I actually have been taking advantage of these startergy, there is a rhyhorn nest near my house, and I’ve been grinding out some candies. Can’t get xl cause I’m only level 36 🙁

Detailed explanation | ARE *BIG NESTS* BUSTED in POKEMON GO?

I’m checking in the Nests in our area once in a while to report the spawns to our local group. During the Halloween event the biggest Nest had Pidgey as a spawn. Great for XL Mega Pidgeot and everytime you pinap one Pidgey it was enough for an evolution.
The best part was that a 2x Evolution XP Spotlight hour was coming in the near future.

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It’s a solid tactic for anyone who has such an area they can get to. The only downside is obviously that you may not find any of the types your looking for(local discord can help somewhat, but the randomness can still be a problem). Not a lot of players are actually aware of how nests work so this is a great video to break it down for them. Even if your not grinding xl this is great to do if you can find a spawn you want/need that doesn’t normally spawn that much in the current season. I don’t know if it’s a nest, but the house it’s been common to see about 10-15 charmander spawns every hour or so, which is great for shiny hunting out of season.

I do use this when I can find a nest I’m looking for. I don’t think the concept of nests is broken at all, but I do think xl candy is. There’s not a longer grind in the game and it’s kind of pointless considering that ML has a classic format for no xl mons(how frequently xl mons show up in UL is unknown to me since I don’t play that format at all). Someone on reddit broke the concept of the xl candy grind down a few months back. I’ve just never been a fan of this type of grind.

I don’t think they are “Broken” yet because they aren’t as common, only concentrated in big cities and major parks
Would’ve been worth to mega evolve charizard first for the consistent +1 candy for each catch.
It doesn’t seem busted to me. Seems like an effective strategy, but you still have to put some effort into it.
I think nests could be improved to incentivize people to explore nests and use that feedback to help others.

For example a visual cue on the map to indicate the Pokemon is in the “nest” area. Then after catching say 100 “nest area” Pokemon for example, there’s another visual cue that shows you what the nest is. This will disappear when the nests switch again.

Maybe there’s a way to incorporate sharing this information into the game but sometimes nests are hard to distinguish due to the diversity of Pokemon.

There’s a big nest about 20 min from my house. Since I discovered it, it has spawned Ekans, Eevee, Bidoof, Sunkern, and now Squirtle. I got a shiny of each of them there except Bidoof.
So this is why I have a park full of Wailmers this month. I only found out about nests recently so this is really useful stuff. 👍👍
We have some highly productive nests in New Orleans. Two are big enough to have multiple nests within the park. The biggest at last I checked, had 5 separate nesting spots. The bigger nest is how I got my three level 50 pokemon. Charmander nesting, Snover event spawn, Machop community day. All catching, no trading as I’m mainly a solo player.

During skarmory shiny release, that big park was a nest and we hoarded shiny skarmory.

These nest are very broken if you were to take advantage of them with the trades afterwards. Other than that nothing new but worthy of a reminder during the season of heritage.
To me it’s amazing, this boost is one of/if not the best boost so far. XL candies are hard to come by (if u account the 296 u need to max someone) so this boost is amazing for lvl 40+. If i have to point out a flaw, is that I can’t decide which one to max to lvl 50 my shadow machamp or my hundo purified one…difficult choice…wait, i can trade all my 150 machops, nevermind XDXD
this helped me max my shundo Charizard to level 50! I had no Idea that this was an option. Also got a shiny and hundo while at it too!
Truly admire how you brace the cold to play. Yes I love nests and track down but your Sliph Road list need to log in to see list.
Now I know why there’s a lot of Eevees during Diglett spotlight in my place, I was expecting shiny Diglett but I got Shiny Eevee instead (which I think is rare shiny when not C-Day)
I just started playing again, left at level 30 in 2018. There is a huge nest by my house I frequent. It was Slakoth when I first started and it’s Sunkern now. Excited for it to switch again because after my first good Sunflora i was over the sunkern. I got 40+ in 30 minutes it was a bit excessive. Slakoths rate was way less, like 20 every 30 minutes
doesnt seem broken to me, makes XL candy more accessible to most players and still takes some effort/coordination from the Trainer
I would like to say that I think you should do a video on XL candles and using pinaps. I think you’ll find using them DOES in fact increase XL candies. I always use them on com days and always have a larger increase in XL candies than my sister who doesn’t use them. I know it’s random but it is always the case every com day and the number I get is significantly higher than her. The only explanation for me is the use of pinaps.

Also, I tested the trick with spot light hour and shiny spawns but in the opposite way your vid suggested. I encountered a shiny diglett during the hour, waited until spotlight hour passed and re-engaged the new spawn and it was a shiny geodude.

What about transfering the bad charmander Daxi, You also get xl candy from transferring, so you would probably get more than 33
Used this strategy last year with hoot hoot, caught and traded 200. After transfers I’m at 319XL. I do this with all event pokemon that may be useful in PVP.
I have never seen a nest in the time i’ve been playing. Sometimes i got cluster spawns before the update. How do you know when you’ve found a nest?
I hit eevee nests just before the last eevee comm day. Unfortunately I didn’t understand everything at that time, so I’m sitting on a lot of them until the next comm day for the better movesets.
I had a drilbur nest at a nearby park and a charmander one as well caught 20+ in less than 20 mins
Woke up this morning and had a noibat spawn, only the second time I’ve seen it in the wild.
A few weeks after i started playing. I got a rhydon nest at the local park which is huge. i got HUNDREDS. no shiny or hundo. but made a team of 5 rhyperior and candy to get 3 full level 40.
ive had the weirdest issue with this nest nearby. someone posted there was a new eevee nest at a local park, it was fully an eevee nest for a good 3 days (this was just last week) and i tried going every day for the past 5 days now but no eevee have spawned. i know the nest migrates tomorrow i think, but are nests supposed to dry out? i messaged niantic support and they were no help either. really a bummer cause i could use that eevee candy 🙁
Welcome from Australia
I hear you talk about XL Candy, I have never seen any of these here in Australia
I’m not sure if they are not here or what the difference is
I remember someone on my hometown discord was raving about Slowpokes in parking lots thinking it was a nest… not realizing that it was Slowpoke spotlight hour. Man that was infuriating to explain
Everyone else: getting charmander and costumed Pokémon at their nest
Me: gets litleo and gen 6 starter nests
Also me: ANGER
How do I find out the nests in my area or my state? I have been playing since 2016 and dropped the game in 2017. My wife and I picked it back up pretty hardcore back in August and we have been stuck needing to find Wismurs and exeggcutes. They have both been abosutely nowhere to be found.
2 Years ago the biggest Nest in our area had spawning Onixes. After 2 weeks I walked out with 5 Onixes. Permaboosted Shiny Nests are the best.
after seeing the list, theres so really good nest to get a lot of stardust (and ditto disguises) examples:shellder, sableye, foongus, teddyursa, stunky
I don’t mean this as diss but I just wanted to point this out. Doesn’t his outfit look like a cosplay for Fred Flintstone? Great content as always! The tips for the Spheal community day helped me get the most of the event. Thank you again
to create a nest, if u own multiple phones, because previous house I used to live there was no pokestop or any pokemon, but as soon i got my friends and family coming there and some of them used to play pokemon, and suddenly created a nest of scythers on my house, now a days still spawn random pokemons but they arent some specific species
nest in my area sometimes dont change, i had eevee nest near me for 3 week it felt like and sometimes it fell like no nest there, just random pokemon then when you head back on another day there a nest, it so random sometimes
I have 2 nests near me and they only spawn 2-3 of the same pokemon and they don’t respawn for a long time it’s weird cause we have massive parks and nothing but I am rural so… :/
Would love to see someone make a video for people who are stupid that don’t understand type advantages so in raids they put in whatever has high cp , an one that tells people no not every single pokemon in the game is shiny
The nest aren’t the problem, it’s the mons that are spawning.. Unless you are trying to like farm a weather boosted nest for stardust, those mons are useless.. Can I get a bagon, larvitar, or magikarp nest… That’s the problem with nests..
When you say it’s not actually a part of the current spawns, I’m not sure what you mean. Gen1 starters are definitely a part of the current season spawns.
Literally like 7 of my closest friends stopped playing pogo all around the same time n I have no1 to trade with 😅 rip,, n I don’t really feel like consistently meeting strangers to do trades
I got bored and now have a team of 6 100% Charziard at 3,000 CP…. I made one at 50 for Mega Y and Mega X.. I really think I got the XL from hatching, bit I use to trade Hundreds of those.. idk, got too many extra
i mean my local parks aren’t nests and that when both parks have 2 gyms and 3+ places to spin so i really dont play pokemon go i begged Niantic to do something they wont listen its makes me and may of my fellow members really upset and don’t even know what a nest is and there almost lvl 40 its very infuriating to me

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