AR Mapping Task for an incense was live this past Christmas event. Stay tuned for if they ever release this AR Mapping task again!


I have a gym right down the street from me. It is what I’d call a stand alone gym. It’s kind of out here, by itself and about a mile in either direction, there are multiple gyms, grouped together. Those grouped gyms get far more attention and most folks never interact with my “home” gym. I have some neighbors, (they are grandparents) who flip the gym every morning and every evening. They each have a Mystic acct and a Valor acct. The gym is blue all day and red all night. I’m Mystic, so I just drop in there in the morning with them and usually sit until the evening. I’ve been able to get my 50 coins every day for several years now.

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sometimes i wonder if spin distance adjustment has more to do with data collection in terms of location tracking. i say this because the AR mapping gives me a similar feeling which is why i’m often reluctant to do them.
i feel like they should add egg incubators in research tasks i rarely get them
Also bonus tip is to battle a friend or 2nd account as sometimes you get these special items.
Thank You so Much you inspired me to create my own pokemon go channel
Hopefully I blow up like you one day
I have been a free to play player for the last couple of years and one thing that is annoying is that every time I have remote raid passes for regular raid passes stacked up from go fast or something like that the game won’t let me buy the one coin raid pass until I’ve use them which is completely dumb and doesn’t allow me to save up
Another Poffin tip:

Because Poffin will half the walking distance needed to earn a candy with your buddy, best strat for me to use them on Pokemon which you have Mega Evolved and use really often in raids like Charizard, Gengar, Abomasnow etc. You will earn double Mega Energy which will be great for when we get Mega Pokemon which have walking buddy distance of 5km (Garchomp, Salamence, Gardevoir etc) & Mega Legendaries (even though it will only cut is from 20km -> 10km which isn’t as realistic to grind compared to the other pokemon)

I’m a f2p. I won 2 Zacian Raids and did use Golden Rasberry as well as excellent throw using circle technique. In both cases Zacian fled away. Niantic wants only those player to catch 5*Raid Pokemon who play real money.
you dontave to scan the pokestop just stay in the radius and walk around
Im at 800 item storage/600 pokemon storage so im going to max both out and after that ill buy a bunch of star pieces since they are the most valuable item for me
Coincidentally I needed more incense without paying for them. Now I know how to get more.
i desperately need a Togekiss for PVP, i got a togepi with 9/13/13 not sure if i should use that one or keep looking bc it might take a while. Somebody help me?
The referral program is also a great way to get premium items!!! I got many incubators referring some irl and online friends.
The saddest thing about my mythical discovery research is that I can’t complete it cause there are no gyms or pokestops in my city
I got an ar mapping task where the pokestop was attached to someone’s garden wall so I couldnt complete it without going in their garden
Your best bet is to make a second account.

After knocking out the teams a first time using up most of that accounts items (mind you, 1 day worth of playing) typing just makes the rotating easy. Yeah, my area is that inactive or all team Mystic. :”)

dude i see nowhwhere the friend gift tip, once you open a gift, just before the items come up you can still press the X and skip everything including friendship level update
I can’t do AR mapping which sucks. It says I have to have Google AR which it says its not compatible with my phone 😔🤦🏼‍♂️
If a person has 2 Pokémon Go accounts of different teams, he can defeat himself on alternate days and earn Poke Coins fast. I only have single account but this is my theory. Heard someone else say it once.
Lucky eggs are so useless. No point to using them since leveling up doesn’t give you any worthy rewards. If they gave you more storage space or something then it could be justified. But all your doing is spending a lucky egg to hit level 35 just to get another lucky egg and a couple stardust
I like how allot of the PoGo content creators are stating they are going free to play and making it seem like it’s a courageous thing more like the comparison of coming out of the closet. “Mom.. Dad.. you know how I’ve been playing PoGo premium? Well I’m finally able to openly admit I’m now free to play” like if you really wanted to boycot Niantic you would not play the game at all or promote the game by making content about the game. Going free to play isn’t this brave new movement like you and a handful of PoGo creators are acting like. Look at Mystic 7 he has been the most humble and educated creator throughout this whole boycott. But that’s just my opinion and in the end we can all play or not play how we see fit. Still I enjoy your vids and without this boycott mess you vids have been the most useful tips and tricks vids for this game recently. This wasn’t intended to be negative if it came off hella harsh my apologies. I’m a free to play player and have no problems playing the game as such.
i literally cant do AR mapping task because of a bug, cant find the solution anywhere so i have to skip on those.
basically, the scan button is greyed out even when im next to the stop
Bro can u make a shorts or u can tell me in this comment why didn’t I get a ripple in time research i searched on reddit and find out that it will only appear after u complete the 3rd stage of mythical discovery but I am at 5th stage of mythical discovery i didn’t get the research why bro can u tell me
This is just a perfect example of how out of touch niantic is. Content creators who were showing players how to spend money to play the game are now showing players how to FTP. How dumb can they be.

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