Walk 2KM can also get you ALOLAN GRIMER
Take a snapshot of a wild Pokémon Can also get you 25 MEGA AMPHAROS ENERGY

Heliolisk is a little worst then I made it seem in the video. It’s a spice pick in both great & ultra league!

Detailed explanation | Pokémon Go | POWER PLANT EVENT TIPS & TRICKS

I’m going to shiny hunt Trubbish and Voltorb, this event looks like a nice event for me to stock up on resources before Bulbasaur Com. Day and I need stardust for future travel trades 🙂

Genesect is very easy to duo! This is a great pokemon to learn how to improve your raiding skills, and get level 5 rewards (rare candy & charge TM’s). Everybody, if you play with someone from home or close by, this is a great level 5 pokemon to raid with a family member or friend. Make a team that is super effective to Bug or a team that has weather-boosted moves, and go raid one close by with your free raid pass! If you fail and have enough time, rework your team and go back in! Let’s Go!

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I hope that the “more to come” means giovanni is coming back, i only fought him last november when he had shadow lugia, i want a shadow mewtwo, but i don’t think that’s gonna happen
A fitting end to the Rocket event would be Gio returning with Shadow Zapdos, seeing as we’ve had Lugia for a good while, Zapdos could be due for a return and it’s the power plant legendary. Feels like Niantic has left the door open for that with their “more details to come” notes for that last week of the event.
For the three stars, scyther and Mawhile are considered easy to solo since they have a strong weakness to fire types.
Havent you guys noticed that Raikou is shown in the loadingscreen?
My guess is that will be the shadow pokemon that Giovanni brings this time.
This seems like a good event. I have some questions about potential future events.
1. Is there a Lunar New Year event this year?
2. What events (including Community Day) will be featured in February?
3. What is the featured Pokémon for Feb 12 community day?
4. When will the currently unreleased Pokémon (including Zorua, Larvesta, Skiddo, Flabebe, Honedge, Amaura, Tyrunt) be released?

I am just curious to find out (cuz it seems weird that these Pokémon are still not in the game). Since these are just speculated content, I won’t blame you for making a wrong assumption.

One thing I learned recently that I think you glossed over is that you can only get mega energy from a Pokémon which you have previously evolved. I am 20 mega energy short on Blastois but it does no good to walk him as my buddy until I evolve.
Thanks for the tips, especially the one about feeding a berry to a reward-encounter critter before running away.

I think I just hit the 100-mon limit for stacking reward-encounter ‘mons. I had a dragonite ready to claim, but it disappeared the next day. I did a little test, and I am pretty sure that the game just quietly deletes the oldest pokemon without notifying. I advise looking at the critter that is ready to claim, now and then, and if it mysteriously changes, you are at 100 pokemon.

You can grind trainer battles for a platinum medal. I am grinding 8 buddies for Best Buddy, and I have been racking up the trainer battles.

I just hope we get giovanni back…
In electric type, shadow zekrom, or shadow thundurus can be an option (shadow zapdos and shadow raikou are there). In steel, registeel, dialga, heatern, melmetal, cobalion, genesect (I personally dont want last 3)

Raikou can return because we see that in loading screen.

Finally, literally haven’t gotten one magnemite to evolve after getting my challenge in my research but now I will, after like 2 months
Being in New Zealand we are almost always the guinea pig.

Turns out the correct task for the Mega energy is actually
– Take a snapshot of a wild ELECTRIC pokemon.

The task in Pokémon Go itself missed out the word electric. No big deal as they are everywhere. Just a bit confusing at the beginning.

Am I the only one confused as to why monfernos shiny isn’t open in the raid? Considering it’s available normally this makes little sense.
Going to take advantage of trubbish encounters. Sadly the next three days are supposed to be brutality cold so won’t be going out til the weekend it seems.

I’m gonna throw it out there because I have a feeling. Giovanni with S.Zapdos or S.Raikou anyone? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

I once got a sun stone from a Pokestop. Also I was going to get Genesect from a raid but my teammates stood there like statues and didn’t do anything.
When you say Electrode is good for special cups, do you mean specifically for Great League as the graphic suggests, or could that also include Ultra League?
This event is very lack luster in my opinion. I wish that Pokémon like Shinx, Blitzle, and Joltik would spawn in the wild and not just field research. But the Team Rocket stuff is amazing 🤩
I wish mareep was spawning wild since I got a shiny one last time it was a wild spawn a few months ago and I’ve really wanted to evolve it but I’m working on my fraxure best buddy and candy for haxorus and I don’t have any rare candy also it would’ve fit in pretty well with the wild spawns I’d rather have mareep than trubbish (besides the stardust rate)
Do we have to mega evolve Pokémon first then walk to get energy? Or can we just start walking any evolution for energy immediately?

Cause I’ve been walking my magikarp to and I only get candy from him

My Pokémons which defends gyms are not battled by anyone nearby, they’re motivation does deplete but would it deplete till zero?
Will you be able to remove frustrating just on the 24 or from the 24th to the 1st? And does local time mean I’m from sweden so does it mean that i will be able to do it at 12am in Sweden?
Has anyone gotten a shiny Scyther from raids yet this week ???.done about 70 raids and no luck .just trying to make sure the shiny is actually available thx
Are when we Change TM frustation for unevolved pokemon then it evolve it,, are it will auto learn frustation again?
Example Like I have shadow charmander and change frustation with a tm then evolve it to charmeleon are it will be frustation again or not? Please answer 🙏
I can answer this. No, once you tm away frustration(shadow) or return(purified) they are gone forever, and wont return even when evolved
Thanks. For the info matt! It was disaster if it do caude i don’t have candy to evolve my pokemons
hey man so i waited till i got 2 pokemon 1 heart away from best buddy, i used a lucky egg and went best buddy with them,its been 4 days and still i havent received any xp.SInce tho is not the 1st time it happen to me i recorded it this time,what should i do i really need your help bc it could really help me finally hit lvl 40
Is anyone else unable to trade Pokémon with friends?? Yesterday the trade button just completely disappeared, it’s not even an option anymore 😦😦
Tried to catch this new Pokémon and it’s harder to catch than a legendary. I’m just wasting inventory on it. I turned my game off

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