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For a “hidden behind a raid wall” Espurr you could collect 3 of the “win a raid” tasks and then do a espurr raid to go for a 4 for 1 deal. That’s my plan for my daily pass because I don’t really care about Regirock.

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tip for all level 48 players – do maximum trades during this event as you need to get 50 lucky pokemon from trade and during this event there is boosted chance of pokemon turning into lucky
Rather than stacking Meowth, stack Shellder in your field research storage. As Shellder gives 1000 catch stardust. You can get:
1000 + 500 (star piece) × 3 × 100 = 450,000 stardust 😍
One thing to add about the successor medal…. Beedrill and pidgeot both only take 20 energy to mega after the first time with that Pokémon. If u max their energy you can do 100 mega evolves and swap between them
I like this event bc it gives me a chance to catch all those magikarps for the mew quest to evolve but it’s rough since the ditto is disguised as the Pokémon that spawns but I’m struggling
Find it mildly ironic that in game one would go to the wilds to find pokemon, yet in wilds, pretty much nothing! (The Secret game theme flaw!) Being in the rural areas gives zero bonuses and being in a city, equal huge gains!
If you remote raid please pre make a battle class for the raid boss with SUPER EFFECTIVE counter . Too many times I see people using terrible Pokémon in raids. Ex. Darkrai against darkrai
Pretty good event for who those still didn’t completed the mythical discovery event and I’m one of them,I’m just looking forward to evolve magikarp have 80 candies now gonna catch evry magikarp or gyarados with pinap berry
Magikarp spawns remind me how broken the fisherman and youngster medals are. Outside of events both are brutal(I’d go so far as to say the most grindy) anymore to complete.

A lot of the spawns are meh(darumaka is beyond rare here) as are the eggs but honestly I find all the eggs boring anymore. Quilfish is gone and happiny is just as rare as axew(who I swear vanished from egg pools for a bit, I’ve got two where it’s not listed and one where it is). I wish we could delete 7km gift eggs, or have an option to not receive em. Sometimes I’ll go spin stops just to fill up my egg pool so I can open my gifts without having to get that crap.

Really aside from a handful of things I don’t think I’ll be doing much this time around. Plus this event does something that I hate-reusing spawns we just had too many of. Looking at you voltorb. It bugs me when a wild spawn is also in an event egg, or in a raid, or both. If it’s a wild spawn, there’s no logical reason to put it anywhere else. I get the whole cat theme, but seriously?

I just managed to save a bunch of pokemon for evolving. Got 30 tagged and ready to evolve while using a Lucky Egg for more exp during the double evolve XP event.
When I get a shadow Pokémon that doesn’t need much stardust nor candy, I purify it and transfer. Helps me get to Platinum. Plus I get bonus catch balls.
the big magikarb how can i know the weight before catching? its already a rare spawn unless you’re near a sea area which is not always the case. i used to think it counts when its XL and would trade them with friends to increase the count.
Everything else that you said was on point helpful and can’t wait for the event to start!
Tip for everybody

Hunt for the Mega Gyarados Energy task, stack 2 or 3 and complete them. This will cause you to only need to catch 14-20 Pokémon total, and give you a free Mega gyarados

I’ve been playing for about a week and I got me a shiny legendary regirock I’m very messages I did not know how good that was till my friend told me they were ma
With the platinum medals, do you have to achieve those while in the level or just have them overall before you can level up? If I get them now will they count later?
I started playing two months ago and this helped! Question, don t have many friends that play POGO so can’t trade, so is discord the best way to be able to raid with stronger players?
That’s a big oof for me for the friendship challenge i do have 71 friends for the trading but not all of them are very close to me my cousin has a Pokemon go account but his dad uninstalled it so
OMG! Information overload! I just go out and catch what I can, when I can. Battle league , not interested, PVP, same. I appreciate your dedication and info but holy moly I can’t keep up with all of that. Here’s a correction. Just go out and catch and play with what you have! 🙂 JMHO.
Time to trade my Sewaddles and Goomies I saved since last year. I have been waiting for higher Lucky Chance odds since Last year.
I have clicked on a lot of litleos, lets say its shiny rate is 1/500 and I clicked 500 before its shiny releases, will the clicks that I made included
Iv been playing for sometime now and I still don’t understand how to get a wild from tasks I never get those kind of tasks and I want to know how to get them cause I can spin poke stops and all that and never get one

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