i dont know why but im excited for every community day bruhh….i just started end of last year when kyurem raids were going onn. but till now i have descent amount of shinies after grinding for 5 hours per day. ur tips and tricks help me a lot since im new altho my pvp skills require lots of improvement . lots of love and always post such great contents

Detailed explanation | Pokémon | GoHOPPIP COMMUNITY DAY TIPS & TRICKS

I will say the low attack high HP high def can be somewhat misleading at times. I’ve had some with 0/14/14 iv’s that are somehow worse than a 3/13/7 for example. so keeping anything with somewhat low attack and decently high hp/def and then checking it on stadium gaming is worth it. In this case you obviously want the 0/14/14 but just as a general rule.

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A Meltan box can be used in place of an incense, to both evolve Spritzee and to complete the task ‘Use an incense’.

I never tried using a meltan box on increased incense duration. So I don’t know if the Meltan box gets the buff as well.

I am saving my first catch of the day until the start of community day. My top stacked research encounter is a Trubbish that I saved from the power plant event. With the stardust bonus and the star piece, I am hoping to get nearly 20K stardust on that catch
So if jumpluff learns flying and grass moves, it can do super effective damage to fighting and ground types, so if you’re hunting the new legacy move registeel, jumpluff may be an easy addition to that team
I’m gonna go for 1000 catches this Saturday. It’ll be sunny so with weather boost and start pieces I’m hoping to get 1.75 million dust. As a f2p player I’m excited
One tip. If you are reaching 7 day streak on Saturday, try your best to get skiploom on 7 day streak on star piece. That will be a lot of dust. Or catch any boosted dust mons that you stacked in your task on com day.
Just a small tip from me,
If you check a Pokemon it will face towards you in the map.This tip might be useful so that you don’t check the same Pokemon over and over again.
Save your ‘first catch of the day” until CDay starts. It’s too late to do this now but I reset my 7-day streak to end on CDay for even more dust; Hoping to do an Audino raid as my first catch.
I started Pokémon go literally the weekend of community day, didn’t know why one or two hopips were spawning around me, but I used an incense and caught like 100 of them. I thought it was crazy luck, including the 3 shinies, I realize it was community day now🤣🤣. I also didn’t know about IV during that time, so I deleted every single once except the 3 shinies without even checking their IVs….😰
Helpful tip, during com day, some gyms can give you a rare candy from an ar task unless you have done that task already that day.
It looks like not a good pokemon choice except shiny hunting 😥
I might open the meltan box to hunt for 100iv or pop an incense before 4.59pm to get the 3hour incense for normal pokemons.
Think Audino deserves an honourable mention. If my math is correct the stardust gains are 9450 per catch.

That’s just shy of 10K and that’s not even considering weather boosts.

Do you still want 0/15/15 for shadow Pokémon in great and ultra leagues or does it change since you want the highest attack on shadows and they’re glassy anyways?
The 100IV chart is slightly incorrect… if the CP for a Pokémon is less than 10, the game will round it up to 10 automatically (i.e., the CP has an absolute floor of 10). Thus you will never see a Pokémon have a CP of 8.
jjust a heads up it looks like it will rank fairly high in the johto cup so if anything get one for that cup if nothing else.
Got 35 of them and make it 36 for catching a random shiny chansey and got a shiny minum today
I have 12 12k’s for this Saturday, 20 or so stacked Meowth, and 20 or so stacked Staryu. I really need some dust
I have stacked 100 shellders in my tasks storage from the January field research task. It will give me 4500 stardust per shellder caught.
I dislike when they want us to prioritize playing in parks. It’s just not feasible for winter areas. Even if I wanted to, I live in North Dakota where it will be around 0 degrees F The whole day, my phone can’t stand that temperature.
Probably the first time I won’t be buying a comm day ticket since I got back to PoGo last year. What a terribly fragile pokemon Jumpluff is. ;(
I was watching Cyber Squad web series according to a character if we keep our phone tapped on Fan Pokemon egg hatchs I think it works tried it my 2km egg hatch in 15 minutes
Can u save the 3 raid passes and the next day spin the daily raid pass still or must i use the 3 raid pass to get the daily raid pass
I can’t believe they (Niantic) picked this pathetic pkmn for a C day. What makes it so special that it is given a C day? NOTHING! as you already answered that for us. I would’ve picked a different grass type PKMN for February. They should’ve let us vote on Twitter if only Niantic would bring that voting system back as they have made a terrible choice this month. No one I know is going to play during this day except maybe 1 everyone else most likely not.
well, we should thank Niantic, they made sure we will get 3x candy transfer on a totaly useless Pokemon, BTW, Shiny Pokemon that has BAD IV is even more useless, I throw these away the minute I get them…the same goes with BAD shadow Pokemon…sorry I don’t have 50,0000 Pokemon spaces. I wish Niantic will give 3x candy to the Noibat or Wailmar that need 400 candy…or they will think of feebas or Dieno….but this silly pokemon is good for only 1 thing: get candy…throw all your pokemon and wait till you see this pokemon as shadow…good iv 93% …but you will need to wait 6-9 month at least to strike gold here.

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