They should make it so when you reach a friend milestone you have to click to claim the XP just like researches and field tasks, as they don’t even have a chat in game.


Pokemon go should just add a chat feature. It would make everything so much easier

today I found out that when you get a task for doing, say 3 raids, you can join a raid, go back to the raid lobby, rejoin the raid, and that will count as “doing the raid a second time”. You can do this any amount of times.

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got a question for you. I use stadiumgaming for pvp IVs. What category do I use for Pokémon encounters rewards from gbl? Wild catch or research encounters?
If you don’t have communication with someone, you can always open the game, quickly swipe to your friend tab and check if someone opened your gift. If you see they did, you can pop an egg quick before the friendship animation pops up.
Pokemon go should add way to communicate between friends. This is essential.
Another thing you guys can do is have 30 people send you a gift if you are not friends with them yet then pop a lucky egg then when you open a max of 30 gift. Each friend will give you 6000xp to a total of 180,000 xp per day.
when you say log out, do you mean to log out in the settings or just closing the app and not having it in the background? So that next time I open it, the niantic screen and loading screen appear and then I’m ALREADY in the game. Or do I need to log in again?
Does everyone delete their friends once you hit BEST FRIENDS and then just start with new friends? Is there any benefit to keeping friends once you hit BEST FRIENDS status?
Simply the friend should not be able to trigger your XP gain. It should only be triggered when you open a gift.
My thing is having so many friends like 200 or so & friends all the time asking to use a lucky egg & I’m a free player so I don’t make those purchases. & the only way I can get a egg is by leveling up or maybe a event
Is it still possible for me to get Mewtwo in pogo or not? Im still pretty new to the game.
Is there any tips on how to become ‘lucky friends’ quicker because I’ve been back and forth opening and sending gifts every day for the past month now with my two brothers that are best friends and having literally no luck with it..
I think I’ve got the best solo record of 60 200k off 1 luck egg you can’t open gifts till 11:50pm then open 30 more when it hits midnight then watch 200k pop for a long time
Most of my friends are unknown to me. So I just don’t give them the trigger. I’m the one who knocks.
I keep waking up and it keeps saying it as soon as I log in. I had two last night that were saying one day away and then today one instantly gave xp. The other is still sitting at one day away
I have 3 people nearly at best friends but have no way of contacting them since I added him by poke gene. Is there any way for me to find them
I dont care about friends lmao

I don’t send or open gifts if there’s one day left and open them when i am using lucky egg 😂

How hard is it to have a chat feature for god sake. Stupid apps have as a basic feature and a game who is making millions cant add that? Disappointing.

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