I will go over all the new & returning shadow pokemon and how to get them in my tips videos for this part of the event which will drop tomorrow morning!


Tip: remove frustration from lower tier evolution and wait for December comm day to evolve and get the comm day charge move on it

I was following along with this while going through my shadows list, and I hadn’t realized I actually had some decent ones for pvp.

Shadow mudkips, ralts, magnemites, metang, larvitars and charmanders are back 😁✌🏻
But I think machops went away 🥺

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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It would be so sick if shadow lugia looked like the shadow lugia in Gales of darkness!! I think that was the first shadow pokemon ever!
I notice a lot of these mons have mega evolutions, so I’m thinking of TMing my top 6-12 ivs and purifying the rest for trading in hopes of getting purified lucky hundos. Thoughts?
I’ve got a shadow Scizor, Zapdos and Ho-Oh that I got for quite sometime. Finally this is the time to use remove the frustration.
Shadow Weavile is the best bang for your buck shadow investment in my opinion when it comes to raids.

The majority of the legendaries are either psychic, flying, or dragon, and shadow Weavile is one of the top heavy hitters against all three of these types.

It’s like if Tyranitar and Mammoswine had a baby.

I was super excited I could TM my 93% IV shadow Pupitar I got after midnight right after Go Battle Day ended! 🥳
I’ve got a great weavile for a spice pick in PvP. 100% IVs for GL. Also, Metagross needs its legacy move Meteor Mash.
From Saturday, July 9, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. to Sunday, July 10, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. local time
Use a Charged TM to help a Shadow Pokémon forget the Charged Attack Frustration.
I’m not really a PvP player so I don’t have that many Charge TM’s. But through the Darkai Raids I got a good amount of them. If they wouldn’t have announced the frustration event that early I would have spent all those TM’s on random Pokemon. I’m glad that they didn’t put something like the Regis into raids before the frustration event happens.
I believe Terrakion with sacred sword has actually passed shadow machamp as top fighting raid attacker.
I’m just wondering: Has there ever been a time where you could catch a shadow Eevee in Pokémon Go? If so, when? If not, is there a chance it will be in the future?! 🤔😅😁
I’m considering building a ulpc shadow Crobat, regular has done the work with some recent meta shifts
Tip if you want to purify do not remove frustration before that because if you do, the moment you purify them the charged attack will change to return and will have to use another one
Good news and bad news about the new shadow pokemon come up.
Good news: the water grunt will give you mudkip!
Bad news: the fighting grunt will not give you machop anymore; you get either hitmonlee or hitmonchan.
That sucks since I wasn’t able to get a good IV shadow machop but the chance for mudkip and the chances for shadow nidoqueen are apperciated!
Got a 15/14/15 shadow Gligar that I evolved to shadow Gliscor — worth TMing away Frustration? Otherwise, also do have a 15/13/15 shadow Weavile that seems to be what you and others are suggesting is a good use of the charged TM. Thanks!
When I first started playing the game, I didn’t know some Shadow types were better….and I purified my Shadow Mewtwo. 😭😥
I got a shadow Turtwig this morning with IVs of 13/14/13. If purified it would be a 4*. I am unsure what to do with it. Thoughts?
i think terrakion took the number 1 fighting type so just have it in mind before investing in shadow fighters
What’s a good CP for a base Shadow pokemon? All my Shadow pokemon are gonna be heavy investments. Is that the case for everyone else? Is that part of the Shadow pokemon drawback? I just wanna know if I’m just unlucky or if Shadow pokemon are just low cp wise
Like, what CP Shadow Machop would you catch and say he is the one to invest in
I regret purifying my Shadow Stunky so badly now! It was 14/13/14 and I purified it because I wanted to make it a 100% Perfect IV.
Been playing for a little over 2 weeks now. I’ve got 2 shadow snorlaxes, a 100% IV Snorlax for ultra league (0/12/15), a shadow dratini which I today evolved into shadow dragonite, 2 shadow charmanders, a shadow squirtle, a shadow bulbasaur, 2 shadow bagons and 1 shadow shelgon. A shadow nidoran and a shadow nidorina, a shadow spheal and a shadow beedril. Loads of other shadow pokemon too but not worth mentioning (like a dozen whismurs). Also I caught 4 dittoes on my 2nd day of playing, and a shiny ditto on my 5th! A lapras and 3 gyaradoses (with enough candy to evolve a 4th, but waiting til after I’ve found another Ditto for the mythical discovery task)

And as a passion project I’ve got over 400 Wailmer candies that I plan on using on a 15/15/15 wailmer. Best I’ve got atm is 15/14/15

I think that’s pretty well off for only 2 weeks of playing! Also I’m level 30

Does anyone have a list on shadows to NOT TM? i know wobbuffet & Sableye want return. Anything else? I have 300 TMs saved for this and just want to search all shadow and start TMing
I watched this at the time where it ended and I didn’t get to remove any frustration from any Pokémon like the ones that is good like charms set squirtle and bulbasaur
The other way around it would be better. Which pkmn NOT to remove frustration from? I will remove frustration from every shadow I have.
Havn’t been playing long so sorry if this is a noob question. Once I remove frustration from a shadow pokemon can I change its charged move any time without an event like this?
you know the game press TDO / dps chart site, does it assume that the Pokémon you are going against is getting super effective’d to all your moves? I’m asking because terriakion new sacred sword move looks wrong with smackdown
The best way to remove frustration from your shadow pokémon is to just purify your shadow pokémon, it works at all times, it replaces frustration with return and it also increases greatly it’s CP, win-win-win.
I’m confused. First i hear Shadow pokémon are always better, but how can a not shadow form of a pokémon be higher on the list for leagues then it’s shadow form? Help?
My first shadow pokemon was dratini and ofc i purify it cuz didint understand anything on game when start it 😀 now played +2month and so far no second dratini. even more worst it was decent pvp iv, high hp and decent def with low attack. my saddest moment in pokemon go 😀
I have 2 elite charged TMs, what are their best uses. Mewtwo, Metagross, other legendaries, Tyranitar, any suggestions?
Doesn’t a Mega boost to attacks of the same type equal a Shadow offense boost? So if you have a Pokémon with the same IVs that you Mega vs Shadow, then the Mega has whatever the Atk + and Def + is for increased stats, and then a Mega Type move boost as well.

Where as the Shadow loses Defense and only gets 20% to Atk. So while a Shadow is good if you don’t have a Mega, it isn’t better during a raid, especially if you can compound multiple Megas.

The only exception is if a Pokémon used Attack that are different from its Mega attacks, such as Mewtwo using Shadow Ball, rather than just Psychic moves.

I’m stuck between lugia, Blastoise, ivysaur, machop, gyrodos, snorlax, Tyranitar, and magnezone. I only have 1 elite who should I give it too?
best shadows for GBL with the rankings to support, then best shadows for attacking with DPS. Personally, felt it confusing jumping between the two, and more so without DPS to back-up how good attackers were compared to alternatives, something attenuated for the GBL mons because of the rankings.
First day I got lucky to get 2 larvitar and 1 mudkip but for the last 2-3 days I’ve been getting nothing but crap raltz and nonsense Pokemon. I’m feeling frustration if you catch my drift
I Cant Find Giovanni But I Have A Super Rocket Radar
i havent completed looming in the shadow mission in 2019 But in the past i have battled the team go rocket leaders and won against them
I cant even find leaders with rocket radar
Hey can somebody help me out here ?
So I just got a shadow lugia of 95iv 13/15/15 this is my first ever lugia, can somebody tell me the best moves for it ?
i was wondering in my country i think only i play pokemon go and i never gon in a raid and i never seen a gym or a poké stop
I can’t even open my app for some reason, I’m getting about half way through the bar and it’s crashing. Anyone else getting this problem?
i have 4 shadow snorlax and 2 shadow dratiny and im a big idiot and i purifi my magikarp because i dont know shadow is better
I thought shadow Pokémon get community day move after removing frustration and evolving?
I just wasted resource evolving a 15/14/14 shadow swampert and didn’t get hydrocannon
UGH this game is such a shitty cash grab I’m gonna quit

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