That first christmas community event was magical… Dratinis, Larviatars and Beldums all spawning like crazy 🙂

I hope Zekrom is on this list. I’ve just received a 98% shiny lucky one and I’m excited to train him up. 😁


Thank you for this list as well as your balanced reasoning regarding the moves! Also thank you for reminding us that using them is better than hoarding them. After all, if you use them, it’s easier to get more of them! (At least if you use them in PvP.)

sceptile and blaziken are actually preferred to not run frenzy plant and blast burn. They usually run leaf blade/earthquake/dragon claw for spec tile and blaze kick/brave bird for blaziken.

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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after careful consideration, I think Thundershock Zapdos & Smack Down Tyranitar (shadow preferably) are the only useful Raid Fast TM picks. Now I can finally start using a couple Elite Fast (Since shadow Zapdos is so limited while being SO good)
To me it’s rock wrecker, or any mon pre pandemic that gets hydro cannon. So many new players that missed out on those and they’re super strong
I’d argue Grass Knot Breloom
I remember it used to work wonders in great league when Swampert, Registeel and Azumarill ran rampant only being checked by Altaria with Sky Attack which you’d save your shields for
Thanks man! This was haunting me! I was about to elite tm Draco meteor my dragonite, but community day classic had me dumbfounded
We need more of the regular tm days. I have over 50 meta raid attackers that need legacy moves… and it will be higher soon since I’ll need a higher pvp sweet for going for vet24 status.
Are all legacy moves the bestove for that pokemon or are there sometimes scenarios where you shouldn’t use a legacy move on one pokemon
Well found an almost perfect pvp Bulbasaur and mudkip last week and already fully evolved them, didn’t know community day moves would come back 💀.
This brings back memories, I remember trading magikarp for magikarp with my brother, where I got a 100% magikarp and evolved into a super strong gyradose!
Used my Last elite charge TM for blast burn Charizard. Totally worth it. Plus got me crazy views ❤️
Season two of GBL I got a Hundo Metagross from GBL rewards and immediately elite tm’d and maxed that thing. 😁
I run Gyarados in the master league with crunch and outrage but I do look forward getting a Gyarados with aqua tail!
I didn’t know smack down was legacy on tyrannitar so I used a ton trying to get it before I realized I couldn’t without an elite tm 🙃
My best use of an elite charge TM was to add a 2nd attack to my Shadow Ball Mewtwo and then use the TM to teach it Psystrike so now it has both legacy moves.
Used my first and only ECTM on metagross since it was iv100. Wanted to use it on mewtwo but IVs were pretty average.
Doesn‘t the fact that starters like Charmander and Squirtle had their Com-Day before 2020 make their respective meta attacks Hydro Cannon and Blast Burn unobtainable through the december event and thus an elite-TM is the only way to get them now?
Rock wrecker is in fact not the recommended move for Rhyperier in PVP, it does great in raids though.
What do you think about Metagross / Meteor Mash ? Was only able to get that using Elite TM.
Also not all legacy moves are relevant so you dont end up with an unwanted skill. Im saving mine for mewtwo!
Question can you still teach Therian Landrous Earthpower & Rock Slide with an elite charged tm, or are those moves for Therian Landp completely gone regardless even with an elite tm??
Yes, for few pokemons till now December community day will be good
Serperior is out of list, too glassy to be used in pvp & in raids it’s absolutely no go.
Thanks for telling that the December Comday it’s a mix of past mons. I have evolved so many poke that would have learned Legacy Moves.
Surprised you didn’t mention dragon tail Gyarados it has better stats than dragon breath and it’s often better for the shadow variant providing additional damage
I have 3 elite fast Tm’s now, not sure what to use them on since the Roserade and Talonflame will come back in december.
Hey can I teach my shadow metagross a second move during December community day and then can I get meteor mash on it, or maybe charged tm on it, or did I missed a really good oppurtunity?
Any possibility “teaching” a second charge move on community day to a final evolved Pokémon, would that new charge move be a legacy move ?
So for December com day, can you just use regular tms to get legacy moves, or do you have to evolve/elite tm?
Does December CD includes the legacy moves covered in the year? Like the Blast from the Past event this year?
I Gave my Metagross an elite chargeTM for meteor mash. But in the Master League its not that busted as i thought, cause everyone is talking about the „Meta“ meteor mash… am i doing something wrong?
Maybe shadow rhyperior us coming soon because in the Giovanni battle it could be shadow rhyperior
I couldn’t find the video about giovani anymore so I am gonna ask it here. If you have the special team rocket radar to find Giovanni, do you lose it if you fights the other team rocket members?
How does it work with shadow pokemon if you try and evolve them during an event to get a legacy charged attack or do you need to use an elite charged tm on them?
Qhy is lickitung preferred to be XL? Are we talking about its size and weight? What do you mean by XL and why is it preferred?
Sceptile for PVP works better with Bullet Seed/Leaf Blade/Dragon Claw or Earthquake as its moveset

Blaziken is better with Counter/Blaze Kick/Stone Edge (which is a legacy move in itself)

I have a shiny 1966 Aerodactyl what moves would be good for battle league (i don’t have High Pokemon)
Right now it has
Hyper beem 150
Steel wing 11
I got my first elite tm buy getting rank 19 should I use it on metagroos for meteor mash or wait for mewtwo in raids to get psystrike
I just got a 98% Shadow Beldum, i have an elite TM, but i don’t know if MetaGross will be in the community day this year, does anyone know ?
If this December plays the same way as previous com days to get the legacy move, are com day classic Pokémon including on December com day?
I did a Gengar raid and it had focus blast and shadow claw both of witch I believe are legacy moves
Hey could someone help I have a lot of legendary pokemon like repeats so should I keep them all or just 1 or 2 and transfer the rest ??
I probably misunderstood… If i evolve a past CD pokemon on the next CD. Will i get the legacy move of that past CD pokemon ?
I have a tip and idk if you know but it’s about Spotlight Hour
So if the Spotlight hour has a potential shiny,well it will spawn the most but there is a catch for some spotlight hours.
For example,The next Spotlight hour is wooloo and it doesn’t have a shiny
However,since it doesn’t have a shiny,it will also come with a “buddy” that can be shiny.
In my area,I did Shellos Spotlight Hour and the “buddy” was Tangela.
Tangela has a shiny and it was spawning a bit more than usual
The reason this is made is to make the spotlight hour at least playable and you can potential get a shiny.
Idk if you want to make a video about this as this can be useful for some people.
Using the TM just cause is probably the worst advice he’s given. They are VERY hard to get. Especially if you don’t drop a thousand dollars on the game like this guy does a month so
My nephew told me that shadow ball wasn’t a legacy move for mewtwo and I eneded up burning 25 charge tms trying to get shadow ball ugh he got me good
This game sucks to get back into. It’s like you have to just wait for community day to actually play. Cant do raids without ppl or good pokemon, can’t evolve until community days to get good pokemon, can’t battle for same reason. Is there anyways around any of this
I remeber how much pain I had in snivy com day I checked snivies even after no pokeballs left I regret checking bc it gives me pain I got 4 shinies but couldn’t catch I live in rural area bc I ran out of balls! :((((
“events in the future” – They know they can force people to use ETMs with the shadow rotation – see alolan marowak. Its pretty gross to be honest.
Plz plz tell how make my shadow pokemons forget frustration I really wanna test them out in pvp
what we need 2 know is what pokemon alredy had comunity days those r the pokemon we should us elite tm’s on
Because of comunity day in 2021, i want to be prepare to get good moves using TM’s. So, i’m here to ask you to do a vídeo, If you can, to explain How se can be prepare to exploit all the comunity day december.
Aaaand, the best and fast ways to get fast and charge TM’s… Especialy Charge TMs..
Can someone reply for this
Can I get Aeroblast lugia from gbl cause I don’t have much players to raid and I want to catch it from gbl at rank 20 so can I get the legacy move please reply for this

Edit: if you know anything please tell cause it would be a help for me and some other players who see this
Someone please reply dax can you reply please

I have level 50 100% iv metang and waiting for meteor mash but i dont think it will come to the game soon bcuz in march 2021 beldum incense day happen

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