One suggestion… With the upcoming Johto Tour, the 3 johto starters will be getting legacy moves when evolved to their final evolutions. Now is a great time to TM away frustration and wait to evolve them for those moves.

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PS: If you guys DO choose to use the shadow Johto Starters, if you want to wait until the Johto Tour, you can evolve the starters then and get their Community Day Moves.

Tip: go to ur item bag and tap on the charged tm there. Then type in shadow&@frustration and u can auto tm ur pokemon a lot faster

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OMG, Shadow Bagon coming back. Definitely want it. I’m a fan of Salamence and to finally be able to catch it is the opportunity for me.
This event is gonna be great! Was looking for a Whismur to get Jirachi, and now I can advance, and super hyped for the shadow bagon
Hopefully this rotation stays a little bit longer than the last one (11 weeks) so that I have a chance to get shiny Bagon. Last year the rotation went from the start February to mid May this should be enough time if it repeats itself.
Fingers Crossed the Bulbasaur Classic Community Day results were a success on Niantic side 🤞 Getting another Bagon Classic Community Day obviously would be AMAZING with XL Candy potential, but also so saving these Shadow Bagons
I’m SOOO happy Whismur is there!! I needed to catch 2 more for the Thousand Year Slumber research taskline and I haven’t been able to get it till now!!!
Exploud will get a Move Update same with Noivern because the 140 Power (Normal Type) Boomburst has yet to release into the meta. So to imagine it gaining a Shadow Boost would be kinda crazy
I’m very exited for this event i have a 6 shadows i want to tm away!.Also a tip tm away frus later in the event since you might get better iv shadows if you don’t have good ivs already
always think what leader’s shadow pokemon should i grind for pvp or raids and your helping me out to choose to grind that shadow pokemon and I really appreciate that 😀
The event just Started In our place and I had 58 Charge TMs and went down to 15 charge TMs hahahah definitely Hyped for this event
I want shiny shadow salamence bad enough I’m considering dropping coins on radars once the event is over, since even if you only hit balloons your still getting a leader battle once per day for sure as long as you log in once every 3 hours.

I’m glad for the lineup change. I was getting so sick of seeing grimers and gligars every time. One thing that I still think needs to be done is let us remove frustration when we want. The concept of waiting months for an event to do so is outdated.

For the search part actually no need to include “shadow” because the frustration move only can be learned by shawdow pokemon. Normal pokemon won’t able to have frustration move.
I’m level 44 and I’m happy to have better rocket leaders. I loved the previous leaders when we had sneasel and seedot but the current leaders aren’t raid relevant. I don’t do GBL. I’m going after bagon solely now and I’m stoked.
They should give the team rocket leaders equally good pokemon instead of giving one an amazing pokemon and the other a “meh” pokemon
What are the minimum IV for shadows when I want to use them in raids? Like shadow Bagon.

I know, there is a video showing that a 0/0/0 is doing more damage than a perfect normal pokemon but I don’t really want to use low IV ones.

So, if I have rocket radar, will we be able to FINALLY earn more strange components than 6?With that field research task I see it should be possible to get multiple rocket radars for ftp players.
I got a almost Hundo shadow magikarp and I am so happy that I will be able to clear frustration and add a new attack

(Almost got a nundo metang, so sad, 1 unit of attack

A question for newer players — would you recommend TMing away frustration on relatively low IV but rare shadow Pokémon? A couple examples, 1* Dratini, 1* Raltz, 0* magikarp?
When it comes to TM’ing off frustration, can I do it at any stage of a pokemon’s evolution? or does it have to be when its fully evolved or else an evolution will bring back frustration? Like if I TM frustration off my Bulbasaur, will I have to TM again when it’s ready to be evolved to venasaur later?
For some reason whenever I battle a team rocket grunt I don’t get any pieces for the bosses ? Even in the events when they give me a full radar it shows nothing. Does anyone else have that problem and how do I fix it ? It’s been 2 months
Does battling team leaders twice really give rewards? I only ever got rewards from the first battle. I’m also not getting anything from PVP apart from the win rewards.
the bagon is nice but the current rocket leader mons are more attractive to me. getting a good iv for both normal and shadow gliscor and nidoqueen seems better than getting a teddiursa???????? poliwag is kinda nice but meh.
Are they going to change the shadow pokemon that are out now? I’ve been grinding for shadow Metang and haven’t got it yet.
Wait, we’re not getting Shadow Zapdos?! I don’t know if it would even be any good, but with the power plant event, what a missed opportunity.
When can we evolve our eevee as our buddy without walking the 10k ??? I thought it was this event
im holding onto a shiny cyndaquil just fingers crossed they add the hisuain evolution in game
i have two favorite Pokémon and that’s metagross and salemance i have the shiny shadow beldum im so excited for bagon!!!
How do we get a super rocket radar since there is no mission to complete to get one? How are we suppose to battle Giovanni? This just seems like a boosted up grunt swap but nothing with Giovanni 🙁
So if I have a Rocket Radar equipped, let’s say right before 3pm, then at 3pm the balloon above me will be 100% a Rocket leader? ;w;
Pokemon go atleast should give lvl 25 shadows many players can’t waste that much stardust
This rocket thing is BS for me. Played all day yesterday… only 2 grunts. And playing now this morning, no grunt. I usually get one first thing every morning.
Really? Shadow Typhlosion and Feraligatr not good for raids?

Typhlosion mirrors Charizard for CP and stats and Feraligatr is very solid statwise as well

Neither are tip top tier, but they’re no slouches when it comes to DPS either

i have a high 1 star shadow metang and i want to evolve but i don’t know what iv’s i should have for evolving a shadow pokémon. can someone help?
Hey! If anyone sees this please help me out! I’m trying to make pokestops in my area but they got rejected while they met all the rejection criteria as far as i know! Is there a possibility to see why it got rejected?
How do i get to fight Giovanni, I tried everything and nothing works 😩😩😩
I was a dumbass and deleted a bunch of my charged tms and then came the ability to get rid of frustration. 😂 I’m not making the same mistake this time.
encountered a shadow totodile from a grunt with speech battle is for winners only somthing like that at today 6 pm and i didn’t catch it because u didn’t have gps
who cares if shadow salamence is the best dragon attacker when dragon is only good against dragon? and every dragon boss will oneshot it 😀

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