if you want Swampert for great league or ultra, evolve the mudkip that will naturally land at ~1500 or 2500. U can have a meta Swampert for 10k dust instead of 100k dust, applies to any pokemon, Pokegenie can accurately show you a pokemons evolved CP and IV rating.
also a tip regarding raid teams, i usualy make teams for raids i l do mainly t5 or mega and i use 1 mega poke for legendaries, so when i know whats coming i start using a mega counter poke on buddy to get enough energy for 1x each day during the raid time on the game, for exemple rn i am already walking slowbro for hm zamezenta i think since my alteria and bedril is rdy already for palk and zacian coming. i find it usefull cuz u r leveling ur buddy hearts ur getting candy xl and energy and it gives u a purpose to use buddy system to the main poke u want to, even tho i am doing background buddies, that one poke usualy a mega i main till i hit the energy needed for the duration of the future raid, when i reach it i usualy get energy on poke i l need to counter good raids in the future or i just main good relevant poke for xl candy purposes like salamence or any hundos i have that are relevant, just stay away of maining legendaries since 20km for candy is bad
ive fed roughly 400 berries to my local gyms and ive yet to get a candy (ive gotten some looooong ago but not the past month) its insane. also as for right now you can stack up staryus in your tasks (its the catch 15 pokemon task), might be a good starpiece on the 2x stardust spotlight hour of that month!
Been playing free to play for over 2 years,patience and waiting pays of this way,if you don’t get the event shiny or legendary it will return again at some other time,have always found that the boxes you can get in the shop at Christmas time give you a good deal for your coins,I save my coins up over the year and then spend them when that box becomes available at this point in time l have got 100 raid passes sat in my infantry from playing this way,also try to hit excellent throws on the Pokémon you know you can do this on for the better XP gains, I find this is better on saving Poké Balls in the long run rather than wasting them, but if you’re lucky enough to get A good rare spawn use the ultra ball rather than the poky ball that way you should save balls in the long run trying to catch it; also go after weather boosted Pokémon as they will give you better Stardust most importantly of all play the game the way it makes you feel happy, but be respectful to other Pokémon players especially when taking Gyms they want their PokéCoins just like you,
the ultimate tip I can give for who’s is a f2p player just like me is: try to make a nearby friend play with you. It’s easier to get 100% iv pokemon if you trade constantly with a friend
Tips for more stardust, the night before your 7 days streak. I always battle and try to get 5 wins (or as much as you can). Claim the rewards with your star piece for extra dust the next day with streak.
While you are in a car (when someone else is driving) I spin all of the poke stops I see and put a Pokémon in any gym that’s my team’s color. I’ve been having 5-10 Pokémon in a gym every day just by hopping on the bus (because it goes through the city where there’s lots of poke stops) and it stops often (so it doesn’t think you are driving and gives you a chance to spend time at a gym and fight and stuff)
One trick you can use is to save a free raid pass and use that one the next day and save the one you receive on the day you used the saved pass. This way you always have a backup pass.
To help with the pokemon in gym thing. Just go pick one gym at like midnight your local time take it and pop a mon inside. By the time you wake up you will basically have your max if not later in the day.
Actually you can’t get 1 more legendary after you hit level 20 in pvp once you get the encounter as a level 20 unless there are 2 legendaries you only get 1 (also dont worry about having to try and try again for the legendary you get it on the first encounter)
My best tip is to get a GoTcha or a Pokeball Plus and be able to spin stops and catch pokemon in the background while doing other things. While not “free” you won’t be buying coins. It has really turbo charged my play.
My best tip is to just take a stroll around your area (while staying safe of course & if possible). Its obvious yes. But who knows, maybe you’ll find a really rare pokémon or an unclaimed gym. Also save your money irl please use it on more important things. But who am I to tell you what to do.
I wish I had the patience for these. Back when level 50 came out I wanted to speed to it so was just buying an absurd amount of passes,lucky eggs, incubators, rocket radars, star pieces, incense
I have a question. I noticed you said some level 50 players put their gotcha on poke-stops only and catch in AR mode. Does AR mode let you still get spins while catching? I’ve never tried it but when I go to the catching screen, my watch stops spinning poke stops.
One of my best tip for ftp is if you’re playing with strangers that you having a hard time to coordinate with that live near the gym and your pokemon always get KOed b4 8hrs 10mins, try to put it a few minutes b4 raids because you just secure about an hour worth pokecoin and well one hour worth pokecoin is better than nothing and just keep stacking your pokecoin until it’s enough
I intentionally tank my GBL elo to make battles easier and increase my chances of legendary encounters. I’m Ace rank, but run around 1400-1600. I win 0 battles in one set, and 3 in the remaining 4 sets. This keeps my elo in the range and makes battling faster since I’m throwing almost half off the matches

For 3x star dust events, with increased sets I’ll throw all matches the 2 days before it begins to get below 1000. During the event, I’ll alternate sets to win 1 or all 5. This Métis my elo from rushing too quickly, and makes it so I can generally guarantee I’m playing easier players.

These tips are helpful but not really to me because I barely do raids at all bc I don’t go out raiding a lot and I never do pvp because I find it really annoying and I hate losing all the Time
I’m late to the comments section on this but THE #1 TIME TO USE A STARPIECE is at the start of a new PVP season. Having a star piece on to claim your end of season rewards can net you 6 digit stardust in one single click.
I wish i could join the discord raid but nervous on how people would think of me and i dont have good pokemon some are decent but some are not great but have saved me few times in battles and raids
Hey man amazing tips
But i have 3 pokestops litteraly where I stay and can access them from my house
Abd also a gym which I can access from my balcony
Pretty lucky ig
Currently have 11 12km eggs on 1 account
Free to play on all 5 accounts since the beginning.
It’s hard but very satisfying.
ive tradet like 20 times with my cousin(we already have best friends but never Lucky friends, i got lucky hundo tepig, lucky dialga(bad ivs), 96% luvky palkia, lucky froggie, lucky dratini and lucky ditto, 6 oit of 20 is pretty lucky, ( all pokemon were younger than 3 months)
someone please help , this is about shadow pokemn iv in pvp , should i use shadow pokemon that have 1/15/15 in pvp or having less attack high defense high stamina doesnt apply to shadow pkmn in pvp ???
I did a lucky trade with my alternate account and got a lucky riolu😁…For XP Jump Start field research is Excellent. I will be using my lucky egg on seventh day of week since I will get bonus xp which is around 30,000 xp and 400000 xp from research
Here’s something as a tip for free to play do all the battles which you can because they give high CP rewards as Pokemon like look at my Machamp which I got 2000 cp
Save up your rare candy and use it for the lucky Pokémon you get if you get something like a lucky mewtwo because if you are ftp then you won’t raid legendary Pokémon as much so you won’t get as much candy
I live in a big city and have 2 pokestops in my house and a place with a lot of pokestop near each other so I can get pokeballs very easily, I prefer to increse pokemon storage because it’s a pain to transfer pokemon you caught a while ago and also in events like CD I need a lot of space so I don’t need to spend time transfering
I use Poke Raid to host 1 Legendary raid with 10 guests each day with my free pass, as you said. This means each day I make 10 new friends and raid with them (guaranteed to win) and I now have 400 friends (the max). Many send gifts which means I have a huge supply of items for whenever I am away from pokestops. And I can easily send plenty of gifts out each day, helping me turn new friends into Great friends quickly for 3000 XP each friend, then see which ones are likely to go to the next level of friendship for greater rewards. This has transformed my experience: I can catch any legendary, I get plenty of XP and a good supply of items. Strongly recommended !
Why not eliminate normal pokeballs to have space in ur bag and try to keep only great and ultra balls? That way u can focus more on pokemon storage first. Eventually u will need more bag space ofc
I rlly need to use these tips but the raid and gym one is just hope that my mons gets defeated also the nearest is somewhat far and im still not allowed to leave the house alone
I am also free to play player. But I do legendery Pokemon raid daily once and I can have 31 or 30 same type of legendry. And I am saying go the discord it is insane when me and my brother do raid we have full of 12 players and it is so helpful it is so effective to our Pokemon storage just having bunch of this legendry. And I also got two four star dialga form that 31 raid 😘
I always take two gyms that are close to me but only when it’s night, as soon as clock is 00.00 I go to take these gyms. Reason being that I live in s suburbia and no one’s awake here at night time. So I’ll keep the gym the whole night and get my 50 coins and in the day time it gets really busy here and I just let them do whatever because I’ve already earned the max coins per day.
Bro your tips are really perfect
and i wana say one thing
may be most not belive me
but i defet zamazanta lugia by my high cp non legendaary non mythical pokemon
in ultralegue pvp
if you want some candy just while sleeping in night put your device on charge and leave the game opened your character would drift and that adds up to your buddy distance and also helps in hatching eggs . I evolved a froakie to greninja in seven days by getting candies like this and also already mega evolved Pokemon on walking will give you mega energy and you can get like 125 mega energy of garydos by leaving the game opened whole night and if your character drifts
Since they reduced the distance I can catch and spin pokie stops has made it really hard for me to play free to play and now cause I’m not having fun I’ve stopped spending money on the game pretty sure it had the opposite effect on me they intended
When you catch pokemon just throw any useless ones into a gym and when they’re knocked out transfer them off, you save on potions and revives.
“Make sure item storage is at least 1000 ahead of Pokemon”

Cut to me sitting here with 300/300 pokemon and 350/350 items after playing since 2016.

In RuneScape restricted accounts make the really good content I would be very interested to see how your account progresses as a free-to-play player
Not going F2p because I only have 2 gyms near me and tons of ppl play where I live so I wont have any chance to get coins at max. But I will do these tips
Can we just talk about how hard go battle league is for people who don’t have legacy move Pokemon. I can’t tell you how many times I have been seeped by a hydro cannon swamped or blast burn charizard. Getting 3 wins in a row is nearly impossible at higher levels let alone 4 for highly craved rare candy. It should just be “get 4 wins (not in a row) for rare candy”. I also think that hatched eggs should give rare candy instead of set candy, with different tiers giving different amounts
i would ususally do my pvp sets everyday but my phone has been super slow for a while with pvp so id basically lose before i can even see the other persons first mon, cant wait to get another phone
if ur team is weak in go battle league, u can still win, i have a team in great league with a 1100 CP (something like that) emolga, a seismitoad and leafeon
to save time on lucky eggs u can pop all ur friend bonuses u have by opening gifts and also send gifts to others ur 1 day away but dont have their gift to open in the chance that they open so extra xp without opening gift and then after u finish all that get out of friend tab and go to ur inventory right away to pop the egg and this is best used with a raid hour right after or some extra catch xp or some xp event and get the 30 gifts to open opn that day all bonuses ready, if u dont have enough best ultra or great then add ppl and get dem into good friends its still 6k xp with egg. i do this and i usualy hit atleast 1.5 million xp everytime
Best FTP tip from me is, not hunt shiny pokémon there are raid locked. You can grind wild shiny pokemon, and maybe you have a friend there want’s to trade a shiny legendary for a shiny cranidos fx.
I have 600 bag space, I’m ok with it
Now I farm enough coins for 6 remote passes
I would really like you try doing the daily coin grind to buy an adventure box after youve’ gone out of your paid 8k coins. Please show as that its’ doable, cause it doesn’t seem realistic
Also an amazing tip is:
Get NEW friends. Dump your Code somewhere and add as many people as possible per day. Every new friendship gives 3k EXP. Doing that 30 times per day (by opening 30 gifts. sending them a gift and they open it ALSO gives even more exp but isnt relyable) is at least 90k exp per day for free.
I am unluckiest player
On my locality only 4-5 pokestops available & 1 gym that’s too far I need to go with cycle to get daily coins sometimes Pokemon don’t come back for few days that’s also irritating
I stucked in lvl 33 and can’t push game more
It’s too struggling game without pokestops
My pokeballs also exhausting in every 1 week and I have really no use of daily free passes
Community days are also non valuable for me
Thats funny you say people dont like pvp I dont doubt that but for me thats like the best part of the game especially getting the legendary pokemon from there because its basically impossible for me to beat raids by myself. Im trying to get to level 41 and I have to win 30 riads I dont know how im going to do it.
I’ve been playing Pokemon go ever since the release date and I have spent less than $5 of my own money on the game which would include going to all Poka Go Fests not in person. I do have Google Rewards that has given me $260 ovrr my lifetime in Pokemon go and that is how I play Pokemon Go free to play.
lol gaming in smaller cities and towns is ok to coordinate but I can imagine living somewhere where there’s a ton of stops and gyms and a large amount of the population all grinding and competing to be the best
I have a question about super rocket radar i have one but i can’t find Rocket boss there is no right now or I am the one who has a problem i can’t find Rocket boss i don’t know why 😐 ???
all these tips are great but not for players under level 20. we don’t have powerful pokemon yet so we can’t even do gyms or raids. barely can battle team rocket balloons and stops. most these tips and tricks won’t be available until at least level 30 when you have decent CP rated pokemon and by then the person will already know all of this stuff.
What Pokémon to Pokémon go she thought of this when they introduced the game they should’ve put storage in for Pokémon if you want to keep them but they didn’t and it really sucks cause only hold certain Pokémon
I am level 20 in the battle league and have never gotten a shiny by the battle league. In the video said if you are really lucky you could get shiny legendary/mythical pokemon from the battle league. Am I just really unlucky?
You know Fortunately I have 2 accounts and one has valor as its leader and the other one has the Yellow leader so I woyld just switch accounts and would knock down the poekmin from gyms
Like I don’t get it they make it so you can only get 50 per day but yet allow you to put a Max of one Pokemon in 20 different gym and yet show show you they are coming back with 50 coins for each one but yet still only get 50 coins per day they need to change this and let us have the poke coins we make from this if theres a max of 20 gyms we can put Pokemon in then we should get the 50 coins per gym each day
Asking people to take you out of gyms is a big NO!

If any of the other players in the gym is hunting for their gold medal for the gym, that’s really bad!

Sorry, I usually don’t unsubscribe from channels I like, but this was the worst advice I have seen.

If you want your daily coins, just make sure to be in several gyms, so are you almost guaranteed kicked out from some.

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